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The world's first work of fiction on HHV-6, and the racist and homophobic nature of the lies that the Centers for Disease Control and the Pasteur Institute have told the public about AIDS. The Closing Argument is one of the first works of fiction to raise the awareness about the worst scientific, medical and epidemiological injustice of our time.

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The Closing Argument

A Courtroom Novella

Charles Ortleb

Rubicon Media

New York City

The Closing Argument: A Courtroom Novella

Published in the United States by Rubicon Media
Copyright © 2000 by Charles Ortleb

All rights reserved under International and Pan-American Copyright Conventions. No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any manner without the express permission of the publisher, except in the case of brief quotations contained in critical articles and reviews.

Publisher's note: This novella is a work of fiction. Names, characters, and incidents are a product of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously, and any actual resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.

First Rubicon Media Edition: November, 2000


ISBN 10: 247500973X

ISBN 13:  9782475009733

For all the victims of the Centers for Disease Control's old Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment
 and their new Tuskegee AIDS Experiment.

“During the Black Death untold Jews were executed for their presumed role in causing the disease, perhaps as many as sixteen thousand in Strasbourg alone in 1349. During subsequent plague epidemics, lepers, gravediggers, and supposed witches, as well as Jews, suffered derision, torture, expulsion, and often death for the same reason.”   —Sylvia Noble Tesh, Hidden Arguments: Political Ideol-ogy and Disease Prevention

“. . . I am aware of no provision of law or judicial practice that would require or permit courts to give some scientific views more credence than others simply because they have been endorsed by a politically appointed public health authority (such as the Surgeon General).” —Chief Justice Rehnquist, Randon Bragdon, Petitioner v. Sidney Abbott et. al.

“Belief is as powerful as the sword, and when belief captures power, constitutional protections cease to exist.” —James M. Glass, Life Unworthy of Life

“Truthfulness has never been counted among the political virtues, and lies have always been regarded as justifiable tools in political dealings.” —Hannah Arendt, “Lying in Politics”

Editor's Note

The State of Connecticut versus Christian King was one of the most closely watched criminal trials in the early part of the twenty-first century. The trial was carried live on Court TV and was broadcast to nearly every country in the world, including China. The web site devoted to the trial was the first to have over a billion visitors in one day.
Christian King was a young African-American man charged with attempting to murder Buffie Jaqueline Dakota, an older white woman who resided in Greenwich, Connecticut. The state contended that he had infected her with HIV during sexual intercourse after she'd met him during happy hour at the Yacht Bar in Greenwich.
King's attorney, Frederick Douglass Thompson, stunned the entire nation when he turned the tables on the government and put HIV, the officially declared cause of AIDS, on trial. In a grueling six-month trial, Mr. Thompson called some of the leading HIV researchers to the witness stand, as well as prominent scientists who argued that HIV is not the cause of AIDS. Mr. Thompson tried to establish that Christian King was actually a victim of a massive cover-up of one of the biggest scientific mistakes in history.
Because the trial presented evidence that the American government had lied to its citizens for over two decades, passions were explosive both in and out of the courtroom. The President of the United States had to go on television twice during the trial to ask the American public to keep calm. The Connecticut National Guard had to be deployed to separate hundreds of warring protestors from the AIDS activist movement and the black civil rights community.
Throughout the trial, many civil rights leaders called upon the African-American community to boycott all HIV testing and all toxic medical experimentation for the treatment of HIV infection. One of the most respected civil rights leaders called the HIV establishment "racist purveyors of fraud and genocide." A number of civil rights leaders called the AIDS activists "government lackeys and collaborators" and they exhorted the African-American community to oppose all initiatives that were supported by the AIDS activists. There were several minor incidences of violence between the two groups.
Frederick Douglass Thompson gave his closing argument to a packed but hushed Hart-ford courtroom. What follows is an unedited transcript of his remarks.
When Mr. Thompson finished his closing argument, the judge had great difficulty quieting the courtroom because many of the spectators stood, cheered, and applauded wildly.
Unfortunately, Mr. Thompson never even heard the jury's verdict the next day because, as he got out of his car in the parking lot behind the Hartford Court House, he was shot to death by a lone gunman who had driven to Hartford all night from Atlanta, Georgia.

The Closing Argument

Your Honor, I want to thank you and your very professional support staff for attending to our needs so well throughout this disturbing and difficult trial. I think I speak for all of the lawyers in this courtroom.
Good morning, ladies and gentlemen of the jury. I would first like to thank all of you for your tremendous patience during the last six months.
Judge Murray told you at the outset this could be a very disturbing trial and some of you may be in a little shock about how true that turned out to be. You have acquitted yourselves extremely well as citizens. I'm sure this is an experience that you will never forget.
Now, even though I'm sure that you're tired and can't wait for this crazy trial to be over so that you can get back to your loved ones, now is the time when we most need the attention of your hearts, minds, and souls. Yes, we even need for your souls to be listening now. It isn't just Christian King who needs your attention. The whole country needs it. History is watching you all very, very closely. What you decide here could change the fate of millions of people all over the world.
I'm going to try to be as brief and concise as possible, but as all of you can guess, I have a lot of ground to cover here, because it turns out that we're not just trying to save a man. We're trying to save a nation.
I'm sure that you are all aware that that this is the most talked-about case in the world these days. Mr. King's face has been on the cover of every important American newsmagazine. The story about his alleged crime has led the news on every television station in the nation.
I'm sure that Mr. King's mother never dreamed that her son Christian would end up an international celebrity under these circumstances. But maybe when my mother named me after Frederick Douglass, she had a vision of what I would be called upon to do here.
          Certainly Mr. King's mother never imagined that her son's face would appear on the cover of one national magazine with the words "The AIDS Menace" under it. No way did she ever think that would happen.
How would you like to be a black man looking at the face of another black man on the cover of a magazine with the words "The AIDS Menace," at the same time that the Centers for Disease Control was saying that black men are at the highest risk of carrying the so-called AIDS virus? It's not the best time to be an African-American man in America. Added to the crime of driving while black, or standing on the corner while black seems to be the new crime of making love while being black, but we'll get to that.
When we began this trial, you remember how I told you that we needed for you to listen to all the witnesses with an open mind?
If you had seen any of the publicity about Mr. King, you had to make your best effort to put it out of your mind when you listened to the evidence in this trial. I asked you to listen closely to the facts.
And for six months you listened to so many facts that some of you should be given honorary degrees in law and science. After all that you've heard, some of you could even leave this courtroom today and begin doing AIDS research. In fact, I would guess that some of you have some pretty wild questions about AIDS and HIV now and that you're going to want to go back out into the real world and ask them as soon as possible.
I also want you to remember how I asked you to open your minds on the subject of AIDS. I warned you that by the end of this trial you might no longer believe a single word that you have heard about AIDS, and that you were going to have your trust in the American government totally shaken, if it hadn't already been. That is a very scary experience for any citizen. It's easier to believe what everybody else believes than to stand up and express doubts and ask questions. Especially about something as dreadful as AIDS. No one wants anything they've heard about AIDS to be wrong.
I told you that what you've heard for the past two decades about AIDS and HIV was going to be seriously challenged from every imaginable angle throughout the course of this trial, and that just because a government scientist says something about AIDS doesn't necessarily mean that it's true. Scientists can lie just like anybody else. Especially, it would seem, government scientists.
I told you that you were going to be hearing from people who called themselves AIDS experts, but in fact they might just be paid government liars. I told you that you were going to be hearing from some of the biggest government liars since Watergate, Vietnam and Waco. We can't let experts decide matters like this for us. I told you repeatedly that the only expert you had to listen to and believe in this trial was yourself. I'm totally depending on your ability to distinguish lies from truth. That's what any case is about. It's not a perfect system, but it's the only one we have.
I told you that I knew that every day when you came from your homes in cars or on the train or bus to the courthouse, you would probably be seeing posters and billboards about AIDS that implied that HIV is the cause of AIDS, and that you would have to screen these posters out of your mind, because you are the ones who are going to have to determine if HIV is really the cause of AIDS. Again I say that in this courtroom you are now the only AIDS experts.
I also said that I knew many of you had seen television advertising with some of your favorite celebrities telling people to get tested for HIV because it is the cause of AIDS.
As you recall, in the pretrial jury selection, we asked whether it would be possible for any of you to accept that Madonna or Whoopi Goldberg could be wrong about AIDS being caused by HIV, and most of you said yes.
I told you at the beginning of this trial that it would be very important to recall some of the darker moments in our country's history. I reminded you of Iran-Contra, the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment, and the radiation experiments done on American prisoners, and I asked you all if you could even remotely imagine that the same government could just possibly be lying through their teeth about AIDS, and to your credit, most of you in pretrial said yes. Some more enthusiastically than others.
Now when you convene in that jury room upstairs, I hope you will think very carefully about all of the scientists we've introduced you to over the last six months. I told you that you would be learning something that the media had neglected to tell you for over twenty years. When you came here, most of you had only heard that all scientists thought that HIV was the cause of AIDS, but now you know differently. Or at least I hope you do, for Christian King's sake.
And please remember that this isn't just a case about armchair theories about AIDS. This trial is not an AIDS bull session. This is not an AIDS Tupperware party. This is a case of a man who has been accused of infecting a woman with a virus that some say will kill her. That's what the state wants you to believe. That Buffie Jacqueline Dakota of Greenwich, Connecticut, will die of HIV disease because she was infected by my client Christian King after he picked her up during happy hour in the Yacht Bar in Greenwich, Connecticut.
I told you that you had to ignore the fact that the media has already prepared Mr. King for a lynching. I told you that I would present a succession of scientists who would make you doubt the media, the government, and the honesty of American science.
I hope I have been successful, because if I am not, Mr. King is about to spend a lot of time in jail, and our jails are becoming more and more like concentration camps all the time, and I fear that a whole lot of Americans—many of them black men—will have to line up behind him. Jurors, you will be deciding the fate of many black Americans today. Please do not take this lightly.
Now, as you review the last six months, I want you not to lose sight of what I think is the most important conclusion of the testimony you have heard, namely, that my client cannot be found guilty of attempting to murder Buffie Dakota with HIV by having sexual intercourse with her, because HIV is not the cause of AIDS. It's just that simple. HIV, as we all know it, is a bogus entity. HIV is a national crime of fraud and deception.
Ladies and gentlemen, you can save this nation by sending a message to the highest levels of our government. In order to do that, I hope you will give special weight to the testimony of Dr. Thomas Parnell, our first witness.
I wanted you to hear Dr. Parnell first because he is where it all begins. He is the first AIDS whistleblower, the pioneer truth teller of the AIDS epidemic of lies. He is America's Galileo. When you meet in that jury room upstairs, there's no way you can remember what Dr. Parnell said and send anyone to jail over this disgusting fraud they call HIV.
Dr. Parnell told you about that magic moment in his life when he realized that there was no way that HIV could be the cause of AIDS.
Some of you looked very, very surprised. You had never heard that there were eminent scientists who knew that the evidence did not support the government's insistence that HIV is the cause of AIDS. You only heard the government's party line about HIV. And you heard it over and over.
Dr. Parnell was on a short list of scientists who were expected to win a Nobel Prize until he spilled the beans about HIV.
You were probably even more surprised to hear Dr. Parnell say that there are hundreds of scientists—people with M.D.s and Ph.D.s behind their names—who agree with him that HIV cannot be the cause of AIDS. And all of them would agree that it is a serious miscarriage of justice for Christian King, a young black man without a Ph.D. or M.D. behind his name, to be spending every night in jail, while having his face show up all over the universe with the words "The AIDS Menace" under it. You can imagine what prison life is like for him. I will get to that shortly, too.
You also heard Dr. Parnell tell you that some of the scientists who do not believe HIV is the cause of AIDS are Nobel Prize winners. I hope you will remember that when you adjourn to the jury room. The people who say HIV is not the cause of AIDS are not crazy radicals. They're not Kennedy assassination conspiracy theorists. Contrary to what the Prosecutor said the other day, some of the people who don't think HIV is the cause of AIDS are among the smartest people on earth.
As you can tell from the testimony you've heard, that mistake has grown larger and larger every day and it no longer is just a colossal error, but it has now turned into one of the biggest cover-ups in our nation's history. As I said throughout the trial, ladies and gentlemen, you can bring about the end of that cover-up here and now. I just hope you care enough to try.
Dr. Parnell attempted to give you a little lesson in proving causation in science. He gave you an introduction to the laws of evidence which are known as Koch's postulates.
As you recall from Dr. Parnell's testimony, Dr. Koch was a scientist who in 1884 discovered the cause of tuberculosis. He also came up with the criteria for proving that a germ is guilty of causing a disease. Dr. Parnell, or I should say Dr. Koch, held that, one, a microbe must be discovered growing abundantly in every sick patient and every diseased tissue of that patient.
Two, that same microbe must be successfully isolated and then grown in a laboratory.
And three, that germ must then cause the same disease when it is put into another host.
This all seemed pretty clear, but where AIDS is concerned nothing is clear. That is because where AIDS is concerned, everything is political, but we'll get to that later.
As Dr. Parnell told you, these rules have been used by scientists for over a hundred years to solve the mysteries of disease causation.
And Dr. Parnell told you that he got into trouble when he discovered that these rules had not been followed when HIV was declared the official, government-approved cause of AIDS.
And that's when Dr. Parnell became the scientist who knew too much.
When the government announced that a retrovirus was the cause of AIDS, Dr. Parnell was one of the nation's leading retrovirologists. Certainly he was on a par with the scientists who claimed that HIV was the cause of AIDS. Some of them had even learned from him. And some of them had thought he was one of the smartest retrovirologists in the field.
He also knew Dr. Rollo Macdougal, the man who first took credit for discovering HIV, but eventually turned out to have stolen it.
Dr. Parnell explained to you how the government declared HIV the cause of AIDS without going through the normal, required scientific procedures to prove what causes a disease.
At a press conference in 1984, Secretary of Health and Human Services, Gidget Waxman, with Dr. Rollo Macdougal at her side, announced to the frightened public that the probable cause of AIDS had been found. It was supposed to be a great victory for the Reagan administration. It was a great victory all right, but it just wasn't science. It was politics, pure and simple. Politics masquerading as science.
We American citizens should probably have realized at that moment how dirty and political AIDS was, but those of you on the jury who are old enough to remember will most likely agree with me that the nation was so frightened by the mystery of AIDS at that moment in time that if they had said that shrimp egg rolls were the cause of AIDS, we all would have just breathed a sigh of relief.
And after hearing the testimony that you've heard, it should be clear that it is more likely that shrimp egg rolls are the cause of AIDS than that HIV is.
That's just how screwed up things are.
Dr. Parnell explained to you how those rules that Koch had established back in 1884 were not in any way followed by Dr. Macdougal or any of the other HIV charlatans.
You could say that the first real AIDS crime, one against the American people, was committed back in 1984 when Ronald Reagan was President. Remember those were the days when people like William Buckley, Jr., wanted to put tattoos on the bodies of people who were infected with this so-called AIDS virus? Remember when people wanted to quarantine AIDS patients because they didn't know what the cause of AIDS was? Remember when nurses wouldn't even go into the rooms of AIDS patients?
Dr. Parnell told you that Dr. Macdougal's research hadn't even been published before the government made its big political announcement about AIDS. That was unprecedented in the history of science. And very, very fishy.
At that instant, every other idea about what might cause AIDS was completely dismissed.
The search for the cause of AIDS was declared over.
No one could get research funding for any other idea.
And no one raised their voice for a long time until Professor Parnell wrote an article that challenged the HIV hypothesis in 1987.
In that groundbreaking article, Dr. Par-nell, as he told you on the stand, explained how HIV absolutely did not fulfill Koch's postulates.
As Dr. Parnell told you, HIV cannot be found in all AIDS patients. And it has never been taken from the body of an AIDS patient, purified in a lab, and then put into an animal where it then causes AIDS.
When Dr. Parnell tried to wake up the world to this terrible mistake, he received the reward that many whistleblowers receive. He was punished severely. Dr. Parnell had told the Emperor that he had no clothes. Dr. Parnell had told the world that the HIV researchers were con artists.
Dr. Parnell eventually lost his funding from the National Institutes of Health.
And some of the same people who built this empire of lies were responsible for defunding Dr. Parnell. That's just the beginning of the corruption in the AIDS game.
He had what could have been called a rotating genius grant from the National Institutes of Health which was not renewed because he challenged the government's official line on AIDS.
What happened to Dr. Parnell makes America look more like the old Soviet Union, or, I am ashamed to say, like Nazi Germany.
Dr. Parnell didn't lose his freedom of speech, but he did lose his ability to conduct scientific research. That's a lot like losing your freedom in speech in science. No laboratory, no research. No research, no freedom of speech.
Dr. Parnell was defunded and silenced just because he said that HIV is not the cause of AIDS.
And it is because Professor Parnell was unable to fight the powerful forces of the growing HIV establishment that Christian King sits before you, threatened by the state of Connecticut with life imprisonment for infecting Buffie Jacqueline Dakota with the virus that causes AIDS, but a virus which Dr. Parnell says is one of the biggest blunders ever made in science. It's the blunder from Hell.
You, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, are going to have to decide whether it is time to end this scientific fraud. All of America is watching you.
They didn't put Dr. Parnell in jail for the rest of his life because he told the truth about HIV, but they punished him in every way they could in a so-called free country.
At his university, they made sure that no graduate students signed up to be a part of his lab.
The HIV establishment made sure that he wasn't invited to any more AIDS conferences.
His department at his university put him in charge of the annual picnic. They should also have given him a clown nose to wear around the campus.
He wasn't invited to contribute papers to most scientific journals.
In other words, Dr. Parnell was basically told to shut up.
And did Dr. Parnell get any support from the AIDS activist community? No, they were just as bad as the government and the AIDS establishment. They called him a murderer because he dared to warn them that HIV isn’t the cause of AIDS. They assaulted the messenger.
I think that it is only reasonable to come to the conclusion from what Dr. Parnell said that some kind of massive cover-up has been going on since the very beginning of this whole HIV story. The government clearly doesn't want us to know something about AIDS. And I think most of you now grasp what that is.
Dr. Parnell told you that some people in Dr. Rollo Macdougal's retroviral lab at the National Institutes of Health told him in the early Nineties that they couldn't find active HIV in the bodies of AIDS patients. No active virus in the very people who were supposed to be dying of the virus. That should have told everyone right then and there that a massive HIV fraud was underway.
Dr. Parnell told you about the scientific paper he wrote back in 1987 which totally discredited the HIV hypothesis. And to this very day no one has successfully refuted his paper.
No major AIDS researcher will talk to Dr. Parnell. He has been given the silent treatment.
Oh, they talk about him, though. They demonize him. They say that he is endangering people's lives. That people might stop using condoms because he says that HIV is not the cause of AIDS. He's called a murderer because he questions established authority.
I don't know about you ladies and gentlemen, but I guess from what I've said myself during this trial, that would make me a serial killer or worse.
That's what happens to you when you dare to contradict the AIDS establishment. That's what happens when you don't believe their fraud.
And remember how big that establishment is, ladies and gentlemen. Every year they can spend billions of dollars covering up the lies about HIV. They can buy a whole lot of silence. If you want to do AIDS research, you have to pretend that you think HIV is the cause or you don't get any funding. No disagreement is tolerated.
Dr. Parnell told you that in the medical literature there are reports on several thousand cases of AIDS that have occurred without any evidence of HIV.
How can HIV be the cause of AIDS if so many people have AIDS without HIV? It just doesn't make any sense.
If that mistake wasn't bad enough, Dr. Parnell also told you about the treatment disaster that ensued.
A toxic drug called AZT was declared, by this same HIV Mafia, to be effective against the very virus that clearly wasn't the cause of AIDS. According to Dr. Parnell, and several other scientists you heard from during this trial, AZT is capable of causing AIDS all by itself. They certainly convinced me.
AZT kills cells in the body indiscriminately. It kills the very cells that we have in our body to protect us from viruses.
So we have doctors giving AZT, which causes AIDS, to people who are infected with a virus that isn't the cause of AIDS. That's one way to prove that HIV is fatal. Give someone who tests positive for HIV a drug that will kill them.
This is crazy, ladies and gentlemen. And you can end this craziness.
If you want to give yourself AIDS, just take the very drug doctors tell you is the most effective treatment.
It all sounds a little like Nazi Germany to me. What's it sound like to you?
Dr. Parnell gave you a list of celebrities that he feels have been killed by the HIV theory and its toxic consequence, AZT.
Rudolph Nureyev might be dancing today if this situation had been set right.
Arthur Ashe might be playing tennis today if this HIV gang hadn't taken over control of AIDS research.
Think about it as you make your decision about Christian King's fate.
You can't bring Nureyev or Arthur Ashe back with your decision, but you can stop the endless death march of hapless victims that the big HIV lie has created.
Nobody in the AIDS establishment seems to have a backup plan in case they are wrong. And they can't admit they are wrong after twenty years of being wrong. Can you imagine what might happen to the scientists who have perpetrated this fraud on the American public? In addition to financial ruin some of them would even face serious criminal penalties.
Just remember one thing, ladies and gentlemen: If you convict Christian King you will keep these fraudulent foxes in the AIDS hen house. I'm asking you to send a message that America wants the HIV foxes out now. Send a message loud and clear, that the duplicitous scientists who have perpetrated this fraud are the real AIDS menace in our midst.
In his testimony, Dr. Parnell painted an interesting picture of the Centers for Disease Control. Here is a huge government bureaucracy that gets fatter and fatter every year with the billions of dollars they receive for so-called AIDS research. They rely on the trust of Congress and the trust of the American people or they could lose every penny of their funding.
If the public ever stopped trusting the CDC, what would happen in a real emergency, like a biological warfare attack on the United States? In some ways, the HIV lie has become entangled in national security and the survival of the CDC.
I told you this trial was going to take you to very strange and disturbing places. Some of you must have often felt like you were watching an episode of The X-Files.
Dr. Parnell explained to you how the CDC seized an enormous amount of power over state health departments, and therefore over the American people, under the pretext of the AIDS emergency.
You can't do anything about AIDS in the public health area of any city in this country without the CDC having some kind of say in the matter.
The CDC is the Politburo and Gestapo of AIDS.
So after all these years of lying to the public about HIV, how does the CDC make an about-face?
Apparently, it can't.
That's why it is up to you jurors to turn this situation around. You have to speak up for the American public by not letting my client be just the next victim of the CDC’s inability to tell the truth. They would rather that my client suffer the hellish indignities of life in prison than tell the truth about HIV. They don't care.
I think that this is an abomination. I pray that you do too.
Dr. Parnell had the courage to tell you about what sounds to me like a virtual police state that the CDC is planning around this diabolical AIDS fraud. He told you how the CDC planned a central registry of everybody who tested positive for this virus by the HIV test, which we also found out was a total crock. I'll get to the case against the HIV test shortly.
They were going to test the whole population for this virus which wasn't the cause of AIDS. For what reason? For public health? Because they care about people? I don't think so.
The only way to cover up a little lie is to tell a bigger lie. Everything this government has done on AIDS has been a progressively bigger and bigger lie.
Pinocchio's nose is touching the stratosphere, ladies and gentlemen.
Once you start lying about something this big, you can't stop.
Congress gave the Centers for Disease Control every darn penny they wanted. And what did they use a lot of that money for? They called it prevention. But it was really propaganda and indoctrination. In order to keep everyone believing that HIV is the cause of AIDS, they started one of the most massive and deceptive public relations campaigns in history, bigger even than Nazi Germany. They called it AIDS education, but it was just lying.
What a great way to cover-up a scientific mistake that had turned into a scientific lie. Mobilize the entire population. Usually when fascist dictators try to mobilize a population around a lie, they try and blame a minority group to get the public's attention focused away from the real facts.
And the HIV mistake turned out to be no different, even though we are supposedly a democracy.
First it was the gays.
Remember how it used to be a gay disease?
Then it became a black disease.
And now it is a criminal disease.
There is a long history of nations blaming hated minorities for epidemics. I hope you now see that AIDS is no exception. I told you I would be repeating the phrase "politics masquerading as science" throughout the trial. Well, I do it here again. This is all politics masquerading as science. AIDS is nothing but racist, homophobic politics masquerading as science.
I'm sure some of you were wondering how all of this could have been happening when it seemed like there were so many protest groups confronting the government all the time.
Well, as Dr. Parnell pointed out, most of these groups were receiving money from the government and from companies that were making a test for a virus that didn't cause the disease as well as from pharmaceutical companies that were treating people with toxic drugs aimed at the wrong culprit. Anywhere you looked, there were unholy alliances. It turns out that they were protest groups in name only.
Dr. Parnell explained to you how the CDC formed partnerships with AIDS organizations that were responsible for the welfare of patients. Almost every AIDS organization in America has ties to the Centers for Disease Control and its lies.
The CDC got its propaganda out to the public through organizations like the American Federation of Teachers, the National School Boards Association, and the National Parent-Teacher Association.
Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, we have been bombarded for a decade and a half with the CDC's HIV propaganda. Your tax dollars have been hard at work lying to you. Medical mendacity is out of control in this great country of ours.
Even the most radical AIDS activists got on the HIV bandwagon. Any gay person who didn't wear a red ribbon and believe HIV was the cause of AIDS was told that they were in denial and to just take a walk. And many who had doubts just shut up.
If enough gays had been brave and cried foul a decade ago, Christian King wouldn't be sitting here in this precarious situation. And now things are even worse for gays. They're as tangled up in the HIV net they helped create as black people are.
Luckily, some African-Americans have been seeing through AIDS for a long time. And that's because of the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment. Tuskegee gave us X-ray vision.
Maybe it's too bad the gay community wasn't victimized by the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment. Maybe they would have thought twice before they cooperated with the sinister forces that put this HIV mendacity together. Maybe they wouldn't have fallen for this whole scam, hook, line, and sinker.
As Christian King testified, the first thing he asked me for in jail after I agreed to take on this case was a book on the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment. He had been hearing about its connection to AIDS for years, and he wanted to read about other black men who were lied to about their health in the past. He could just smell the connection to the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment.
I gave him the best book on the subject, James Jones's Bad Blood.
I think Christian has read that book about ten times during this trial. Just about every line of his copy is now underlined.
It's clear that not much has changed in the attitude of government doctors toward black Americans since the time of the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment. They're still lying to us. They're still making decisions about us without informing us about what is really going on. And there are ugly parallels to what happened in Nazi Germany that cannot be ignored.
In the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment, they lied to black men about their infections. They never told them that they had syphilis.
In the CDC HIV experiment, they're lying again but in a different way. They're telling people that one virus is the cause of AIDS when another virus is the real cause. It's pretty simple, once you know all the facts, to see what is going on.
They use the HIV story to get black people, and gay people I might add, to take responsibility for an epidemic which isn't even caused by the virus they say that black men like Christian King are spreading, during consensual sex.
And then they give them a terminal disease by making them take drugs that destroy the immune system.
The Nazis would be real proud of this one. Real proud. It's all as brilliant as it is disgusting. It's sneaky, creepy, and disgusting.
But luckily we still have some laws in this land, and some kind of justice system, and hopefully people with a conscience like you jurors. The fate of gay people yesterday, and black people today, could be your fate tomorrow, if you don't act now to stop this atrocity.
You can end this Nazi nightmare that is taking place in the United States of America.
It's amazing how much of an expert on the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment Christian King has become.
And this is despite the warnings from the leading medical ethicists who are also on the AIDS gravy train, I might point out, to not see the connection between the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment and AIDS.
In newspaper articles the self-appointed medical ethicists say, yes, you black folks should be upset and outraged at the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment, but it's going too far to link it to AIDS. That's a definite medical ethics no-no. They say, "Don't go there, folks."
Well, it looks like black people in this country are getting ready to do their own medical ethics, thank you very much. If you want medical ethics done right, you just got to do them yourself.
Christian King can see the AIDS connection to the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment even if the so-called medical ethicists can't.
I can see the AIDS connection to the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment.
And I hope you can, too, ladies and gentlemen. In this courtroom, you're the only medical ethicists that count.
I'm glad I gave Christian King that book. It took his mind off the fact that the whole world was calling him an "AIDS Menace."
Christian could take a trip back into history to see how his ancestors were treated in the 19th century and the early part of the 20th century.
Christian needed to take a journey back in time to understand why he is where he is today.
We're going back in time when it was a hanging offense for black men like Christian King just to sleep with white women like Buffie Jacqueline Dakota of Greenwich, Connecticut.
I hope you will go back in time with me, ladies and gentlemen.
Go back to a time when black men were slaves and did the white man's bidding.
Go back to a time when the doctors who treated black men on the plantations had some very interesting opinions about racial differences.
A time when blacks were thought to be so different from whites that even their health problems were assumed to be different.
We're talking about a time when blacks were thought to be totally inferior to whites in every way. Physically and mentally.
Back in the 19th century, blacks were even supposed to have different immunity than whites. Inferior immune systems.
Sounds familiar, but AIDS hadn't even happened yet.
Back in those days, it was thought that slavery was good for the health of blacks. The worst thing that could happen to blacks back then, the doctors thought, was for blacks to be free. Only under the domination of the plantation owner could the health of blacks be preserved.
Black men were kept on plantations because they were afraid they might all become "AIDS menaces," I guess.
There were doctors in the south who thought that emancipation would result in the extinction of the black race.
Doctors and plantation owners were really concerned about black sexuality back then. They thought that black men couldn't control themselves, so they needed slavery for their health.
Slavery was the equivalent of health food back then.
Slavery was thought to be the best life-style for blacks.
And there was a great fascination with the black man's penis. Because of its size, it was thought by doctors that is was more likely to attract venereal infections.
The assumed oversized nature of this organ was further jeopardized by the fact that it was generally accepted by the leading AIDS experts of the day, I mean the leading doctors of the day, that blacks had smaller brains than white people.
Some doctors even thought that disease would ultimately solve the race problem. It would be a final solution, so to speak.
Back in those days, they didn't think they could help blacks who had syphilis because they supposedly didn't have the brains or the moral sense to take syphilis seriously. And for many doctors, it wasn't just syphilis that blacks didn't take seriously, but all diseases.
Negro ignorance was considered a major roadblock in treating syphilis. The white medical profession considered blacks too stupid to follow doctor's orders.
One doctor thought that eventually all blacks would have syphilis unless some kind of law was passed to control them.
Sounds a little bit like the law that has brought Christian King into this courtroom, but we'll get to that later.
Many doctors thought you could never get black men under control, even when they had syphilis.
James Jones reported in his book that one doctor referred to blacks as "a notoriously syphilis-soaked race."
Now the AIDS establishment seems to want to call black people the "notoriously HIV-soaked race." And once again this is a racist theory based on a pack of scientific falsehoods.
Some things never change.
One thing doctors used to think about syphilis that turns out to be similar to HIV is that they thought syphilis manifested itself differently in blacks than in whites.
This notion that syphilis is different in blacks than in whites is what underlay the whole Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment, in which several hundred black sharecroppers who were basically illiterate were allowed to go untreated for syphilis for forty years, starting in 1932, and continuing to go untreated even after the introduction of penicillin. Scientists wanted to see what syphilis looked like in an untreated patient population.
The essence of the crime against the men in the experiment is that they did not know what the government was doing to them. They were not informed. We now consider this a crime, a violation of human rights. And we have since the Nuremberg Trials.
If you are used medically in an experiment and you have not volunteered for the experiment, or you have not been told the truth about what the doctors or scientists are doing to you, your human rights are being violated. You have not given your informed consent.
In 1972, when reporter Jean Heller broke the story in the Washington Star, the reaction all over America was total outrage.
Some called it genocide.
I want to read to you again from the lawsuit that Fred Gray launched against the government on behalf of the survivors of the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment.
Here is his list of the damages that the victims of The Tuskegee Syphilis experiment suffered according to the $1.8 billion dollar lawsuit: ". . . physical and mental instability, affliction, distress, pain, discomfort, and suffering; death; loss of earnings; racial discrimination; false and misleading information about their state of health; improper treatment or lack of treatment; increased susceptibility to other physical and mental illnesses; use as subjects in human experimentation...."
Ladies and gentlemen, my client is a victim of a vicious medical experiment very similar to the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment. Christian King has been told that he carries a virus that causes AIDS and that he transmitted this virus to Buffie Jaqueline Dakota after picking her up at the bar during happy hour in Greenwich, Connecticut. This is a lie.
For anybody in the public health system to tell my client that he is carrying the AIDS virus is to give him false and misleading information. To call HIV "the AIDS virus" is to lie to patients and to violate the rules of informed consent.
By telling him that he has the virus that causes AIDS, the government has put Christian King in a position where he can be used for human experimentation with drugs like AZT and protease inhibitors and any other toxic chicanery they can think of.
Buffie Jacqueline Dakota is also a victim, but not of Christian King. She is a victim of the lies about AIDS, as is every other citizen of Greenwich, Connecticut, who for all we know, may carry the virus that really causes AIDS, which, as you have learned in this trial, is not HIV. No matter what the government scientists say, no matter how much they try to lie about it, it should be clear from our witnesses that HIV is extreme scientific fraud.
For Ms. Dakota and Mr. King not to be victims, the Centers for Disease Control would have to come clean, which they apparently cannot do.
I told you at the beginning, that while the government was putting Christian King on trial, I planned to put the Centers for Disease Control and the entire HIV establishment on trial.
I told you that in order to convince you of Christian King's innocence where AIDS is concerned, I needed to convince you of the fact that the Centers for Disease Control and the National Institutes of Health were engaged in a cover-up of the true nature of the AIDS epidemic.
I told you that if you didn't believe at the end of this trial that the CDC is covering up the connection between AIDS and the virus called HHV-6 that you should go ahead and convict Christian King. Put him away for life.
But if you believe that the very science behind the whole HIV theory, and therefore the charge of attempted murder by HIV, is totally bogus, that you would have to find Christian innocent. You simply cannot convict Mr. King if the government is lying about HIV and AIDS. You just can't. Because he didn't do anything wrong.
And by freeing Christian you will be freeing yourselves of one of the most evil deceptions in American history. You will be telling the Centers for Disease Control that they can’t treat black Americans the same way they treated them during the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment, as people to be lied to and people to be played with like guinea pigs.
I told you that I would make it abundantly clear what I believe is the motivation for the lies at the Centers for Disease Control.
I told you I would present witnesses who would support our claim that the CDC is hiding a massive epidemic of viral immune deficiency in the general population by concocting a sexually transmitted HIV cover story. That beneath the lies about HIV is the truth about HHV-6, and that is the truth the government does not want the African-American community, or the gay community for that matter, to know about.
I presented you with Dr. James Rivers as our first government-employed witness because he has gone public with his complaints that the CDC is lying about chronic fatigue syndrome. I think he gives us a disturbing picture that suggests that the people he works with at the CDC behave more like racketeers than scientists.
Dr. Rivers told you that he was asked to lie about funding at the Centers for Disease Control. I wanted you to have a clear understanding about the lack of honesty at the CDC. Dr. Rivers told you that he was forced to seek protection under the Whistleblower's Act because the CDC provided erroneous information about chronic fatigue syndrome to the United States Congress. And his superiors wanted him to lie about the funding. They wanted him to cover up.
Dr. Rivers, who had a powerful position in chronic fatigue syndrome research at the CDC, has given us conclusive evidence that the Centers for Disease Control has lied to the United States Congress about its CFS research.
For many years, Congress has given the CDC millions of dollars for research, and Dr. Rivers came forward to tell us that for at least two of those years the CDC had lied about its use of that money. Dr. Rivers called them "intentional misrepresentations."
I think Dr. Rivers' testimony supports those who say that the Centers for Disease Control has never told the public the truth about the syndrome from the very moment it was aware of it in the early Eighties.
Dr. Rivers was on the brink of being made into a scapegoat by the CDC for the institution's chronic lying about chronic fatigue syndrome.
Dr. Rivers is a successful white scientist with a great employment record, but that didn't matter to the CDC when their whole house of cards was being threatened.
Both Christian King and Dr. Rivers are victims of the CDC's culture of lying. Just like the men who were in the Tuskegee Syphilis experiment, which the CDC failed to shut down after repeated attempts by another whistle-blower.
While Dr. Rivers doesn't seem to fully grasp the reason the CDC has been lying about chronic fatigue syndrome, he has done the nation a great service by standing up and making it clear that the CDC lies whenever it wants to.
This is a very important piece of information for every American, and it is an extremely important piece of information for you jurors as you decide the fate of Christian King.
During Watergate, reporters Woodward and Bernstein had a mantra: Follow the money. I think it also works very well in this scandal. If we just follow the lies about the money the CDC is telling, we get at the truth about the cover-up that has resulted in my client being threatened with life in prison.
Why is the CDC lying about chronic fatigue syndrome? Why in heaven's name would an organization we all depend on lie to the public about an epidemic?
Some of you are too young to remember the Vietnam War, but our government lied extensively during that war to protect its own image. Public relations turned out to be the motivation.
I think that as a result of what you have heard here you now realize that our government has had a policy of lying to us during the supposedly different epidemics of AIDS and chronic fatigue syndrome.
If you just follow the lies about money you find yourself asking what exactly it is about chronic fatigue syndrome that the government does not want us to know. What's the motivation behind the lies about chronic fatigue syndrome?
And from the time that Dr. Frannie Tyler took the stand, I think it became pretty obvious.
Dr. Tyler told you about research she did on chronic fatigue syndrome patients back in the late Eighties. I asked her to read that one sentence from the summary of her study of chronic fatigue syndrome patients to you. Let me read it again.
Dr. Tyler wrote, "In conclusion, the results of the present study, in which a number of the defects of the immune system were determined in a large group of CFS patients, suggest that chronic fatigue syndrome is a form of acquired immunodeficiency."
Ladies and gentlemen, when is the last time you ever heard about a man being accused of giving a woman chronic fatigue syndrome? How many young white men are currently in prison because they transmitted chronic fa-tigue syndrome?
Some of you have heard that syndrome referred to as Yuppie Flu. When was the last time you heard about a man doing hard time for giving someone the Yuppie Flu?
When's the last time they arrested a white yuppie for sleeping around? When's the last time they called a white yuppie with chronic fatigue syndrome a "Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Menace" on the cover of a national magazine?
What's the big difference between AIDS and chronic fatigue syndrome? I hope you now know from the witnesses you have heard testifying in Christian King's defense, that the only difference between chronic fatigue syndrome and AIDS is that when white people get chronic fatigue syndrome it is called chronic fatigue syndrome, or Yuppie Flu, and when black people get the same disease with the same symptoms and the same immune dysfunction, they call it AIDS and they blame people like Christian for spreading it when, in fact, everything the government has told the public about how this thing is being transmitted turns out to be a total lie and one big cover-up.
This is politics masquerading as science, ladies and gentlemen.
This is a lot like Tuskegee, a lot like Tuskegee.
I noticed a lot of you sitting up in your chairs when Dr. Robert Stewart told you how he and his partner, Dr. Sam Redford, first discovered this epidemic of chronic fatigue syndrome in their medical practice in Nevada back in the Eighties.
I wanted you to hear Dr. Stewart's story because he was really the first person to call chronic fatigue syndrome "AIDS minor."
Most of you had no idea that there was an epidemic of "AIDS minor" in addition to the epidemic of "AIDS major" taking place all across this country.
That's because your government doesn't want you to know. The government doesn't want you to put two and two together.
If you did you would understand what an overwhelming fraud this whole AIDS story is.
Dr. Stewart told you all the things that AIDS and chronic fatigue syndrome have in common.
He told you about HHV-6.
He told you about all the similar symptoms.
He told you about the yeast infections.
He told you about the loss of natural killer cells.
He told you about the brain abnormalities that chronic fatigue syndrome and AIDS have in common.
He told you about the allergy problems they both have.
He told you about the fact that both AIDS patients and chronic fatigue syndrome patients can develop asthma.
He told you how the B-cells are affected in both of these syndromes.
He told you how the red blood cell problems are similar in both AIDS and chronic fatigue syndrome.
He told you about the lesions in the throats of chronic fatigue syndrome which sound a lot like the lesions in AIDS patients to me.
He told you that there is a similar dementia in AIDS and chronic fatigue syndrome.
He told you about all the digestive problems that AIDS and chronic fatigue syndrome seem to have in common.
Dr. Stewart told you about all the eye problems that AIDS patients and chronic fatigue syndrome patients have.
He told you about the chronic weird fevers people with both syndromes have.
He told you about the swollen glands in both syndromes.
He told you about the headaches, and the serious liver problems that AIDS and chronic fatigue syndrome both cause.
Yes, the list goes on and on.
He told you about the terrible respiratory problems AIDS and chronic fatigue syndrome sufferers share.
He told you about the sinusitis that both syndromes can cause.
He also told you about the similar problems with the spleen that are seen in AIDS and chronic fatigue syndrome.
He told you about all the vascular problems that AIDS and chronic fatigue syndrome have in common.
And he told you the whole history of how they found a retrovirus like HIV in patients with chronic fatigue syndrome. And he explained how that research went nowhere fast, thanks to the Centers for Disease Control.
I'm sure it doesn't surprise anyone on the jury that the CDC doesn't want the public to know that anything like HIV can be found in chronic fatigue syndrome, because it is pain-fully obvious that the Centers for Disease Control of the United States of America does not want the world to know that they got everything totally wrong. They don't want us to know that AIDS and chronic fatigue syndrome are part of the same epidemic, and everything they've told us about AIDS, everything that has threatened the future of my client Christian King, is about the biggest lie ever told in American history. The biggest lie since, well, the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment.
Can you believe whom the Prosecutor put on the stand to defend the government's position?
Dr. Cornell Simon? How could they have the gall to present one of the very architects of this scam? That's how arrogant our government has gotten in its campaign to deceive us about AIDS and chronic fatigue syndrome.
Ladies and gentlemen, I have to trust your ability to see through Dr. Simon's lies. People aren't as stupid as government bureaucrats think they are. You know a hand puppet when you see one.
It's all too transparent that Dr. Simon has been involved in the cover-up ever since AIDS and its other manifestation, chronic fatigue syndrome, broke out in America and the CDC and the National Institutes of Health began its dirty little routine of denial, obfuscation, and fraud.
In many ways, Christian King and Buffie Jacqueline Dakota can thank Dr. Simon for everything he has done to land both of them in this courtroom today. They wouldn't be here if Dr. Simon hadn't helped conceal the connection between AIDS and chronic fatigue syndrome.
Dr. Simon still wants the American people to believe the garbage that chronic fatigue syndrome is a psychiatric illness.
This is nuts, ladies and gentlemen.
Dr. Simon still won't admit that a virus is causing chronic fatigue syndrome and AIDS, that one virus unites both of these epidemics. The same politically incorrect virus. Not an African-American virus. Not a gay virus. Not a lesbian virus. Not a transvestite virus. Not a black transsexual virus. Just a virus. One that even white men like Dr. Simon can contract. One that even government scientists who lie can contract.
Dr. Simon says none of the research showing that chronic fatigue syndrome is infectious and caused by a virus has ever been replicated by the CDC.
Why would the CDC replicate something that exposes its own cover-up? Dr. Simon must think that we're all brain-dead.
There are hundreds of research papers showing that chronic fatigue syndrome is a serious, contagious illness. Hundreds! And the government says it can reproduce none of them. None! It's all bad science they say. The only truthful science is the science the government does. Yeah, right.
Again, welcome to Nazi Germany, ladies and gentlemen
Welcome to the old Soviet Union.
Dr. Simon would love to silence the chronic fatigue syndrome patients by sending them off to psychiatrists. He pretends to really care about these patients. If he really cared he would stop lying about them.
He even blames the patients for not get-ting enough sleep.
Well, they can't get enough sleep because they're sick. They have many or most of the same symptoms that AIDS patients do.
I'm not going to go through the list again, but think about how you would sleep if you had so many things wrong with you and you had pseudoscientists like Dr. Simon telling you that it is all in your head. This quackery would give anyone insomnia.
You can understand why the patients all over America hate this man and have organized many attempts to get him fired.
But the buck doesn't stop with Dr. Simon. He is just a government mouthpiece.
The National Institutes of Health could fire Dr. Simon, but someone else would still be there telling the same lies.
There are many layers to this evil, ladies and gentlemen. For Christian King's sake, and for the sake of everybody's health in the future, I hope you can peel them all.
Why is Doctor Simon lying about chronic fatigue syndrome?
Maybe if we could get in his head, we would know for sure.
But I think Dr. Ted Walton may have given us some insight.
As you recall, Dr. Walton has a very sick daughter who has had chronic fatigue syndrome for nearly a decade. Dr. Walton has become an expert on the topic because he has tried to get his daughter the best medical treatment available for her condition.
Dr. Walton has watched in horror as the government ignored every bit of important research that has shown that chronic fatigue syndrome is caused by a virus and that it is a serious illness of the immune system and the brain, just like AIDS. The connection between AIDS and chronic fatigue syndrome became all too clear to Dr. Walton. He knew they were basically the same thing.
Dr. Walton told you about his confrontation with Dr. Simon at a medical conference. He caught Dr. Simon off-guard and asked him why the government wasn't telling the public the truth about chronic fatigue syndrome and he says that Dr. Simon said that they were afraid of mass public panic.
Mass public panic, ladies and gentlemen.
Dr. Simon denies that he said this. But when you think about all the solid scientific research that Dr. Simon also denies is legitimate, you have to believe Dr. Walton.
It makes perfect sense that the government would not want mass public panic about AIDS and chronic fatigue syndrome.
But does that give it the right to lie to the American people?
Does it give the government the right to lie to Christian King and Buffie Jacqueline Dakota?
Does it have the right to persecute Christian King and blame him for spreading a disease that is not even caused by HIV?
Does it have the right to kill Christian King with its unbelievably wrong-headed toxic chemotherapies?
Just so the public doesn't know that AIDS and chronic fatigue syndrome are caused by another virus?
They don't want the public to rise up in rage when they find out the truth about this cover-up.
It's time for us to end this medical charade.
Look who are the main recipients of the government's attempts to avoid mass public panic.
Gays and blacks. America's favorite minorities.
And meanwhile the real cause of AIDS, this virus HHV-6 which we'll talk about some more, shortly, is allowed to go unchecked in America and all over the world because Dr. Simon and his cronies want to avoid mass public panic.
This doesn't make any sense. It's like the bombing during Vietnam. The government's out of control. Hiding the truth about AIDS seems to have become our government's central public health policy.
I don't know about you ladies and gentlemen, but every time I think about Dr. Simon and his colleagues at the National Institutes of Health making these decisions for us, I start to feel a real bad case of mass public panic coming on.
You can go into the jury room and tell Dr. Simon and all the people behind him who pull his strings that they cannot lie to the American people about chronic fatigue syndrome, HIV, HHV-6, and AIDS anymore.
On the other hand, you can find my client guilty and send a message that Dr. Simon and his colleagues at the National Institutes of Health can continue defrauding the American people of the truth with your tax dollars.
The cruelty of Dr. Simon and his bosses is awesome. Some people with so-called chronic fatigue syndrome are so sick they can't get out of bed or are in wheelchairs are constantly told they have a psychiatric disorder.
We're talking about people who were able to run miles every day who suddenly wake up and are unable to lift their heads off the pillow and are told they have a psychoneurotic disorder.
Children, too. Children who were first in their classes suddenly see their IQs plummet when they get chronic fatigue syndrome and are sent off to psychiatrists when their immune systems are affected by the same virus as AIDS patients.
All this so that the public won't panic about the connection between chronic fatigue syndrome, HHV-6, and AIDS.
How can Dr. Simon look into all these children's eyes and not tell them the truth? What's wrong with this guy?
I think I know why Dr. Simon can look Christian King in the eye and tell him the HIV lies. It's easy for him, just like it was so easy to tell lies to the black men in the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment.
Christian King won't know any better. He's not a retrovirologist. He's not an epidemiologist. He's an easy mark. He can't win against these pseudoscientific card sharks!
Just like the Tuskegee doctors, Dr. Simon and his colleagues think they can take advantage of the presumed ignorance of men like Christian King. If men with Nobel Prizes can't stop this HIV runaway train, then how is someone with the limited resources of a Christian King to do it? But with your help jurors, just maybe.
Dr. Simon and his colleagues think they can control what the public knows about public health through the gullibility of the public and the cooperation of passive media.
That's why I brought Dr. Louis Benjamin of The New York Herald to testify. He is considered by many to be the world's leading AIDS reporter. He is on a first name basis with all of the top AIDS researchers.
I wanted you to see how the paper of record operates on the subject of AIDS and chronic fatigue syndrome.
The Prosecutor frequently made fun of what we have tried to establish here in this courtroom. He says that you haven't heard anything about the alternative view of AIDS because no self-respecting newspaper would publish these ideas or any of the information you have heard in this courtroom.
The Prosecutor said that the ideas and science we have presented to you have only appeared in "fringe publications full of conspiracy theories."
Well, we all know how reliable the non-fringe, mainstream media is don't we? We get all the news that's fit to print. We report; you decide.
I wanted you to hear Dr. Benjamin's description of what is going on in the cozy world of AIDS reporting.
I wanted you to get a sense of how the AIDS media game is being played.
First of all I wanted Dr. Benjamin to tell you what he did before he wrote for The New York Herald.
He worked for the Centers for Disease Control.
Well, isn't that special?
The leading AIDS reporter for The New York Herald is a good ol' boy from the CDC.
Do you think that you can rely on a former employee of the Centers for Disease Control who relies on his old friends for stories and leaks? Do you suppose that someone who relies on their good will for access to stories will blow the whistle on them? Or even question their so-called science?
I don't think so.
Ladies and gentlemen, that just might be the reason that the conventional wisdom is that HIV is the cause of AIDS and that chronic fatigue syndrome is not recognized as part of the AIDS epidemic.
I asked Dr. Benjamin if he thought his access to the Centers for Disease Control would be cut off if he were to print anything that questioned their honesty. He said no, but I think that defies credibility, and I hope you do to.
I asked Dr. Benjamin why his newspaper didn't pursue the story that surfaced in the late Eighties, the one about AIDS cases where there was no evidence of HIV.
He said that The New York Herald bought the Centers for Disease Control story that these were not really AIDS cases.
I asked him whether there was any part of the Centers for Disease Control story that his newspaper challenged.
He emphatically said no.
Well, I guess that comes as a big surprise.
I asked him why he didn't report on the hundreds of scientists who don't think that HIV is the cause of AIDS.
He said he doesn't think they are credible.
I asked Dr. Benjamin if he had any questions about what the CDC has said about chronic fatigue syndrome and he said he didn't.
Again, I'm shocked, I'm shocked.
I also hope you will remember that Dr. Benjamin agreed with me on my assessment that the mainstream media has generally discouraged the black community from seeing parallels between the AIDS and the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment.
Dr. Benjamin insisted that all of his colleagues thought that there was no connection and that it endangered public health if people talked about AIDS in the context of Tuskegee.
Well, I guess that makes me a threat to public health. I guess Dr. Benjamin should have made a citizen's arrest here in the courtroom.
I asked Dr. Benjamin if he thought that the media had portrayed black people who had suspicions that the government wasn't telling the truth as "conspiracy theorists."
He said that he had seen that term in several articles.
Any black person who doesn't believe what the government says about AIDS is called a conspiracy theorist.
I guess that makes me a conspiracy theorist. And ladies and gentlemen if you don't believe what the government scientists said during this trial, then you're all conspiracy theorists.
I hope you can deal with that.
So ladies and gentlemen, when you conspiracy theorists meet in the jury room upstairs to discuss the fate of Christian King, I hope you won't be swayed by the fact that the mainstream media has not reported a lot of the challenges to the conventional story about AIDS. I hope I have given you a sense that to a certain extent the media is an enthusiastic part of the AIDS establishment.
Or at the very least, they have fallen down on the job.
If any of you remember the savings and loan story from the Eighties, you may recall that a similar thing happened. It took years before the mainstream media picked up on the real story. The same goes for the story about Gulf War Syndrome.
I think it has been made amply clear that the media has been reporting on AIDS when they should have been reporting on AIDSgate. I hope any honest reporters who are watching this trial on Court TV will start doing their job right. Science reporters should stop kissing the behinds of the HIV crooks or there won't be enough prison space in America for what's coming after Christian King.
In the case of the mainstream media, I think the motto here is "All the government propaganda about AIDS that's fit to print."
You know I am reminded of something an old teacher of mine at the University of Chicago, Hannah Arendt, wrote in an essay on lying in politics. She was writing about the Vietnam War and she was celebrating the role of the press. She wrote, "So long as the press is free and not corrupt, it has an enormously important function to fulfill and can rightly be called the fourth branch of government. Whether the First Amendment will suffice to protect this most essential political freedom, the right to unmanipulated factual information without which all freedom of opinion becomes a cruel hoax, is another question."
Have we been given unmanipulated factual opinion about AIDS, ladies and gentlemen? I don't think so. Hannah Arendt must be spinning in her grave. As you now know, what we know about AIDS is nothing but manipulated information. Manipulated by government scientists with the silent cooperation of an unquestioning media, many of whom have worked inside the very parts of the government that are doing the lying.
Christian King cannot depend on an independent media to protect him from government propaganda. He cannot depend upon an independent media to bring the injustice of his situation to the attention of the American people. Where AIDS is concerned, we've lost our watchdogs. We have no fourth branch of government.
I wish we had someone like Hannah Arendt writing about this today. I wish she were still among us. But I also think that if she questioned the factual information about AIDS she too would be called a conspiracy theorist. Even Hannah Arendt would not escape demonization during this era of AIDS propaganda.
What could be more corrupt than a media that is assisting a dishonest government in lying to the public?
I also want to bring up something that my adversaries raised in their questioning of Dr. Benjamin.
They were trying to establish that some of the scientists who told you that HIV is not the cause of AIDS are a threat to public health. That they're dangerous wackos.
I think the prosecution was indirectly trying to intimidate you jurors, to imply that if you stand up for the rights of Christian King, which include his right not to be lied to by his government about AIDS, you too would be endangering the public health by making people doubt the veracity of what they have been told about AIDS. Don't be frightened by this veiled threat. They want to intimate that if you jurors disagree with the government, you will also be endangering AIDS patients. In essence, they're saying, "We'll stop at nothing, we'll even go into the courts and blackmail jurors in order to perpetuate this cover-up. The public must not be aroused."
Well, this is precisely what will happen. And it should happen. Let skepticism about HIV spread from coast to coast.
You have no obligation to assist in a public health cover-up about the truth regarding AIDS. None whatsoever.
I think the main direct threat to public health in the country these days is the lying by the AIDS establishment about HIV.
You can do more for the public health by standing up for Christian King than these so-called public health experts can do with their HIV charade.     
Now I want to turn your attention to the Australian researcher, Dr. Ann Orchard, who was very kind to fly thousands of miles to help us tell you what massive mistakes both HIV and the HIV test are. Dr. Orchard may save America from the consequences of the biggest scientific mistake ever made in its history.
I think Dr. Orchard has made it clear why the whole area of AIDS research is an unreliable mess.
Dr. Orchard told you that the basic science that underlies the theory of AIDS is wrong, dead wrong.
She told you that the virus that supposedly causes AIDS was never even properly isolated.
In other words, this is far worse than anyone ever thought.
AIDS science was a house of cards right from the very beginning.
Dr. Orchard tried to explain to you that there is no evidence to show that a discrete, isolated virus now called Human Immunodeficiency Virus is actually infecting people because what we think of as HIV is actually particles of ourselves, of our own cells, that have come together in our own body, and they're not even a discrete, isolated, identifiable retrovirus capable of destroying the immune system.
I hope you can follow all of this. 
She said a terrible mistake has been made that completely undermines the HIV theory of AIDS. 
There is no HIV in the sense that the AIDS experts tell us. It's like they told us that the Easter Bunny was the cause and we believed the so-called experts all these years.
She told you that, surprisingly, the very research team in Paris who claimed to have discovered HIV laid down the ground rules for viral isolation.
But they didn't even follow their own rules for isolation when they made the claim that HIV was the cause of AIDS. How ironic. 
Dr. Orchard insists that technically and legally, HIV has never even been isolated.
So Christian King is accused of spreading a virus, a lethal virus, that wasn’t even isolated properly in the first place.
Can you believe this, jurors? This is outrageous.
Dr. Orchard insisted that French researchers who supposedly discovered HIV now admit that they never did the necessary purification process to find a unique, purified virus that one could call HIV. If you don't go through the purification process, you don't know what you have. They just assumed they had a virus. And that assumption has changed our world for the worse. What they ultimately did give the world was politics masquerading as science.
Dr. Orchard holds them to their own standards and says they violated their own rules. The more you heard about AIDS here in this courtroom, the more you probably got the impression that where AIDS science is concerned, there are no rules. It's all flimflam. The HIV establishment makes up their own rules as they go along.
Politics masquerading as science, ladies and gentlemen, it’s only politics masquerading as science.
So why does every AIDS scientist, or most of them, believe that this virus was truly isolated according to the rules of viral isolation?
According to Dr. Orchard, everyone just takes it on faith.
She also points out that they all take it on faith that the HIV test is reliable, the test that ultimately landed my client in jail. It's the same test that could ultimately put any of you in jail, or put you under the state's coercive and punitive medical care. 
You all now know that the HIV test is the most unreliable test in the world. The HIV test is as trustworthy as a mood ring.
It cross-reacts with all kinds of conditions.
Everyone in this country thinks that the HIV test accurately detects a very specific virus that will destroy the immune system. People have been murdered because of this test. People have lost their homes and jobs because of this test. People have lost their sense of dignity and been poisoned to death because of this stupid, crooked test. People have found themselves at the mercy of robotic AIDS physicians because of this test, because they assumed it was accurate, that it told them a very real, very horrible thing. People like my client have been arrested because of this test, because it is assumed to be a very accurate test for a virus that causes AIDS. If ever there was a product that cried out for multibillion dollar product liability lawsuits, it is the flaky, fraudulent HIV test.
People trusted the AIDS scientists and doctors with their lives and it turns out this life-altering test is a total sham.
If you have a bacterial infection, the HIV test could be positive.
If you have lupus, you could test positive on this test.
If you have a yeast infection, the HIV test can be positive.
If you have malaria, the HIV test could be positive.
Just because you test positive on any of the HIV tests doesn't really mean anything. Not one reliable thing. No one should be in jail because they have gotten a positive result from an HIV test. It was shown in this courtroom that the HIV tests are junk science at its worst.
I think one thing that Dr. Orchard really made clear is that a handful of scientists, not hundreds or thousands, are really at the helm of this mistake. I use the word "mistake" to be kind, because Dr. Orchard didn’t want to go all the way and call it a fraud. I would, but she didn't. For Christian King's sake, I have to call a fraud a fraud.
You all need to be able to imagine that a few scientists could create a disaster like this. You have to accept that American science is not an arena where ideas compete on a level playing field and everyone plays fair. You won't find my client innocent unless you accept the idea that science can be corrupt, full of old boy politics, conflicts of interest, homophobia, racism, and lies. If you hold to the old-fashioned view that all scientists are well-intentioned and science is a self-policing entity that can be trusted to correct its mistakes as soon as they are found, then you might as well put my client in jail. Don't even deliberate if that’s your premise.
But I know you're all smarter than that now. I know you've smelled the AIDS rats throughout the trial. The stench has been overwhelming. You now have a far more realistic understanding of American medical science.
I hope I've been able to prove to you that far fewer people are in control of the ideology of AIDS than are challenging the truth about the whole HIV story. There are hundreds of angry, dissenting scientists doing that all over the world. Some have tried everything they can think of to correct this situation. The media has not kept you informed of their existence. The media has failed you. They'd rather concoct stories about the "AIDS Menace," especially when they're dealing with poor black men who do not know all the card tricks of retrovirology. They'd rather throw another couple of million black men in jail as part of their AIDS cover-up than expose the truth about the HIV AIDS Mafia. 
Retrovirology was a relatively new field when AIDS and chronic fatigue syndrome broke out. There were a handful of scientists who dominated the field of retrovirology, the same ones who now dominate AIDS research. It's a tight-knit, back-slapping, and now very wealthy little group. They speak their own language. And if it weren’t for scientists like Dr. Orchard and Dr. Parnell, none of us would be able to penetrate the jargon, the mumbo-jumbo, the complicated stuff that we all have to take on faith. Retrovirology might as well be voodoo for most of us.
Certainly people like Christian King don’t have the knowledge they need to penetrate the thick forest of retrovirology, to see that they are victims of a huge mistake or a huge con job. Retrovirologists can say anything they damn well please to people like Christian King, and he wouldn't have a retroviral clue what exactly was going on. 
Dr. Orchard says that the leading AIDS researchers don’t want to answer her serious questions about their work. Nobody wants to debate her. She got the same treatment as Dr. Parnell.
I'm not surprised. Heads would roll. BMWs would be returned. Mortgages would go unpaid. Trips to Europe would be cancelled.
AIDS fraud has become the dirtiest little secret in American science. I can't tell you the number of scientists who asked me not to subpoena them because they were terrified of losing their jobs if they told the world what they really know about HIV. 
They'd all rather keep quiet than save the life of a poor black man like Christian King. Who cares about Christian King when your job is on the line?
I hope some of the things that have been said in this courtroom make you realize how much money is tied up in this charade, ladies and gentlemen. All kinds of HIV-based pharmaceutical companies could go bankrupt from lawsuits when the truth hits the fan, so to speak.
Dr. Orchard told you the biggest scandal about HIV is that it doesn't even kill the cells that are destroyed in AIDS patients, the T-4 cells. 
Of course if the virus has not been isolated and doesn't exist, then that shouldn't surprise you. By this point, nothing about this epidemic of lies should surprise you.
I know this sounded like weird science, ladies and gentlemen, and it just got weirder and weirder throughout the six months of this trial. It's weird because it's riddled with falsehood.
According to Dr. Orchard, retroviral particles have been confused with a discrete virus which was then linked to AIDS by a test that is totally untrustworthy.
I hope you're following this, because Christian's life depends on it.
She told us about a Harvard study in which scientists found so-called HIV particles in the lymph nodes of both AIDS and non-AIDS patients.
That's not supposed to happen. And that’s another indication that HIV cannot be the cause of AIDS. 
You know if you just make a list of all the things that the AIDS establishment has been wrong about since the inception of this epidemic, you really can't be surprised that the fundamental work on HIV isolation is bogus. These guys got it all wrong at ground zero. 
Most unbiased scientists who read the AIDS literature now should be able to see that HHV-6 is the real destroyer of T-4 Cells. That virus was discovered in 1986 in AIDS patients and chronic fatigue syndrome by the very man, Dr. Rollo Macdougal, who supposedly dis-covered HIV. 
If American AIDS science wasn't an exercise in totalitarianism, the public would now know that the whole HIV theory is in doubt. But then the small cabal of HIV scientists who have created this unprecedented disaster would stand naked and fraudulent before the American people. 
Politics masquerading as science, ladies and gentlemen, just politics masquerading as science. 
Please recall the testimony of Dr. Jerome White of the Centers for Disease Control. Dr. White was on the original AIDS task force which was given the task of figuring out what the cause of AIDS was back in the early Eighties. Dr. White told us that back in 1981 when they didn't know what the cause of AIDS was, they were looking for the culprit that destroyed the T-4 cells. Those are cells which protect us from all kinds of infections, the cells that seem to be eaten by some kind of T-cell cookie monster in AIDS patients.
Well, Dr. White and his colleagues made a terrible mistake. They told us that HIV is the T-4 cell serial killer.
They got the wrong suspect.
They arrested the wrong guy.
HIV should sue for false arrest.
The real perpetrator of AIDS is HHV-6.
How do you tell the world you've made a mistake on a scale like this? Dr. White and his colleagues still can't admit that they sent the world off on a wild goose chase.
This is an apocalyptic mistake. 
You'd have to stop blaming the gays and blacks for AIDS if you ever admitted a mistake like this.
You might have to put some AIDS researchers in jail.
Think about all the laws that have been passed based on this. How many lives have been altered for the worse? Think how many people have taken nightmarish medications to stop a virus that isn't even the cause of AIDS. In many cases, the medications have created a terminal disease where there wasn’t one.
They've created immunological meltdown in the bodies of innocent people in the name of this big HIV lie.
If there is one scientist’s testimony you remember when you go up to that jury room to discuss the fate of Christian King, I hope that it's the testimony of Dr. Margaret Fargo.
Dr. Fargo told you about her struggles to get her fellow researchers to recognize the role of HHV-6.
She had been fighting a valiant battle against entrenched interests that don't want to admit that they are wrong.
Dr. Fargo told you how hard it is to get the kind of funding that you need to do any kind of biomedical research in AIDS these days. Even a hundred thousand dollars doesn't buy much work in a high tech lab.
The AIDS establishment isn't ready to give Dr. Fargo money that might threaten their HIV cash machine. They're all afraid of her. I would be, too, if I were them. They don't want her to spill the beans about HHV-6.
But Dr. Fargo has persevered for nearly fifteen years and what she told you should really result in you freeing Christian King in a heartbeat.
Dr. Fargo told you about her fifteen years of work on HHV-6 and how all of the research indicates that HHV-6 is the real problem in AIDS. And HHV-6 does not color within the racist and homophobic lines the Centers for Disease Control has drawn, because HHV-6 is not a sexually transmitted virus. HHV-6 is not a reason to build more prisons to house gays and African-Americans.
HIV is taking the whole rap for HHV-6's crimes.
And because the government will not admit that HHV-6 is the cause of AIDS, it is spreading all over our country and causing all kinds of diseases that go way beyond AIDS. We should be talking about HHV-6 disease rather than AIDS.
HIV turns out to be a persistent red herring that keeps us all from seeing the real epidemic, the epidemic of HHV-6. HIV is HHV-6's alibi.
And rather than admit that, the state would rather destroy Christian King's life, and the life of anyone who gets caught in the HIV web of lies. They'd rather tar and feather the most vulnerable members of society than tell the truth.
Dr. Fargo told you how HHV-6 is capable of infecting and killing just about every cell in the immune system. She told you that HHV-6 is much more skilled at destroying the immune system than HIV ever will be.
The HIV story is the old dog-ate-my-homework story. The AIDS establishment has to make up all kinds of complicated explanations for how that little questionable retrovirus causes AIDS, when HHV-6 just decimates the immune cells in our bodies. HHV-6 is practically the Andromeda strain.
Dr. Fargo told you all the organs that HHV-6 likes to infect. It can infect your brain, your spinal cord, your lungs, your lymph nodes, your heart, your bone marrow, your liver, your kidneys, your spleen, your tonsils, your skeletal muscle, your adrenal glands, your pancreas, and your thyroid. It goes places HIV never dreamed of going and it kills things that would just laugh at HIV. Especially since HIV may not even be a real virus, as Dr. Orchard pointed out.
I can tell some of you jurors are squirming in your seats.
Well, we don't want to scare anyone, now do we? So let's just throw some gay men in jail, and some black men in jail, and say that this whole thing is caused by a sexually transmissible retrovirus. Let's all just bow our heads in pity and not ask any hard, uncomfortable questions.
Let's just trust the AIDS experts to get us out of this mess. Let's just turn the investigation of the hen house over to the foxes.
Let's pin this on a minority group that doesn't have the scientific knowledge or the political power to fight back. Information is power, jurors. Without information about HHV-6 and all this HIV fraud, the power of the black community is exactly zero. 
Well, Christian King is not going to be the government's scapegoat so that it can keep this HHV-6 plague covered up. Christian King is not going to take the blame for Buffie Jacqueline Dakota's screwed-up immune system. Over my dead body, he will.
They used to find a reason to blame the Jews when there were epidemics.
Now it's blacks and gays.
And this corrupt pseudoscience of HIV turns out to be not all that different from the bigotry that masqueraded as science during the dark ages of bloody religious superstition and persecution. 
Dr. Fargo told you how the HIV scientists never admitted that their experiments were actually contaminated with HHV-6. That HHV-6 was the real immune system-destroying culprit in their laboratories. It was the virus that was destroying the cells of the immune system in their experiments. They just could not admit their mistake. Because they all owned a piece of the HIV action. None of them would ever get a Nobel Prize for discovering HIV if HIV turned out to be the biggest scientific mistake of the century. Maybe I should say the millennium.
So what do you do if you don't want people to question HIV?
Well, you do a big propaganda campaign, which they have successfully done.
And you badmouth any scientist who challenges the conventional wisdom, which is what they did to just about every scientist I asked to come here to exonerate Christian King.
Dr. Fargo also told you that HHV-6 has been strongly correlated with the development of Kaposi's sarcoma, the disfiguring cancer that the HIV establishment desperately has tried to link to HIV without any luck. I'm sure that all the people who have died with the horrific K.S. lesions on their skin and inside their bodies would like to thank the HIV establishment for their ability to stifle HHV-6 research.
Dr. Fargo also told you about the blood clotting disorder, thrombocytopenia, that has been linked to HHV-6. I'm sure that all the hemophiliacs who have been lied to and told that HIV is the cause of AIDS are thrilled about this finding too. God only knows how much damage the lying about HIV has done to hemophiliacs.
Wherever you look, someone is getting hurt by these HIV lies. Christian King is just one of millions of victims of this charade. And we are too, ladies and gentlemen.
You’ll recall that I asked Dr. Fargo if she thought that HHV-6 could be responsible for the horrible lung problems in AIDS.
She said yes.
I asked her if it was causing similar kinds of problems in chronic fatigue syndrome patients.
She said yes, ladies and gentlemen.
I asked her if HHV-6 is, strictly speaking, a sexually transmitted virus that the gov-ernment can pass all kinds of criminal legislation.
I don't think she wanted to answer that question. She’s keenly aware of the dirty politics of AIDS, she’s understandably afraid her career can be short-circuited too. What she said was devastating, and I don’t want you to forget when you go up to that jury room that she said that HHV-6 can be found in saliva.
That means you could get it from social kissing.
You could get it from just close contact with other people.
You could get it from sharing food off of someone else's plate.
And we know from Dr. Gilmore that you can even get HHV-6 from pets.
Please recall the testimony of Dr. Gilmore, the physician who suspected that HHV-6 is also infecting animals across the country. 
Dr. Gilmore told you that he had tried to infect cats and dogs with a form of HHV-6 and they did get infected and they did get an illness that looked like AIDS and chronic fatigue syndrome. You haven't read that in any of our vigilant American newspapers, have you?
And when the animals were infected with HHV-6 they started testing positive for retroviruses like so-called HIV. You haven't read that anywhere either, right?
If you followed the logic of his testimony closely, then you know that Buffie Jacqueline Dakota could have gotten her infection, whether it’s HHV-6 or some form of HIV, whatever the hell that is, from a cat or dog in Greenwich, Connecticut. Only heaven knows why Ms. Dakota tests positive for HIV or where she got infected with whatever is causing her to test positive. This is such an astounding mess.
And I asked Ms. Dakota about her own pets and she said that one of them had died from an autoimmune disorder. She told us that she has a dog and a cat that are chronically ill with respiratory and digestive disorders. Well, many people in this country seem to be suffering from immune dysfunction they picked up from their sick pets and they're not blaming their woes on black men they picked up during happy hour in the Yacht Bar in Greenwich, Connecticut.
Maybe they should arrest Ms. Dakota's pets and throw them in prison and conduct their life-threatening AIDS experiments on them. At the very least, maybe they should test her pets for HHV-6. 
I think the most amazing thing that Dr. Fargo, the HHV-6 researcher, told us about HHV-6 is that there is one study that shows that scientists can contaminate their own experiments with the HHV-6 in their saliva. 
Dr. Fargo told us that HHV-6 may be contaminating all the AIDS experiments so that when they think that they're studying the effect of HIV on cells in the laboratory, they’re really studying HHV-6. 
Ladies and gentlemen, HHV-6 could be undermining your own immune system in subtle ways this very minute. At home, it could be threatening some of your family's immune systems. According to Dr. Fargo, it's even threatening children. Some research on HHV-6 suggests that it could be what is behind the growing epidemic of childhood asthma that's happening all over the country. But if you convict Christian King, you will allow this cover-up that is threatening all of us to go on. We'll never get to the bottom of the truth about HHV-6 and all the different diseases it is causing in America and around the world. We'll just keep locking people up to make ourselves feel like we can control things. It is easier to try to control what the public knows than to control a virus like HHV-6. This is the typical behavior of a fascist dictatorship, not the greatest democracy in the history of the world. We've all been locked up in a prison of HIV deceit.
From what Dr. Fargo said to you, there are millions of victims of this HHV-6 cover-up all over the country. And it is manifesting itself in people in many different ways.
Some people are getting AIDS from HHV-6. Others are getting multiple sclerosis. HHV-6 seems to be causing trouble every-where. Some people get chronic fatigue syndrome, or so-called "AIDS minor" from it. It all depends on what strain of the virus you get, how much of it you get, how many times you get infected, and God only knows what other factors. 
And some people, when they get infected with HHV-6 start testing positive for HIV, whatever that is, so the government is blaming the disease on HIV rather than HHV-6. 
They've repeated the big lie over and over. And you know how big lies are. You have to repeat the lie and repeat the lie until the public is brainwashed. "HIV, the virus that causes AIDS" is the line you hear over and over. Every time you read an AIDS story in the papers or hear one on television, you constantly hear, "HIV, the virus that causes AIDS." 
Come on, let’s all say it together. It's our civic duty. HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. HIV, the virus that causes AIDS.
The way they repeat that line over and over should have told us all that something was wrong.
But no, we believed. We trusted our government. We wore the red ribbons. We went to the AIDS benefits. We all did the AIDS Macarena. We knew our government could do a lot of lowdown dirty things, but we never could believe they would sink so low as to lie about AIDS. No, not with all that dreadful suffering associated with it.
We all know that people who die of AIDS often die dreadful deaths. The government could never lie about something that horrifying.
I remember a friend of mine who worked with AIDS patients compared death from AIDS to a slow crucifixion. A crucifixion that took months or years. The slow agonizing deaths from one infection after another. The loneliness, the despair, the unspeakable pain, and in many cases, the shame. 
Now we know that it was HHV-6 that was wreaking havoc on their bodies while the HIV establishment was dining voraciously from the AIDS gravy train. While HHV-6 researchers were desperately trying to get funds for their research for the real AIDS virus, the crucifixions just went on and on. Heaven only knows how many people died unnecessarily. But most of them were gay deaths and African-American deaths and Latino deaths. Who cares about them? Aren’t those minority groups just society’s disposable citizens?
And now we know that the crucifixions were in many cases aided and abetted by medications that helped the process along.
AZT, Dr. Parnell told you, was an old cancer drug that was supposed to stop cells from replicating. AZT is a drug that destroys the immune system. It's crazy to give it to someone with a compromised immune system unless you want to kill them. Any of you could give yourself the same condition as AIDS patients by taking AZT. I think if they were giving AZT to dogs, the animal rights people would be burning down veterinarians’ offices. There wouldn’t be a safe animal research laboratory to work in if they were doing research on AZT with cats and dogs.
But if you convict Christian King, you will send him off to prison where he will have no one caring about what poison they subject him to. He will have fewer rights than a lab rat.
When you convene upstairs to make your decision, ladies and gentlemen, please don’t forget Matt Randall, the former employee of the Centers for Disease Control.
I wanted you to hear from him so that you'd have a sense of how far back the lying about AIDS goes at the Centers for Disease Control.
As you recall, Mr. Randall had worked for the CDC back in the early Eighties. He worked for the CDC for eight years before he parted company with the organization over the issue of its truthfulness about AIDS. That was back in 1986. He was what they call a public health surveillance officer in Florida. 
Mr. Randall told you that he had asked some hard questions that the Centers for Disease Control didn't want asked. And he paid a steep price for his questions. A price many of the people who have asked hard questions about AIDS have paid.
At first when Mr. Randall worked on AIDS for the CDC in Florida, he was under the impression that everyone was honest. 
But gradually Mr. Randall began to get concerned that the CDC resources were not ending up in the place where AIDS cases were actually happening. He notified the CDC and asked them to correct that situation. But the CDC did not respond. He started to get the notion that the Centers for Disease Control planned to do nothing to correct the situation. 
He told you that he began to think that the Centers for Disease Control did not want certain facts about the AIDS epidemic to come to the public's attention. He told you that the CDC didn't seem to want to know about two particular AIDS cases that he had found. One was a nurse and the other was a dialysis worker. They were both heterosexuals and the CDC couldn't figure out why they had gotten AIDS. They weren't gay or drug users. Matt Randall told you that the CDC just dismissed them by saying that they must have been lying about their behavior. They seem to have sex on the brain down at the Centers for Disease Control. They told him that they figured that one of the AIDS patients was lying about their sexual orientation and the other one had sex with a lot of people she picked up in bars. They didn't want to think that there was something about the transmission of AIDS that challenged what they were telling the public. It's always the patients who are the liars, never the CDC.
Mr. Randall told you that it was his impression the folks working on AIDS at the CDC were not there to do any kind of science. 
The two cases of AIDS threatened the story that they had told the public about AIDS, so they just tried to control what the public knew.
We've seen our government do this over and over. In fact, it's a bad habit all governments have. We just expect a little better from ours.
I asked Mr. Randall if it seemed to him that the Centers for Disease Control didn't want the public to know about heterosexual cases or any other cases that showed that the truth about the disease was dramatically different from what the public was being told.
He said that it seemed to be the case from the way they were acting. As you recall he just kept saying that they weren't being scientists. Something other than science was going on.
I think you all have a good idea what that something else was.
When I asked him what their motivation was, he basically implied that he thought some kind of cover-up had already begun. They had made so many mistakes, given out so much misinformation about AIDS and HIV to the American public, that they were just covering their asses and asking all their subordinates, or I should say, telling all their subordinates, to just do as they said.
Now remember, this is all way back in 1986.
Let me read to you what he said when I asked him why he thought they behaved the way they did, why they were lying about the nature of the AIDS epidemic that was emerging before their very eyes: "They seem to have gotten themselves into a terrible place where they've made so many mistakes that anything that is shown to be a lie might bring the whole thing down."
And ladies and gentlemen, when you go upstairs and decide whether to send Christian King to jail and to let the CDC go on its merry way with its cover-up, remember this other thing that Matt Randall said, and I quote: "I can say this comfortably as a citizen that the people I've met in public health over the last couple of years not only should not be in public health, some of them should be treated as criminals."
But no, they're not being treated as criminals. Instead they've launched this big HIV lie and they want to treat Christian King as an HIV criminal. They'd rather treat every black man in America as an HIV criminal then admit that they made a mistake. It's not a mistake any more. It's their AIDS crime now. Every day it becomes a bigger and bigger crime. It's the crime of the century. Their crime, ladies and gentlemen, not Christian King's.
Matt Randall told you that when the Centers for Disease Control found someone with AIDS who wasn't positive for the so-called HIV AIDS virus, they pretended that it wasn’t AIDS. Instead of admitting that they had named the wrong virus the cause, they just classified the AIDS cases as something else. Heads I win, tails you lose. For all we know, the whole sickening cover-up was started down there in Florida back in the Eighties. 
And please recall what Dr. Tyler Merlot told you about what was going on in Belle Glade, Florida, back in the early Eighties. Dr. Merlot ran one of the only medical practices that dealt with AIDS patients in Belle Glade.
They had a phenomenally high rate of AIDS down there in that poverty stricken town in the early Eighties, and all the townspeople knew that something wasn't right about what the Centers for Disease Control was telling people about the nature of AIDS.
Dr. Merlot told you that when the CDC tested 250 people in Belle Glade, they found that 11% of the population of Belle Glade were positive for HIV.
And 60% of them were not in the so-called risk groups of gays, bisexuals, or drug users. And none of these people had had sex with the so-called risk groups. And the cases couldn’t even be explained by heterosexual transmission. Sex wasn’t what was causing those people to test positive for HIV.
He told you that the CDC would only admit to 42 cases in 1985 in Belle Glade when he knew that there were 250. Many of them were older people, in their 50's and 60's. They were heterosexuals with no gay or I.V. drug risk factors. The CDC just couldn't admit that something was happening that they couldn’t explain with their story about HIV.
The story they were telling the public about AIDS was, and still is, if you will pardon my language, a total crock. And the whole time their lies were allowing HHV-6 to spread throughout the entire population.
Remember how Dr. Margaret Fargo told you that the real AIDS virus, HHV-6, was also causing multiple sclerosis?
Well, as Dr. Merlot told you, the nurses in the Key West Hospital were the victims of that cover-up. In 1984, there was an outbreak of multiple sclerosis in the nurses in the hospital which was treating a great many AIDS patients. Because their government had decided to hoodwink the public with the HIV propaganda, the nurses who came down with M.S. never knew that they were part of the HHV-6/AIDS epidemic. If I were them, I would get myself the best medical malpractice lawyers and sue the CDC.
You can't admit that HHV-6 is also the cause of multiple sclerosis unless you also admit that it's the cause of AIDS, and that HIV is a big mistake or a big lie. The AIDS establishment just doesn't have the integrity and moral fortitude to do that.
They don't want to go there. Which is why we have to do it for them.
We're all in this together, folks. You're not just giving a black man justice here, but you’re also saving the white nurses of Key West and nurses all over the world from the government's lies about HHV-6. It's amazing how the good Lord seems to have made justice a package deal. Nurses and doctors all over the world are sick with HHV-6 and don’t know it. They mistakenly think that they have some mysterious illness. The truth about HIV and HHV-6 will set them and everyone else free.
One thing I don't want to leave out here is the testimony of Skip Abbott. As you may recall, Mr. Abbott was working for the CDC back in the early part of the AIDS epidemic. He was stationed in the New York City Health Department. He told you that he was working there when they developed the test for HIV, the so-called official AIDS virus. Apparently there was a lot of funny business going on when they developed that supposedly very reliable HIV test.
Like Matt Randall, he told you that when the AIDS epidemic first broke out, he trusted his employer, the Centers for Disease Control. He said he thought that their motivation was the best, that they only wanted to save people’s lives.
But as the epidemic continued, he soon got a sense, like Matt Randall, that the real agenda of the CDC was not scientific, but political. 
He told you how appalled he was about what he saw when the CDC was working on the test for HIV. He told you that when they were deciding what a positive response was, some very strange things were happening. He told you that when there was a reading on the test that was borderline positive, if it was a gay person, they decided it was a real positive, and if they got a similar response from a non-gay person they decided that it was negative.
That's the same bogus test they gave Christian King. 
I hope you also won't forget what happened to him when he started to express his own doubts about HIV inside the CDC. They told him that he was suffering from "delusional ideation."
The same thing they do to anyone who raises questions. To anyone who wakes up and smells the coffee. 
He knew he would lose his job if he spoke up too much.
He would not have even testified here if he wasn't retired and if his conscience hadn't been bothering him.
I think the most important part of his testimony had to do with what he saw when he ended up working as a high-level aide in the office of the Director of the Centers for Disease Control. He told you that he got a good sense about who was calling the shots in AIDS.
He saw a lot more than he was supposed to see and he heard a lot more than he was supposed to hear. 
He said that it became clear that the decision on what was being said to the public about AIDS wasn't being generated from doctors and scientists at the Centers for Disease Control. He told you that he was privy to the fact that AIDS was being directed from the White House.
He said that everything the public was being told about AIDS was coming from the White House. The definition, the cause, every-thing. The White House had to sign off on everything.
Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, once again it sounds like politics masquerading as science. White House politics masquerading as science. Where are Woodward and Bernstein when you need them?
In the beginning, everything you knew about AIDS came out of Reagan's White House. If any one of you remember that administration, you shouldn't be surprised. But I don't care whether it was a Democratic or a Republican Administration. They shouldn't have been dictating what was done and said about AIDS. Nobody's politics should be masquerading as science where AIDS or any other disease is concerned.
No wonder it's all a mess. No wonder HIV is a lie. No wonder the test is a fraud. It's all political. No wonder it doesn't make sense. The liars are all tripping over each other, forgetting what lies they told, not being able to tell the difference anymore between truth and deceit. Just like during Vietnam. The only thing we're missing are the Pentagon Papers of AIDS. 
And they want you to put Christian King in jail so they can keep their cover-up going. Throw another black man on the bonfire of HIV fraud and propaganda.
I don't think anyone drove home to you jurors this perilous situation better then Samantha Danson. Her story could one day be yours, too.
She described how, shortly before she got married, she had been suffering from what her doctor thought was some form of chronic fatigue syndrome. Given her symptoms, her husband-to-be insisted that she get an HIV test, which she did.
The first time Ms. Danson got tested, she tested positive. She was beside herself and couldn't believe it because she had never had sex with anyone. If she knew what was going on at the CDC, she wouldn't have been shocked. 
Before Ms. Danson said anything to her husband-to-be, she had the test done at another testing facility.
This time the HIV test was negative.
Then she got the HIV test done at a third lab, and it was positive again. 
Then Ms. Danson got the HIV test done at a fourth lab and it was negative.
She felt that she had no choice but to tell her husband-to-be, and he was so upset about the situation that it led to serious tensions between them and unfortunately, the cancellation of their marriage. 
Ms. Danson was so upset about the untrustworthiness of the HIV test and so angry about what it had destroyed in her life that she became something of an activist. She has traveled around the country warning people with chronic fatigue syndrome that they can test HIV positive and that the HIV test is a total fraud because their own immune systems resemble those of AIDS patients. She took a lot of grief from people with chronic fatigue syndrome because they don’t want to hear anything about an AIDS connection with their immune problems. She's been a very brave woman.
Ms. Danson has told people not to take the HIV test because it can destroy their lives the way it destroyed hers. She might be married now with children but for this diabolically fraudulent test.
Ms. Danson also told you about her gay friend Ted who also had chronic fatigue syndrome. Ted went to an anonymous HIV testing center to get tested. Even though it was anonymous, before they gave him the test they asked him to fill out a form in which they asked whether he was gay or straight. For research purposes, they said. He thought that was mighty strange so he lied and said he was straight. The test came back negative. Then out of curiosity, he went to another anonymous HIV testing center and this time on the form he told them he was gay. And then he tested positive. So if you want to test positive for HIV, tell the testing place that you're gay and if you want a negative response, tell them that you're a straight. 
Something is terribly wrong with this HIV test, ladies and gentlemen. Something political. Something racist. Something homophobic. Something no one in the AIDS establishment seems to want to talk about.
Dr. Channing from the New York Hospital told you even more disturbing things about the HIV test. He got very technical and I know some of you must have had a hard time following it. I know I did, which is why I had him explain it to me several times. But once I got the drift, I was outraged and I hope you were too.
He told you that the way the government does the HIV test is highly unusual in terms of the way testers are instructed to dilute a person's serum. He told you that the normal practice is not to dilute a person's serum when they are testing for antibodies to a virus. He told you that when you don't dilute a person's serum the HIV test suggests that everyone is positive for HIV. That means that it is possible that all of you on the jury are HIV positive. 
He told you that when he didn't dilute the serum, his own blood tested positive. Now, he is a white doctor who is heterosexual and happily married, so we know that he could never get AIDS, right? Everyone is positive for HIV if you do the test at the greatest sensitivity. Everybody. The whole world. One of the scientists I put on the stand told you that everyone has HIV genes in them. I guess that's what he was getting at. HIV may be a series of genes that everyone has in them if you look hard enough. 
So ladies and gentlemen, if you were given the same test as Christian King, but in a more sensitive, undiluted form, you too could test positive for HIV. You, too, could one day go to prison for HIV. Think about it when you go upstairs to decide if you're going to send Christian King to jail. It all depends on how they calibrate this phony test. The government wants the serum diluted so that only certain groups get caught in the little HIV house of horrors.
The only reliable standard in HIV testing is politics. Politics masquerading as science. Testing someone for HIV is not unlike the Nazi doctors trying to test someone for Jewishness. This is quackery born of bigotry. That's what HIV is. Quackery born of bigotry.
The HIV test should remind us all of the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment. You know they just told those poor black sharecroppers that they had bad blood. The test for HIV is a test for bad blood. It's pure racist chicanery. After you tell a black person that they have the bad blood of HIV infection, you can do anything you want with them. You can put them in jail. You can poison them with AZT. You can disfigure their bodies with the so-called protease inhibitor cocktail. Why not use them for animal transplant experiments? Let's get out the old Nazi doctor manuals and have some real experimental fun with their powerless incarcerated bodies. 
The last witness that I want to discuss, Dr. Rollo Macdougal, the person the prosecution hoped would win the case for them, is actually the one person I think most members of the jury would never in a million years buy a used car from.
You've all seen his picture on Time and Newsweek. But without the words "AIDS Menace" under his image. I think the prosecution was hoping that you all would be so star-struck by Dr. Macdougal, that you would forget about all the scientists we have introduced to you who have implied that Dr. Macdougal is one of the great con artists of the twentieth century. I don't think that the prosecution was ready for the arrogance, stupidity, and sleaziness that characterized Dr. Rollo Macdougal's testimony. With friends like Dr. Macdougal, I don't think the prosecution needed any enemies.
Dr. Macdougal was clearly not happy answering questions about HIV, and I think most of you now know why.
For him it's not a matter of a black man's life being on the line. Dr. Macdougal's future Nobel Prize is on the line, and that's more important than the health and freedom of every black man and woman in America. As the international press covered this trial, I think Dr. Macdougal could see the Nobel Prize slipping from his fingers every day. Unless of course they have a special Nobel Prize for fraud. The way that American science seems to be going, maybe that would not be a bad idea. Our scientists could probably win a ton of them.
I think Dr. Macdougal is probably sorry he ever got involved in AIDS research. Outwardly he acts like we should all be glad that he brought his great scientific mind to the field. But I suspect that inwardly he's sorry he ever even heard the word "AIDS."
It's too bad that he didn't practice medicine with real patients. Maybe he would have had second thoughts about some of the things he's said and done since he got involved in the field of AIDS research in 1981. As you recall, he said that he started out taking care of patients, but he couldn’t hack it. It's too bad he went into laboratory research because he couldn't deal with the suffering of real patients. Thanks to his dishonest laboratory work more people have suffered, perhaps than any other time in history. It's too bad he can't see what his fraud has helped put millions of people through.
Dr. Macdougal wasn't too thrilled when I brought up the fact that HIV was not the first virus he discovered that turned out to be a big mistake.
Of course, he still doesn't think HIV is a big mistake. At least not publicly.
His HIV fraud is not a new act. He had performed that trick before. He seems to have a habit of claiming viruses are one thing when they're really another.
Back in the early 1970s, he claimed to have discovered retroviral infection in human leukemia.
But it turned out that no one could replicate his work on that. 
It's too bad that the scientific establishment didn't decide to keep a close eye on Dr. Macdougal. Because he was just getting started with his shenanigans.
In 1975, he announced that he had isolated the first human retrovirus from a leukemia patient.
That turned out to be a crock, too. That so-called human retrovirus turned out to be a combination of three monkey viruses.
But the scientists at the National Institutes of Health still didn't see that Dr. Macdougal's monkey virus science was actually more like monkey business.
Then, as if that wasn't enough, a few years later Dr. Macdougal claimed to have discovered a human retrovirus which he called HTLV-1. But Japanese researchers had already discovered a similar virus, and when they were stupid enough to send him a sample of his virus, he did something he would also eventually do with HIV.
He published a genetic sequence of his so-called HTLV-1 which he claimed was of his virus, but the sequence turned out to be virtually identical to the Japanese sequence. There was the overwhelming appearance that he had stolen the Japanese sequence, but curiously there was no investigation of Dr. Macdougal or his colleagues who did the work on the virus, or the heist, depending upon your point of view.
This is the man who would eventually become the great pioneer of AIDS research. 
Then in 1983, with Gidget Waxman, the Secretary of Health and Human Services, at his side, he declared he had found the cause of AIDS, another retrovirus which he called HTLV-III.
Once again it was an example of weird, crooked science.
Usually scientists have to have their work reviewed by the scientific community before they make such wild claims. 
Usually scientists have their work published in a peer-reviewed scientific journal before they start making claims to the whole wide world.
And usually scientists don't take other scientists work and claim that it is their own.
Once again, with HIV, appearances were deceiving. Dr. Rollo Macdougal was not, in fact, the first person to isolate that so-called retrovirus. It turned out that French researchers in Paris had discovered what they thought was a real AIDS retrovirus first and made the mistake of sending a sample of their discovery to Dr. Macdougal.
And wouldn't you know it, Dr. Macdougal made the claim that he discovered the virus based on the sample they sent him. This guy just never saw a virus he didn't like, if it was somebody else's.
If any of you ever go into science and discover a virus, don't send it to Dr. Rollo Macdougal unless you want him to rediscover it. Viruses sent to America's National Institutes of Health always seem to have second virginities.
Not only did Dr. Macdougal steal credit for discovering the French retrovirus, but his lab also sent photographs of the French virus to a scientific journal while claiming that they were photographs of his virus. Someone in his lab even doctored the photographs. Dr. Macdougal missed his calling. He should have been running a chop shop. If you want a photograph of a virus doctored, Dr. Mac-dougal's laboratory can give you one-hour service.
We now know that Dr. Macdougal even ordered one of his associates to cross out sentences in one of his papers in which he admitted that they were working with the French doctor. They do a lot of line-editing down there in Dr. Macdougal's little lab of horrors. They go through a lot of Magic Markers.
This man is the reason that Christian King is charged with a crime today, ladies and gentleman. He is the reason Christian's health and freedom are in jeopardy today.
This virus-lifting, photograph-altering, covering-up pseudo scientist is the reason that hundreds of people are headed for jail right now, and thousands are in the pipeline behind him. This all begins in the fraudulent laboratory of Dr. Rollo Macdougal.
Dr. Macdougal claims that he was officially exonerated for the theft of this virus and that his detractors are all just jealous of him. That's what he always says. They can't deal with a great man. Greatness and genius are his alibi.
Well, yes, they are jealous of his ability to get away with murder. They're jealous of his ability to destroy any scientist who blows the whistle on him. They're jealous of him in the way that everyone was jealous of Don Corleone in The Godfather.
And look who supposedly exonerated him. A government that has lied to the public about AIDS and chronic fatigue syndrome and HHV-6 for two decades. A government that gave us the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment. A government that hides the birth defects that its AIDS wonder drugs cause. A lying government exonerated a lying scientist. And ladies and gentlemen, we are not talking about someone stealing credit for a chocolate chip cookie recipe. We're talking about misleading the public during an epidemic which is one of the worst in history. What kind of man could play games in the middle of such devastation? A truly selfish and cold-hearted human being, if you ask me.
But the story doesn't end there.
Now we know that Dr. Macdougal even stole the cell line in which he supposedly grew the virus he stole from the French. 
And compounding the irony here is the fact that the virus Dr. Macdougal supposedly stole was never actually isolated properly in the first place. He stole a fake diamond.
In 1986, Dr. Macdougal pulled another viral heist in the glamorous field of AIDS research. 
That was the year he told the public that he found another virus in AIDS patients.
Most AIDS researchers would tell you that it is politically dangerous to find another deadly virus in AIDS patients because that virus could always be a potential threat to the HIV story. Another deadly virus could destroy the HIV cash machine. 
I think that Dr. Macdougal must have had mixed feelings about supposedly discovering this virus which eventually was renamed HHV-6.
First of all, once again Dr. Rollo Macdougal seems not to have really discovered it. Several months before he claimed to have discovered HHV-6, two young scientists presented their data to him about a large DNA virus that they had discovered in AIDS patients.
And then a few months later Dr. Macdougal's laboratory claims to have discovered a large DNA virus in AIDS patients. 
Well, surprise, surprise!
But the real political problem for Dr. Macdougal was not only that he may have shoplifted another virus, but what HHV-6 threatened to do to the whole HIV house of cards.
Dr. Macdougal was still waiting for his HIV Nobel Prize and this large DNA virus threatened to completely upstage HIV because, lo and behold, it turned out that its ability to destroy the immune system was so dramatic that only a prehensile moron couldn’t see that it was the real culprit in AIDS. HIV should sue Dr. Macdougal for false arrest. 
Unfortunately most of the AIDS establishment (with the exception of Dr. Margaret Fargo) and most of the so-called AIDS activists did turn out to be prehensile morons or cowards or worse. 
Dr. Rollo Macdougal is a very lucky man because the HIV lie is a seductive one. It's a lie that people want to believe. The world is going to have to be dragged kicking and screaming to accept the truth about how fraudulent HIV is. We've all been conned big time, jurors. No one wants to admit that they have been successfully conned for two decades. The media doesn't, scientists don't, and certainly a frightened American public doesn't.
Dr. Macdougal stole the wrong AIDS virus first. He should have stolen credit for HHV-6 before he stole HIV. Dr. Macdougal and his colleagues are the gang that couldn’t steal straight! 
In medical school, they should have told him to always steal the right virus first. And for God's sake, if you're going to steal something, steal the cause of something, not an unreliable patsy like HIV. 
The problem is that HHV-6 doesn't fit into the neat homophobic, racist HIV story that the government has worked so hard to make Americans believe. HHV-6 is not about risk groups. No one is going to talk about tattooing HHV-6 infected people. No one is going to pass legislation quarantining HHV-6 patients. Too many rich white bodies are infected with that virus. 
Christian King and other African-American men cannot be swept up off the streets and put into jail because of HHV-6. No, you need a sexually transmitted virus that you can pin on a minority group. And so for a while HIV seemed the perfect smoking gun. It kept people from challenging what the government was telling them about AIDS. HIV kept the genie in the bottle for twenty years. But the genie is out now, praise the Lord. 
They wouldn't dare incarcerate people because they had sex while being infected with HHV-6 because they'd have to incarcerate most of the population. They'd have to incarcerate themselves. They'd even have to incarcerate some of the people in the White House, from what I hear.
No, you can only build up a racist, homophobic, medical police state around HIV fraud. That is, if the American people let them. And jurors, it's up to you to decide if we will let them throw Christian King into their dungeon. 
HIV brings back all the racist stereotypes.        
HIV makes a better public relations story about AIDS, because it gets people to thinking of big overactive gay penises and even bigger and more overactive black penises. By shifting everyone's attention to a Disneyland of penis speculation, people don't have to worry about their own immune systems or their superior white, heterosexual penises. They can think that it's the problem of those beloved minority groups. They have been conned into thinking that the HIV test can be relied on to keep them safe. When they all start getting tested for HHV-6, an earthquake is going to rock this nation from coast to coast. But so be it. We can handle the truth, we just have to. 
HHV-6 spoils the whole big racist homophobic HIV party the Centers for Disease has been throwing down there in Atlanta for the last two decades. Congress has given that organization billions of dollars, thinking that what they were doing was science. Science my you-know-what. Just politics masquerading as science, jurors, politics masquerading as science. Maybe we should ask some of these HIV researchers to give back the money.
Now before you adjourn to make your important decision, I want to remind you about one more witness. Dr. Louis Gold of Atlanta, Georgia.
As you recall, back in 1980, Dr. Gold was one of the first doctors to notice that many patients in his practice, which was all-white, were suffering from many kinds of bizarre immunological problems. 
Dr. Gold even wrote a paper about the growing problem he saw among his patients. He talked to many doctors from all over the country who had also started seeing the same immune breakdown in their patients. Dr. Gold thought there was a contagious epidemic occurring that threatened the immune systems of the general public. He didn't know about HHV-6 at that point, but he intuited that some virus must be spreading through the population. 
But he didn't think it was a disease that only affects gay immune systems, because his sick patients were not gay. He would never have survived as an employee at the Centers for Disease Control. He wasn't trying to divide the illness he was seeing into sexual or racial categories. He just saw a disease spreading. Many of his patients were older white women who were not sexually active.
This was a whole year before the Centers for Disease Control began to concoct the story we know of as AIDS and HIV disease. The great gay plague. The great people-of-color plague. 
When the Centers for Disease Control started to publicize what they called AIDS, Dr. Gold tried to tell the CDC that he thought that the immunological problems that his white, heterosexual patients were suffering from were connected to this emerging AIDS epidemic that was supposedly limited to our beloved gay men and I.V. drug users.
The Centers for Disease Control, according to Dr. Gold, wouldn't listen. After what you have heard about the shady CDC over the last six months in this trial, none of you should be surprised. 
We have thus lived through two decades of misinformation from the CDC. Maybe we should say "disinformation."
As a result most Americans think that AIDS is caused by HIV when in reality it is part of a much larger, insidious, and complex epidemic caused by HHV-6.
Jurors, America is in the middle of an HHV-6 epidemic that threatens us all. It is just that simple. And it is just that awful. We have been lulled to sleep with the big fish story of HIV, made to think that only promiscuous gays and blacks and drug users are at risk, when in reality, this has always been an equal opportunity disease that is not a sexually transmitted disease, strictly speaking.
This is a lot for you jurors to process. It's a lot for the American public to process. We may have all been stupid when we fell for the HIV scam, but let us all use our brains now. I know it's terrifying for you to have to think all this through.
We hear stories about AIDS being out of control in the heterosexual populations of Africa, Russia, Thailand, and India. 
But we're told it's not out of control in the white heterosexual population of America. And we’re given all kinds of fancy reasons for that which I hope by now you all realize are falsehoods. 
We do have an out of control epidemic of HHV-6-related immunodeficiency in the white, heterosexual population of America.
But it has been hidden behind the euphemism of chronic fatigue syndrome. Millions of Americans have been given a phony name for their immunological problems. They have been told that the obvious is mysterious.
If you're white and you develop immunological problems they give it the silly names of chronic fatigue syndrome and the Yuppie Flu. They made CFS the laughing stock of all medical conditions. They tell you that they don't really know what causes it, or that it's a psychological problem. They don't tell you that you have a large DNA virus called HHV-6 dining on your immune system, and they certainly don't tell you that you have retroviral garbage like HIV in you, too, even though there is ample evidence that most chronic fatigue syndrome patients also have some kind of retrovirus positivity that resembles so-called HIV. A lot of covered-up evidence, I should add.
But if you're black and you have immunological problems, they give you the HIV Yellow Star and they tell you that you have AIDS and that you're going to die tomorrow if today you don't take the AIDS drugs they have for you. And sometimes they make you take the AIDS drugs. They make you give your children the AIDS drugs, or they'll take those children away and ram the poisons down their throats themselves.
And then those drugs destroy your immune system. Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, do any of you want to get AIDS? If you want to get AIDS, just take the AIDS drugs.
So, then indeed AIDS is a fatal disease for blacks because the government is giving them such deadly therapies and calling it medicine. And all I can say is that I guess it beats herding screaming people into a gas chamber.
One impression I don't want to leave you with is that I bear Buffie Dakota or her family any ill will. She's in the same medical mess that everyone else is in this country. But she and the Prosecutor are directing their need for retribution at the wrong party. Christian King did not destroy Ms. Dakota's immune system. HHV-6 did. God only knows where she got it. The AIDS establishment has defrauded her of the truth about her own condition. HIV is not her problem. A massive cover-up of HHV-6 in the general population is her problem, and our problem.
Christian King is not an "AIDS Menace." The real AIDS menaces are the scientists who built this evil house of cards and who keep this fraud alive through every dirty trick in the book, including scapegoating the gay and black populations with their damn HIV lies. Pardon my language, but these HIV thugs have transformed our country from the United States of America into the United States of AIDS Propaganda. Every nation in the world that has believed our story about HIV has been victimized. We've spread the pollution of HIV lies to every corner of this planet. We may end up taking our place in history alongside the Germany of the thirties when the world community finally realizes what is going on in this country.
Jurors, please take a good look at Christian King.
Sitting there is just another helpless victim of the HHV-6 cover-up.
There, but for the grace of God, sit you and me. There sits the entire black community. And you know, eventually white America could end up in that chair too because lying of this magnitude needs new victims all the time. Not a few white Americans have gotten caught up in this fraudulent HIV trap. A decade ago, one white woman, after she took the fraudulent HIV test and was positive, jumped into the Hudson River with her four-year-old son. She drowned, but the boy was saved. I want you to also think about that lonely little boy and his dead mother and every other victim of the big HIV lie when you're deciding the fate of Christian King.
If you don't speak up now by finding Christian innocent, then this cover-up will just get bigger and bigger. The HIV witch hunt is just beginning. They'll criminalize this disease to cover up their lies in every way they can. They'll find new ways to shut people up about all this. No one will be safe.
If you find Christian King guilty of giving Buffie Jacqueline Dakoka the AIDS virus, you will be voting to keep this massive HIV fraud alive.
And you will be voting on whether to keep the entire world at the mercy of the lies the CDC has been telling. Every nation in the world is taking its medical direction on AIDS from the United States. And the international media is watching this trial closely.
If you find Christian King innocent, it will send a message that Americans have begun to wake up to the fact that their government is lying about AIDS and HIV.
You will save millions of innocent people in every nation from the kind of gratuitous, toxic medical experiments that have characterized AIDS research. One day, with God's mercy, they may even forgive this nation for what it has done. It's gonna take a whole lot of forgiving.
But the matter at hand is not the millions of people on this earth who are threatened with the consequences of America's HIV fraud.
The matter at hand is one single over-whelmed and terrified young man caught in the cross hairs of the biggest scientific scandal in American history. Christian King could spend the rest of his life in jail because a handful of powerful scientists can't bring themselves to tell the truth. This isn't right, ladies and gentlemen. It cries out to Heaven to be rectified.
Here I am in Connecticut, defending a black man who has slept with a white woman.
Why does this feel so uncanny to me? Why do I have an overwhelming sense of deja vu?
Now I think I know why my mother named me after Frederick Douglass. There are no accidents.
You know Frederick Douglass had to lift himself through education out of slavery. I feel like I had to educate myself, too, but this time in science and the history of fraud in science. I feel like history is repeating itself. I think we're in the middle of a new kind of slavery, the slavery of uninformed citizens who are told just to do what doctors and scientists tell them to do.
They want us to just shuffle along any which way they tell us. The AIDS estab-lishment is the master, and we're all its slaves. They mock us when we ask questions. They laugh when we doubt their honesty. They punish us when we refuse to take their medications. When we get uppity and sleep with their women, they call us HIV positive and throw us in jail. 
Sadly, history is repeating itself. The new HIV AIDS plantation owners are once again invading our sexuality to humiliate and stigmatize us as a people. They take our blood and stigmatize it with their HIV fraud which is based on the same kind of hard science that white superiority was based on in the Confederate South.
This must not stand.
The analogy to the plantation is in some ways too genteel. What you will be sending Christian to is something worse than a plantation. It's more like a concentration camp.
If you believe the government's lies about AIDS and send him to prison, he might as well be in a cattle car on his way to Auschwitz. 
James Jones, in his book on the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment, wrote that one of the doc-tors at the Centers for Disease Control said that the experiment was "almost like genocide" and that "a literal death sentence was passed on those people." 
Well, that's how I feel about Christian King and all the black men and gay men and even white people who are headed down this same dark road of HIV lies.
They're all on their way to the new Auschwitz. It is truly almost like genocide. If Christian King goes to prison for life, it will be the end of his life. They will give him every kind of toxic drug you can think of. They'll make sure his immune system collapses with AZT and protease inhibitors. And when he dies, they'll lie and say it was from complications of HIV. They'll lie about that, too. They can always prove that HIV is fatal. They have the keys to the medicine cabinet and we don't.
Christian is really guilty of the new crime of having sex with a white woman while being black during a national epidemic of lies. 
This time the lynchers won't use a tree. This time the lynching will be biomedical and high tech. The men who do the lynching this time will be wearing surgical masks and red ribbons. We've really come a long way, haven't we?
Christian King got caught in the HIV web of lies. Anyone can. This fate may even await some of you on the jury.
If Christian is found guilty, he'll be taken back to prison in a full body suit. I showed you what that looks like because the media doesn't like the public to see this image too often. It shows the real nature of the AIDS agenda, the bloodthirsty cruelty of it all. He'll be covered from head to toe in a space suit so he can't spit at anyone. He'll look like a mummy. In prison, if the guards beat him up, which they often do to AIDS prisoners, they'll be wearing yellow latex gloves to protect themselves. He'll be considered an infectious threat. They might as well put him in a plastic garbage bag, because if you send him to prison he'll be treated like he is dangerous biological waste. And dangerous biological waste has no rights, ladies and gentlemen. 
Your government, I am sorry to say, thinks that you don't want to know the whole truth about HHV-6. They want a blank check from you so they can continue filling the airwaves and newspapers with HIV lies. They think that unconsciously you want the lies to go on so you can feel safe. Don't give them that blank check. Don't throw Christian King to these AIDS wolves.
There is a cancerous evil growing exponentially in this country because of AIDS and I don't know how our medical institutions will ever recover. I don't they think they do either, so they take the path of least resistance, which is to keep the cover-up going, to keep on lying and lying and lying about HIV and AIDS.
Ladies and gentlemen, you can end the cover-up. You can end the lying. By finding Christian King innocent, you can issue a new Emancipation Proclamation that frees us all from the AIDS plantation. Please go into that jury room and tell the Centers for Disease Control and all their puppets that black lives matter.
I thank you from the bottom of my heart for listening to us during these six long months. Deep in my soul I sense you will do the right thing. As you head upstairs to make your decision the whole world is watching and waiting. I hope God will help you in your deliberations. And if you don't make the right decision, all I can say is, God help America.
Thank you.

Afterword 2015

The HHV-6 Rights of the Black Community

1. The right not to be lied to about the role of HHV-6 in AIDS.

2. The right not to be lied to about the role of HHV-6 in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

3. The right not to be lied to about the role of HHV-6 in Autism.

4.The right not to be lied to about the role of HHV-6 in Multiple Sclerosis.

5. The right not to be lied to about the role of HHV-6 in Brain Cancer.

6. The right not to be lied to about the role of HHV-6 in Heart Disease.

7. The right not to be lied to about the role of HHV-6 in Encephalitis.

8. The right not to be lied to about the role of HHV-6 in Cognitive Dysfunction.

9. The right not to be lied to about the role of HHV-6 in Drug Hypersensitivity Syndrome.

10. The right not to be lied to about the role of HHV-6 in Bone Marrow Suppression.

11. The right not to be lied to about the role of HHV-6 in Lymphadenopathy.

 12. The right not to be lied to about the role of HHV-6 in Colitis.

13. The right not to be lied to about the role of HHV-6 in Endocrine Disorders.

14. The right not to be lied to about the role of HHV-6 in Liver Disease.

 15. The right not to be lied to about the role of HHV-6 in Hodgkin's Lymphoma.

 16. The right not to be lied to about the role of HHV-6 in Glioma.

17. The right not to be lied to about the role of HHV-6 in Cervical Cancer.

18. The right not to be lied to about the role of HHV-6 in Hypogammaglobulinemia.

 19. The right not to be lied to about the role of HHV-6 in Optic Neuritis.

20. The right not to be lied to about the role of HHV-6 in Microangiopathy.

21. The right not to be lied to about the role of HHV-6 in Mononucleosis.

22. The right not to be lied to about the role of HHV-6 in Uveitis.

23. The right not to be lied to about the role of HHV-6 in Stevens-Johnson Syndrome.

24. The right not to be lied to about the role of HHV-6 in Rhomboencephalitis.

25. The right not to be lied to about the role of HHV-6 in Limbic Encephalitis.

26. The right not to be lied to about the role of HHV-6 in Encephalomyelitis

27. The right not to be lied to about the role of HHV-6 in Pneumonitis.

28. The right not to be lied to about the role of HHV-6 in GVHD.

29. The right not to be lied to about the role of HHV-6 in Ideopathic Pneumonia.

30. The right not to be lied to about the role of HHV-6 in Pediatric Adrenocortical Tumors

31. The right not to be lied to about the role of HHV-6 in the reactivation of endogenous retroviruses.

32. The right not to be lied to about the impact of HHV-6 on T-Cells.

33. The right not to be lied to about the impact of HHV-6 on B-Cells

34. The right not to be lied to about the impact of HHV-6 on Epithelial Cells.

35. The right not to be lied to about the the impact of HHV-6 on Natural Killer Cells.

35. The right not to be lied to about the the impact of HHV-6 on Dendritic Cells.

36. The right not to be lied to about the the impact of HHV-6 infection of the brain.

 37. The right not to be lied to about the the impact of HHV-6 infection of the liver.

38. The right not to lied to about the ability of HHV-6 to affect cytokine production.

39. The right not to be lied to about the ability of HHV-6 to affect Aortic and Heart Microvascular Endothelial cells.

40. The right not to be lied to about the role of an HHV-6 cover-up in a massive HIV Fraud Ponzi Scheme that in a number of ways resembles the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment and Nazi medicine.

Source Notes and Acknowledgments

This novella would not have been possible without the education about the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment which I received from the work of author James Jones. His book, Bad Blood, should be required reading for every American concerned about the potential abuse of medical and scientific authority. A copy of it should grace every doctor's waiting room. 
Peter Buxton, the man who stubbornly fought to expose the Tuskegee Syphilis Experi-ment, has been an inspiration to me for the last two decades. 
The expression "politics masquerading as science" in the novella is drawn from Sylvia Noble Tesh's Hidden Arguments: Political Ideology and Disease Prevention Policy. I recommend it to anyone who thinks that science is apolitical.
This book was very dependent upon the reporting in New York Native, the newspaper I ran from 1980 to 1996 with the help of many dedicated employees and reporters. In the early Eighties, the reporting done by James D'Eramo and Ann Fettner helped clarify for me the degree to which AIDS is an epidemic of lies.
John Lauritsen's reporting on AZT and the weaknesses of the HIV theory of AIDS constituted some of the most exciting moments of my career as an editor and publisher. His book, AZT: Poison by Prescription, should have received a Pulitzer Prize.
Neenyah Ostrom is one of the greatest reporters of the twentieth century because of her tireless exposure of the links between AIDS, HHV-6, and chronic fatigue syndrome. She was New York Native's Woodward and Bernstein. No one will know the true story of AIDS unless they read every word of her detailed reporting on what should rightfully be called "AIDSgate." The dark times we all lived through would have been even worse without her steady illumination of what was really going on in America's epidemic of lies.
I am also grateful for the many conversations I had about the so-called chronic fatigue syndrome epidemic with Hillary Johnson. Her book, Osler's Web, is a masterpiece that should be read by anyone who wants to know the detailed history of the government's cover-up of one of the most serious epidemics of our time.
Homage must be paid to Peter Duesberg, the scientific godfather of AIDS dissent. His brave questioning of the conventional AIDS wisdom woke up thousands of people to the troubling conclusion that most of what we were being told about the epidemic was untrue. He paid a terrible personal price for his whistle-blowing, but I believe that history will accord him all the honors due his heroism. 
I am very grateful for the friendship and support of Nicholas Regush. His book, The Virus Within, is essential reading for anyone who wants to know the true story of HHV-6. While his fellow mainstream journalists looked the other way, he dared to bring the HHV-6 story to the public's attention with great clarity.


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The Closing Argument at Amazon. 

About the Author

From 1981 until 1997, Charles Ortleb was the Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of New York Native, described by Wikipedia as "the only gay paper in New York during the early part of the AIDS epidemic" which "pioneered reporting on the AIDS epidemic when others ignored it." On May 18, 1981, New York Native published the world's very first report on the disease that would become known as AIDS. In his bestseller, And the Band Played On, Randy Shilts described the New York Native coverage of the epidemic as being "singularly thorough" and "voluminous." In Rolling Stone, David Black said that New York Native deserved a Pulitzer prize for its AIDS coverage. In an interview in New York Press, Nicholas Regush, a producer for ABC News and a reporter for Montreal Gazette, said that New York Native did "an astounding job" in its coverage of AIDS and credited it with "educating him early on." In a profile titled "The Outsider" in Rolling Stone in 1988, Katie Leishman wrote that "It is undeniable that many major AIDS stories were Ortleb's months and sometimes years before mainstream journalists took them up. Behind the scenes he exercises an enormous unacknowledged influence on the coverage of the medical story of the century." The writers and journalists who appeared in New York Native from 1981-1996 often made history. Larry Kramer's famous essay, "1112 and Counting," which helped launch the AIDS activist movement, was published in New York Native in 1983. John Lauritsen's investigative articles on AZT, the toxic AIDS drug that killed thousands of gay men, are still considered by many to be some of the best journalism published during the epidemic. The New York Native was such an important journal of record on AIDS that in 1984 the director of the CDC went out of his way to inform New York Native about the discovery of the so-called AIDS retrovirus before any other publication in America. In addition to pioneering the coverage of AIDS, New York Native was the only publication in the world to have a reporter, Neenyah Ostrom, who provided weekly coverage of the emergence of the epidemic of chronic fatigue syndrome and its scientific and political relationship to AIDS. Hillary Johnson, in her groundbreaking history of chronic fatigue syndrome, Osler's Web, wrote that "Ortleb, in fact, increasingly suspected the AIDS outbreak was merely a modest subset of the more pervasive, immune-damaging epidemic disease claiming heterosexuals--chronic fatigue syndrome."

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