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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Dr. Brewer's HHV-6 Disease Paradigm

Flow Diagram


Possible Disease Associations*

Disease Degree of Association (0-4+)
Multiple Sclerosis +++
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome +++
Fibromyalgia ++
Selected "auto-immune" diseases (e.g., Sjogrens) ++
"Post Lyme" symptoms (Lyme associated CFS/FM) ++
AIDS associated neurologic syndromes ++
Gulf War Syndrome +
Unexplained neurologic syndromes (e.g., ADEM, MS overlaps) +
*NOTE: These associations are based on our clinical obsrvations and the published literature.


Laura Hillenbrand should become a spokescelebrity for the HHV-6 Spectrum Pandemic

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