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Monday, April 13, 2015

Special notice to our Russian and European visitors:

The book that could change the way everyone 
in Europe and Russia looks at AIDS!
the closing argument, charles ortleb, cfs, hhv-6, chronic fatigue syndrome, cfs,

The Closing Argument

A Courtroom Novella about HHV-6 and the 
Racist, Antigay Epidemiology of AIDS and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Click here to read it for free!
Now available in many countries. 


Are American AIDS Researchers Geniuses or Crooks and Charlatans? Part One

The one book every Russian and European scientist should read immediately!

Science Sold Out: Does HIV Really Cause AIDS?

books on kindle

Two books on amazon

Everyone needs to know what the CDC is hiding about CFS and HHV-6. NEW YORK NATIVE contains both volumes of THE CHRONIC FATIGUE SYNDROME EPIDEMIC COVER-UP. The print version is $23. Only $7.98 in Kindle.

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Our books on Amazon that are changing the way the world looks at CFS, HHV-6, and AIDS

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