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Friday, March 25, 2016

"The Reston virus, a member of the Ebola virus family which is known to circulate in domestic pigs in Asia, may acquire the few mutations necessary to cause disease in humans and to develop into a novel health threat, researchers have warned."

Will Michael VanElzakker help prove HHV-6 is the real cause of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

The New York Native: January 1, 1996

For over a decade, only one publication on the planet dared to report on the intertwined relationship of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and AIDS.

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The New York Native 1980-1997

A 20th Century Newspaper of Firsts

1. First newspaper to break the story of AIDS.

2. First newspaper to make AIDS its signature story.

3. First newspaper the Centers for Disease Control leaked news of the discovery of what the institution thought was the "cause of AIDS.

4. First newspaper to do an in-depth interview with Robert Gallo.

5. The first newspaper to raise questions on a regular basis about Robert Gallo's so-called  "discovery," and to provide thorough coverage of the Gallo scandal.

6. The first newspaper to cover the scientists who found holes in the HIV theory of AIDS and who dared to criticize the powerful AIDS establishment.

7. The first newspaper to publish investigative reporting on AZT. 

8. The first newspaper to provide regular coverage of HHV-6, the "other AIDS virus."

9. The first newspaper to have a full time reporter covering the chronic fatigue syndrome epidemic.

10. The first newspaper to do investigative reporting on the intertwined nature of AIDS and chronic fatigue syndrome.

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