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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Memo to the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Community from the Centers for Disease Control.

     You people really should stop wasting your time. We are never, ever going to come clean about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Never. Ever. We can't. It would mean the total destruction of our credibility. The CDC is too important. And it is not just us. The entire public health infrastructure in on the line.
     You people don't know what you are dealing with. You don't have a clue about how big this is. You think this is just about you. It's helpful that most of you are so focused on yourselves and don't see the bigger picture. It does scare us a little that a handful of you do see what is going on. But as long as it's just a few of you, we're safe. We can easily gaslight the ones who know what is going on. What is even better, many in your community will help us gaslight the truthtellers among you. Some of you are really good at gaslighting your own community. Especially a few of the so-called CFS researchers. We are grateful for that. Keep up the good work!
     You think we are just stupid and indifferent. You think we are down here in Atlanta shucking corn and picking our teeth when we're not racing our trucks in the mud and wondering if Aunt Bea made us a blueberry pie for dessert. That's fine with us. As they say in the internet, LOL! It's safer for us if you think you have to constantly come to us with hat in hand begging for money and attention. Lots of people come to us begging for us to do more for their personal diseases. We can treat you like every other disease that has to stand in line. We don't have to treat you as a national emergency, which is what you people would be if the truth were known about your illness and what it's connected to. But that cat ain't coming out of the bag anytime soon.
     We are so glad that most of you do not understand the criminal nature of what we have done on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for four decades. We love that fact that many of you are constantly trying to figure out new ways to make nice to us so that we do the right thing out of sympathy. Keep those cupcakes and thank you notes coming! We have a good laugh every time we get something expressing gratitude from you. Without patsies we could never do what we do.
     So let's just get this straight, folks. We will never do the right thing. We just can't. If you were in our position you probably would do the same thing. 
     People all over the world trust the Centers for Disease Control. When epidemics break out in other countries, they often look to us for our expertise. They trust our judgment. You people with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome are a major threat to that. If every scientist in every countries finds out that we've been lying to you for decades, we may never be trusted again. We will be considered a sociopathic organization. And of course, you are just the tip of the iceberg. If you think the so-called Chronic Fatigue Syndrome issue only involves only one to four million of you in America, we have a bridge in Atlanta we want to sell you.
     You don't want to threaten the public health of the whole world by forcing us to tell the truth about CFS and lose our credibility worldwide, do you?
     We don't even have to spread disinformation to keep you Chronic Fatigue Syndrome folks under control. You people do it yourselves. We check the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome forums on a regular basis and the nonsense we read there reassures us that you will never figure out what is really going on. You people seem to think that everything but the kitchen sink is the cause of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Please go on like this! Make new stuff up every day.
     The more you guys make it seem like everything is the cause of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, the more we like it and the less likely it is that you will ever know what is really goin on. Mold? Perfume strips? Go for it. Lyme? Be our guests. The microbiome? We love the microbiome! We'd love to see Ian Lipkin write a script for a movie musical about the microbiome and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. On Fridays at the CDC we all have a beer and tell jokes about the microbiome theory of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. We're hoping you guys will still be talking about the microbiome three decades from now. Oh, and the fecal transplants! When we heard you guys were into that we knew we had nothing to worry about. What's next? Sewer gas? Microwaves? MTV?
     We especially love your weepy documentaries. Especially the new one by Jennifer Brea. We need more documentaries that treat Chronic Fatigue Syndrome like a neglected mystery. Oh it's sooooo mysterious! We look at each other at the CDC and say, "Oh I wonder what is causing the mysterious Chronic Fatigue Syndrome epidemic. What are you doing for lunch?" We love it when you guys with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome call your illness a mystery. We sleep better at night. The day you stop calling it a mystery and start calling it a crime and a cover-up is the day we all start looking for new jobs. But that's not going to happen.

To be continued.

If you want to see more of this memo, please support HHV-6 University by purchasing this book in print or Kindle formats:

The definitive history of the
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome cover-up.

As the publisher and editor-in-chief of a small newspaper in New York, Charles Ortleb was the first journalist to devote a publication to uncovering the truth about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. He assigned Neenyah Ostrom the duty of following every twist and turn of the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome story. No newspaper in the world did more to warn the world about the virus called HHV-6 which seems to be triggering Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and many other immunological disorders.

This provocative book will end the injustice of the silent treatment Neenyah Ostrom's reporting has been getting from the media and The Chronic Fatigue Syndrome community. Ostrom blew the lid off one of the biggest medical secrets of our time: the link between the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome epidemic and AIDS.

Ostrom interviewed most of the major researchers in the field, as well as countless patients and government scientists. She uncovered so many similarities between Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and AIDS that she came to the conclusion that they are part of the same epidemic, and she argued that until their connection is admitted by top government researchers, there is little hope of making real progress in the fight against Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Charles Ortleb's book captures all the challenges and excitement of running a small newspaper that was publishing a brilliant journalist who essentially was the Woodward and Bernstein of the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome epidemic. In Rolling Stone, David Black said Ortleb's newspaper deserved a Pulitzer Prize.

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Healthcare in the UK is fascist and Kafkaesque for CFS patients.

Why is the Centers for Disease Control covering up Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

The definitive history of the
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome cover-up.

As the publisher and editor-in-chief of a small newspaper in New York, Charles Ortleb was the first journalist to devote a publication to uncovering the truth about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. He assigned Neenyah Ostrom the duty of following every twist and turn of the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome story. No newspaper in the world did more to warn the world about the virus called HHV-6 which seems to be triggering Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and many other immunological disorders.

This provocative book will end the injustice of the silent treatment Neenyah Ostrom's reporting has been getting from the media and The Chronic Fatigue Syndrome community. Ostrom blew the lid off one of the biggest medical secrets of our time: the link between the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome epidemic and AIDS.

Ostrom interviewed most of the major researchers in the field, as well as countless patients and government scientists. She uncovered so many similarities between Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and AIDS that she came to the conclusion that they are part of the same epidemic, and she argued that until their connection is admitted by top government researchers, there is little hope of making real progress in the fight against Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Charles Ortleb's book captures all the challenges and excitement of running a small newspaper that was publishing a brilliant journalist who essentially was the Woodward and Bernstein of the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome epidemic. In Rolling Stone, David Black said Ortleb's newspaper deserved a Pulitzer Prize.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Why ending the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome epidemic cover-up matters

Is HHV-6 also the cause of ALS? Is ALS collateral damage of the cover-up of the real cause of AIDS?

"Shortly after James was handed an ALS diagnosis, he began experiencing twitches. He sought out the opinion of two other specialists, neither of whom contradicted the neurologist’s ALS diagnosis. James was given a time frame of about five to seven years. At the end of these years, the specialists did not overtly declare that James would pass away, but suggested that his body would have completely fallen apart. This news left James in a constant state of stress. He began barely sleeping and spent much of his time agonizing over his seemingly hopeless future. He started feeling useless at his job and worthless when it came to providing for his family. The lack of sleep, stress, and emotional turmoil exacerbated James’s symptoms and the muscle twitching, stiffness and numbness grew worse. This only fed James’s growing panic. Around this time, James’s wife, Julie, learned of me and sought out an appointment.
James and his wife did not reveal the symptoms James was experiencing or the label he’d been given when we first started the session. Nevertheless, Spirit quickly began to disclose what was wrong. I relayed to them that James had a herpes virus, HHV-6, in his brain as well as heavy metals, which included high levels of aluminum and copper."

Is HHV-6/7/8 the real AIDS epidemic and has the gay community been deceived for 37 years? Did Michael Hobbes accidentally spill the beans in Huffington Post?

Out gay comic dies of ALS: Is Bob Smith a victim of the HHV-6/7/8 cover-up by the CDC? How many people have to die before the CDC tells the gay community and the rest of the world about the HHV-6/7/8 epidemic hidden behind HIV Fraud?

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

The Real Mathilde Krim

Excerpts from The Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Epidemic Cover-up now available at Amazon here. 


     Because Sonnabend did not buy the government’s party line on HTLV-III, he was gradually elbowed out of an AIDS organization and an AIDS journal that he had help start. The AIDS Medical Foundation, which he started with millionairess and scientific researcher Mathilde Krim, moved toward an alliance with the HTLV-III establishment at Harvard and the National Cancer Institute. Sonnabend resigned when the organization sent out an alarming press release by Terry Beirn, a man with a public relations background that Sonnabend had hired as the administrative director. The press release said, “Nobody is now safe from AIDS, it’s on the loose.” Sonnabend was offended that the press release suggested that AIDS was being casually transmitted. It broke Sonnabend’s don’t-scare-the-horses rule.
     After his break from the Krim organization, Sonnabend grew increasingly dissatisfied with what Mathilde Krim was saying publicly about the epidemic and privately mocked her rather uptight and puritanical attitude toward sex. What I didn’t like about her organization was that it was a private organization that took money from well-meaning people and then used it to basically back research into the exact same ideas that the government was promoting about AIDS. Over the years it increasingly seemed to me to be a very big part of the problem of the real epidemic rather than a solution. Her organization had essentially privatized the Big Assumption.


     On July 22, Phil Donahue hosted a panel of guests on his talk show that discussed the topic of AIDS in the workplace. Near the end of the show, inspired by all the stories about AIDS and African swine fever (and showing the impact the Native had on the issue), he asked, “What about pork?” Dr. Mathilde Krim, who was one of the panelists, told Donahue that the involvement of pork and African swine fever virus in AIDS was an outlandish theory that was being investigated. I wrote an open letter to Donahue about the show in our August 4 issue: “I wish that Dr. Krim had given you an answer that was more thorough and more honest about her feelings about this theory, with which you are obviously familiar. I sat in a room with Dr. Krim a few months ago while she listened to a presentation of data on African swine fever, given by Drs. Jane Teas and John Beldekas. It is my understanding that Dr. Krim encouraged Beldekas and Teas to make the long presentation to her board, and she also urged them to apply for a grant from her foundation to continue their research. Shortly after the presentation, Dr. Krim sent a letter to Beldekas encouraging him to continue his work. I was under the impression that Dr. Krim had become quite fascinated by the swine fever theory.

August 15, 1987 

     In the same issue of the Native, we ran an article by Phil Zwickler about the reaction to a book by Dr. William H. Masters, his partner Virginia Johnson, and Dr. Robert Kolodny. Crisis: Heterosexual Behavior in the Age of AIDS, which was published by Grove Press. The authors  concluded, “Authorities are greatly underestimating the number of people infected with the AIDS virus in the population today.” The writers had strayed off the AIDS reservation and dared to tell truths which came very close to outing the real epidemic behind the political veil of the HIV epidemic. Zwickler wrote, “While stating that AIDS is ‘now running rampant in the heterosexual community,’ they maintain that three million Americans, more than twice the number claimed by public health experts, are seropositive.” The authors shocked the nation by asserting, “Infection with the AIDS virus does not require intimate sexual contact or sharing of intravenous needles; transmission can, and does, occur as a result of person-to-person contact in which blood or other body fluids from a person who is harboring the virus are splashed onto or rubbed against someone else.”
     Masters, Johnson, and Kolodny seem to have inadvertently glanced into something closer to the real epidemic and were more in touch with what was going on behind the jerry-built paradigm than even they realized. They paid a price for trying to tell it like it is. A series of reactions gathered by Zwickler did a stunning job of catching in real time the vicious political correctness that was forming around the government’s paradigm. It also showed how an unholy alliance between AIDS activists, quasi-governmental AIDS organizations and the gay community was forming. Masters, Johnson, and Kolodny had called for something draconian which helped cement an unholy alliance of opposition. According to Zwickler, “The authors call for mandatory HIV antibody testing for couples seeking a marriage license, pregnant women, convicted prostitutes, and all hospital in-patients between the ages of 15 and 60, as a way of stopping the epidemic.”
     Dr. Stephen Joseph, the New York City Commissioner of Health, told Zwickler that the authors raised “all the old ‘bugaboos’ about transmission.” Interestingly, Joseph inadvertently caught the constantly shifting landscape of information about the epidemic when he said, “The book is damaging in that it takes us off on a swing. In the media, nine months ago, a heterosexual explosion of AIDS was cited. Three months ago Cosmopolitan said heterosexuals were not at risk. Now, Masters and Johnson write this book. It does confuse people. Heterosexual transmission is a real problem, but rampant spread, an image of diffuse spread—that’s not happening.” That was of course very true if you didn’t factor chronic fatigue syndrome into the paradigm of AIDS. If the public was confused, it is because of the unsteadiness and lack of consistency at the very heart of the public relations image of the epidemic that the CDC was promoting. Masters, Johnson, and Kolodny were hopelessly trying to make sense out of a paradigm that was half self-deception and half noble epidemiological lie meant to keep everybody pacified.
     Mathilde Krim, the founding chair of the American Foundation for AIDS Research, told Zwickler, “I believe it is an insult for Dr. Virginia Johnson to suggest that the time-tested methods of medical investigation have resulted in ‘benevolent scientific deceptiveness’ concerning AIDS, its modes of transmission and its rate of transmission.” Peter Drotman, an epidemiologist with the CDC’s AIDS Program told Zwickler, “The book is not helpful. It is not a scientific contribution to our understanding of AIDS. It stresses some far-fetched scenarios that seem designed to provoke anxiety rather than to make useful suggestions. . . . AIDS is pretty clearly not running rampant among heterosexuals.” He was right of course because the form of acquired immunodeficiency that was running rampant in the heterosexual population was simply renamed chronic fatigue syndrome. Epidemiological rebranding was an instant cure for AIDS in the heterosexual population.
     Unfortunately, the gay people Zwickler interviewed performed like a perky backup chorus to the AIDS establishment. Christopher Babick, Acting Director of People With AIDS Coalition, said, “I think their book is a reckless piece of literature. AIDS continues to affect mostly the communities it always has—namely, gay men, IV-drug users and their sexual partners.” Maria Maggenti of the Women’s Committee, AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power went even further, telling the Native, “I’m pretty horrified by the whole thing. Major actions should be taken against the book because it is only fueling the misinformation out there.” (The gay community developed a very unfortunate and self-destructive taste for “major action” censorship during the epidemic.) Lori Behrman, the spokesperson for Gay Men’s Health Crisis said, “Masters and Johnson have squandered their credibility to exploit a grave public health issue. Every AIDS researcher in the country will tell you that HIV cannot be transmitted casually. Their conclusion that mandatory testing is the answer overlooks the less expensive, more effective tool, which is education. The gay community has proved that safer sex and not testing can provide protection.” In truth, the least expensive and most effective tool was actually the CDC’s political epidemiology, which used public relations and a biased anti-gay paradigm to keep the disease from appearing to spread in the general population. This was just another example of the gay community having to do its abject “education is protection” minstrel show in the face of the draconian, spiteful call for mandatory testing. Every time the word “mandatory” was used it had more than a nasty little soup├žon of “Get the gays” to it. The gay community, in such a dire situation, had to make a pact with the AIDS establishment to accept all the elements of its very political epidemiology—or else! Had the gay community called it out for the biased “homodemiology” that it was, everything would have been different.
     Masters, Johnson, and Kolodny were threatening to expose what Daniel Goleman (after Ibsen) refered to as a “vital lie” which, Goleman describes as “a family myth that stands in place of a less comfortable truth.” In this case it was a “vital lie” about the AIDS epidemic that prevented social anxiety. In Zwickler’s survey of the AIDS and gay elite, one could see the social construction of a comforting false reality, a psychological phenomenon explored at length in Goleman’s book, Vital Lies, Simple Truths. This moment in the epidemic captures Goleman’s central thesis: “We are piloted in part by an ingenious capacity to deceive ourselves, whereby we sink into obliviousness rather than face threatening facts. This tendency to self-deception and mutual pretense pervades the structure of psychological life."
     You could say that a kind of conspiracy of self-deception had begun on a massive scale in America and Masters, Johnson, and Kolodny (like the Native) were playing the role of unwelcome truth-tellers who needed to be neutralized by a kind of thuggish mockery. This moment was yet more evidence that, during the epidemic, there was never any such thing as what Goleman refers to as “acceptable dissent.”


     I also let Mathilde Krim have it in the editorial: “In Omni magazine’s November 1987 issue, Mathilde Krim said, ‘In today’s system of science, I think at the top there is less difference between men and women because those of both sexes who are different have already been eliminated. At the top all have learned to play the same game. And it’s a bit of a con game.’ My question to Krim is: Which con game are you and the American Foundation for AIDS Research playing this week? How difficult would it be for amfAR to admit that AIDS research has revolved around the wrong virus for five years, and that we have a lot of work to do with African swine fever virus? The best course of action at this point would be not to continue throwing good money after bad. Krim has an opportunity to lead our nation out of this huge scientific mistake. Americans can live with mistakes, but will face total catastrophe if the lies about African swine fever virus continue much longer.”
     I asserted, “Gallo’s scam of trying to sell African swine fever virus as HHV-6 is yet another example of his crookedness. He doesn’t want Teas to get credit for figuring out the cause of AIDS from both her epidemiology and the lab work she did with researchers John Beldekas and James Hebert. Gallo’s lies are dangerous to himself, his staff, and the nation. A source close to Gallo’s staff has told the Native that the wife of one of Gallo’s associates is sick with the chronic disease (CFS) that may be caused by African swine fever virus. Is Gallo telling the poor woman that she’s infected with HHV-6, when in reality she’s suffering from a chronic infection with swine fever virus—which is absolutely not a herpesvirus. (Even Dr. Pearson of George Washington University told me that they’re not certain [HHV-6 is] a herpesvirus.)”
     Again the eternal optimist who thought change was right around the corner, I wrote, “There are at a least dozen scientists in America who have done extensive research on African swine fever virus. They should be summoned to the National Institutes of Health to help the nation figure out what to do about the virus Gallo tried to con the nation into believing was a herpesvirus.”

August 1, 1988

     Michael Dukakis was running for president against Ronald Reagan that autumn, so I was concerned about the person who might become his Secretary of Health and Human Services if he prevailed. In an editorial titled “An Open Letter to Mathilde Krim,” I wrote, “There has been a rumor around for some time that you want to become Secretary of Health and Human Services under President Dukakis. In fact, a few weeks ago, a source in the White House told me that he thought it was your obvious objective. I’ve had many arguments about your motives over the last few years. When I first met you, I found you to be intelligent and charming and witty. Over the last seven years you have come to be celebrated as a great humanitarian. I may be the only person in the world to stand up and say this: I don’t trust you or your organization. Nonetheless, I would like to make the following suggestion to you: Let’s stop the fraud of HIV once and for all. Your organization has turned out not to be an independent critical force in the epidemic, but rather the handmaiden of the government’s lying. Now amfAR has been able to extend its web of lies into Senator Edward Kennedy’s office by sharing your Director of Programs and Special Projects, Terry Beirn, with Kennedy’s staff, in the capacity of Legislative Aide. I assume that Beirn is there to keep Kennedy from asking the hard critical questions about the real cause of AIDS and Chronic Fatigue and Immune Dysfunction Syndrome [CFIDS]. I believe that Beirn did everything he could to discourage research into the link between AIDS and African swine fever virus. . . . Let’s face it, Mathilde, science and life are full of surprises. Who would have thought that after all the pronouncements about HIV, and all the testing, and all the research, and all the conferences, and all the celebrations of the discoverers, that it would turn out that HIV is not the cause of AIDS? While it is a tragedy for the human race, it is kind of a reminder to scientists that they should always keep an open mind and know that experiments—not powerful individuals like Gallo and Myron Essex—are what determine the truth in science. The cost of the HIV mistake and the African swine fever virus cover-up is the Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome epidemic. Now that scientists have spent years lying about the cause of AIDS, they are being forced to lie about the cause of Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction.”

January 22, 1990

     In the January 22 issue, John Hammond reported on a troubling development in New York City. The mayor, David Dinkins, was considering appointing a man named Woodrow A. Myers as New York City Health Commissioner. Myers had been the head of the Indiana’s Board of Health. Hammond noted, “Despite having acquired a national reputation for liberal progressivism, in his home state Myers has been involved in enforcing some of the worst AIDS legislation in the country.” Hammond reported that Myers had originally been recommended for consideration by Mathilde Krim of amfAR.
     Hammond wrote, “As reported by Michael Tomasky in the New York Observer this week, the Indiana Health Commissioner ran afoul of the gay community and civil libertarians in 1985 when, ostensibly to protect public health, he sought to have regular health department inspections, not only of gay bathhouses, but also of gay bars and bookstores.”
     Hammond also reported, “In 1987 Myers supported legislation that allows draconian quarantine measures to prevent the spread of infectious disease, including ‘AIDS.’ The law, according to Marla Stevens, of the Indiana Civil Liberties Union’s Gay and Lesbian Task Force, allows officials to warn, then place in counseling and ultimately in forced, involuntary quarantine—either in a hospital or in jail—anyone who engages in behavior that could contribute to the spread of disease. . . . The standards of evidence under which a person could be quarantined are considerably less stringent than would be required for conviction in a criminal case: by direct confession, by accusation from two corroborating sources, by being arrested for a crime that could spread disease, or accusation from a single person who has the disease and says it could only have been contracted from the accused person. Evidence from any of those four sources would be enough to permit the Indiana Board of Health to act.”

February 5, 1990

     In the February 5 issue, I took Mathilde Krim to task after we learned that Myers was on amfAR’s board of directors: “Mathilde Krim has been generally treated by the press and ‘AIDS’ activists as someone for whom canonization would not be enough. This paper has never quite bought into the halo however, and the recent discovery that our next health commissioner, Woodrow Myers, was on her board of directors only increases our distrust of her motives and her agenda. The names on amfAR’s ‘scientific’ advisory board read like a Who’s Who of the HIV/AZT establishment. The illustrious list includes one of the biggest scientific crooks in America, Dr. Robert “I-didn’t-steal-it” Gallo, and the incompetent Margaret “Let-them-eat-AZT” Fischl. And with Bill Haseltine and Jim Curran also on board, Gallo and Fischl are not alone in their sleaziness. We predict that while Krim and her cronies may be fooling some members of the gay community and some in the health activist community, history will sort out amfAR’s real agenda from its public persona. Back in the early part of the epidemic, Harper’s publisher Lewis Lapham got a whiff of the agenda. On May 10, 1985, he wrote about Krim (without naming her) in The Washington Post: ‘AIDS so conveniently fits the political and theological specifications of the Reagan administration that a prophet of the ascended right might be pardoned for welcoming it as the long-awaited scourge of God. On a television program, I heard a doctor say with more than a hint of comfortable righteousness in her voice, that the affliction was impervious to medical science. ‘No,’ she said, ‘we know of nothing that can cure it except a change of behavior. I’m sorry, but people will just have to learn to mend their ways.’ It is possible that I do the doctor an injustice, which is why I refrain from mentioning her name. I know nothing of her motives, her religion, or her politics, but her pious manner reminded me of the way in which the Reagan administration has elected to deal with the outbreak of AIDS. Several government spokesmen have managed to convey the unfortunate impression that the victims of the disease deserve what they get. . . . Here is a secular authority preaching a sermon of sexual Armageddon, and as I listened to her foretelling of doom it occurred to me that AIDS was a disease uniquely suited to the American temperament.”
     Well, at least uniquely suited to Mathilde Krim’s temperament. And agenda.

Excerpts from The Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Epidemic Cover-up now available at Amazon here. 

Monday, January 15, 2018

What if the way AIDS was originally diagnosed was totally wrong? Should it have included Chronic Fatigue Syndrome patients?

"The AIDS diagnostic criteria involved a weakened immune system, an unusual form of cancer known as Kaposi`s sarcoma and a rare form of pneumonia. Investigators then were able to identify patients who met the same criteria. Studying their behavior patterns quickly led the investigators to uncover the major risk factors involved in the spread of AIDS: sexual contact with an infected person and exposure to contaminated blood."

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Combined Antiretroviral Therapy Causes Cardiomyopathy and Elevates Plasma Lactate in Transgenic AIDS Mice

The truth About HHV-8 in Castleman Disease may force the CDC to tell the truth about HHV-8 in AIDS.

If HHV-8 (which seems to cause Castleman Disease) really is African Swine Fever then pigs will make an excellent model for studying Castleman Disease. Is this an indication that HHV-8 is really African Swine Fever Virus?

"Primary HHV-8 infection may be associated with fever and a maculopapular rash in immunocompetent children."

High prevalence of antibodies to human herpesvirus 8 in relatives of patients with classic Kaposi's sarcoma from Sardinia.

Infection with human herpesvirus type 8 and Kaposi's sarcoma in Sardinia.


 Epidemiology of HHV8 in Sardinian emigrants

 Both ASFV and HHV-8 Interfere with apoptosis.

Are ASFV-infected Pigs the viral source of HHV-8 related Kaposi's Sarcoma in Sardinia? Is a ASFV-related Kaposi's Sarcoma epidemic possible in Russia where ASFV is spreading?

The world's highest incidence of Kaposi's sarcoma occurs in Sardinia (Reference) Is it possible that it is due to the fact that African Swine Fever Virus is endemic on the island? (Reference) One study suggests that the incidence of K.S. in northern Sardinia is highest in a countryside area where people have contact with animals. (Reference) Given the high prevalence of HHV-8,--the so-called K.S. herpes virus--in Sardinia (Reference) is it at all possible that HHV-8 may have been misclassified and actually is a human-adapted form of African Swine Fever Virus? (ASFV has been at least visually mistaken for another herpes virus, CMV, in the past.)

A number of experiments could be conducted to explore this hypothesis. In addition to a direct comparison of ASFV and HHV-8, pigs with African Swine Fever Virus could be tested for sequences of HHV-8. People with Kaposi's sarcoma could be tested for sequences of African Swine Fever, including new Asfaviridae sequences recently discovered. (Reference) 

A comparison of the K.S. lesions in humans and ASFV lesions in pigs might be in order.Given that African Swine Fever is currently spreading in Russia and is now threatening Europe and China, (Reference) it would be useful to know whether people who are exposed to pigs with ASFV are at increased risk for HHV-8, Kaposi's sarcoma and the other pathologies associated with HHV-8. A study in sub-Saharan Africa where ASFV is endemic and HHV-8 is also endemic (Reference) might be useful. And areas of Russia where ASFV is spreading could be monitored closely for any signs of an increase of K.S. or HHV-8 infection and HHV-8 related pathologies.HHV-8 is an emerging health problem. HHV-8-associated K.S. is a significant problem in AIDS patients. It may also be the key to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. HHV-8 has been found in the cerebrospinal fluid of 50% of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome patients. (Reference) HHV-8 has been linked to type 2 diabetes. (Reference) HHV-8 has been detected in B-cells in Castleman's disease and primary effusion lymphoma. (Reference).

If HHV-8 is a form of ASFV, it is possible that pigs might constitute a useful animal model for the study of possible treatments for K.S. and other pathologies associated with HHV-8. And if there is any relationship between ASFV and HHV-8, people may have to be warned to take special precautions around pigs in areas where there are ASFV outbreaks. And countries where undercooked pork is consumed (like Ukraine where salo is a staple) may need to alert the public to cook all pork products thoroughly during ASFV epidemics.


A number of years ago, Neenyah Ostrom reported in the New
York Native on the lesions in CFS patients which seem
to resemble Kaposi's Sarcoma (KS). The current
thinking is that a virus called HHV-8 is the cause of
KS. (Although HHV-6 has recently also been implicated
once again.) If KS is a problem in CFS (and we
suspect it is) then one should be able to find HHV-8 and
HHV-6 in CFS patients. Apparently, in this small
study, one can. Below is a rather explosive abstract:
Prevalence in the cerebrospinal fluid of the following
infectious agents in a cohort of 12 CFS subjects:
human herpes virus-6 and 8; chlamydia species;
mycoplasma species; EBV; CMV; and Coxsackievirus.
Levine, S.
Journal of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, 2001, 9, 1/2,
Over the last decade a wide variety of infectious
agents have been associated with the CFS as potential
etiologies for this disorder. Many of these agents are
neurotrophic and have been linked previously to other
diseases involving the central nervous system (CNS).
Human herpes virus-6 (HHV-6), especially the B
variant, has been found in autopsy specimens of
patients who suffered from MS. Because patients with
CFS manifest a wide range of symptoms involving the
CNS as shown by abnormalities on brain MRIs, SPECT
scans of the brain and results of tilt table testing
we sought to determine the prevalence of HHV-6, HHV-8,
Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV), cytomegalovirus (CMV),
mycoplasma species, chlamydia species, and Coxsackie
virus in the spinal fluid of a group of 12 patients
with CFS (CDC criteria '94).
We found evidence of HHV-6, HHV-8, chlamydia species,
CMV and Coxsackie virus in 6/12 samples. Plasma tests
were negative. It was surprising to obtain such a
relatively high yield of infectious agents in cell
free specimens of spinal fluid that had not been
centrifuged. Future research in spinal fluid analysis,
in addition to testing tissue samples by polymerase
chain reaction (PCR) and other direct viral isolation
techniques will be important in characterizing
subpopulations of CFS patients, especially those with
involvement of the CNS.
The low rate of isolation of HHV-6 may be related to
the lack of gross neurological findings in the
patients at the time of testing.
An overview of KS:
Except for those who have made a lifelong commitment
to denial, finding the so-called "KS virus" (HHV-8)
and the "supporting KS virus" (HHV-6) in CFIDS patients
should help settle the question of the overlapping
nature of the AIDS and CFIDS epidemics.
Isn't it time to take a closer look at those crimson
crescents in the throats of CFIDS patients?
More info on KS here.

Given that HHV-8 is part of the HHV-6 and HHV-7 family, this may be very important:

"The 19R Protein of HHV-6 has significant amino acid sequence homology . . . to a protein encoded by African Swine Fever Virus."

--Glenda L. Lawrence, John Nicholas and Bart G. Barrell
Journal of General virology (1995), 76, 147-152

 Click here for more information on this issue.

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The Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and HHV-6 Cover-up in the Gay Community

The best article about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and the HHV-6 cover-up in the gay community.

"Together Alone" by Michael Hobbes, published in Huffington Post (which just loves calling gays "queers") purports to be about the epidemic of gay loneliness. But the news it really breaks is that there is an epidemic of illness in the gay community that in most likelihood is related to the HHV-6 and AIDS/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome cover-up in the gay community. 

The passage that seems to bring the real epidemic of HHV-6, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, non-HIV AIDS (or whatever you want to call it) is this one.

     Travis Salway, a researcher with the BC Centre for Disease Control in Vancouver, has spent the last five years trying to figure out why gay men keep killing themselves.
“The defining feature of gay men used to be the loneliness of the closet,” he says. “But now you’ve got millions of gay men who have come out of the closet and they still feel the same isolation.”
We’re having lunch at a hole-in-the-wall noodle bar. It’s November, and he arrives wearing jeans, galoshes and a wedding ring.
     “Gay-married, huh?” I say.
     “Monogamous even,” he says. “I think they’re gonna give us the key to the city.”
     Salway grew up in Celina, Ohio, a rusting factory town of maybe 10,000 people, the kind of place, he says, where marriage competed with college for the 21-year-olds. He got bullied for being gay before he even knew he was. “I was effeminate and I was in choir,” he says. “That was enough.” So he got careful. He had a girlfriend through most of high school, and tried to avoid boys—both romantically and platonically—until he could get out of there.
     By the late 2000s, he was a social worker and epidemiologist and, like me, was struck by the growing distance between his straight and gay friends. He started to wonder if the story he had always heard about gay men and mental health was incomplete.
When the disparity first came to light in the ’50s and ’60s, doctors thought it was a symptom of homosexuality itself, just one of many manifestations of what was, at the time, known as “sexual inversion.” As the gay rights movement gained steam, though, homosexuality disappeared from the DSM and the explanation shifted to trauma. Gay men were being kicked out of their own families, their love lives were illegal. Of course they had alarming rates of suicide and depression. “That was the idea I had, too,” Salway says, “that gay suicide was a product of a bygone era, or it was concentrated among adolescents who didn’t see any other way out.”
     And then he looked at the data. The problem wasn’t just suicide, it wasn’t just afflicting teenagers and it wasn’t just happening in areas stained by homophobia. He found that gay men everywhere, at every age, have higher rates of cardiovascular disease, cancer, incontinence, erectile dysfunction,⁠ allergies and asthma—you name it, we got it.

When we read this last paragraph to Dr. Michael Goldberg, the researcher who has connected Chronic Fatigue Syndrome to autism, he just laughed dismissively. Any doctor who thinks that list of ailments is caused by "gay loneliness" should lose their license. That Hobbes doesn't realize what he is saying kind of characterizes the "queer" state of journalism at Huffington Post. But we are grateful to Mr. Hobbes because he has probably simultaneously undermined the fraudulent HIV theory of AIDS and answered the question about HHV-6 and the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome form of AIDS in the gay community which was posed in this previous piece that we published:

Where is the Massive Gay Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Epidemic?

While AIDS has dominated the medical news for the last two decades, another potentially major epidemic which the media has generally ignored or minimized, has grown exponentially. Originally mocked as "Yuppie Flu," the name "Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)" eventually evolved into what is now known as "Chronic Fatigue and Immune Dysfunction Sydrome (CFIDS)." The Centers for Disease Control and the National Institutes of Health (for very mysterious reasons) have been slow to respond to the potentially catastrophic epidemic of CFIDS which began to manifest itself at the same time as AIDS. Given that there have been many reports of CFIDS breaking out in families, schools, and communities, there is little doubt among serious observers that it is contagious. If this is so, why is it not spreading like wildfire in the gay community? What biological wall around the gay community has prevented CFIDS from being a major gay health problem?

Neenyah Ostrom, who reported on CFIDS for a decade at "New York Native," has written three books giving a detailed history of the research on CFIDS. She has reported on a long list of symptoms and immune aberrations have been found in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome; virtually all of them can also be found in AIDS patients. These include problems with T-cells, natural killer cells, B-cells, and monocytes. There are serious neurological, digestive and cardiac symptoms that AIDS and CFIDS share. Where are all the gay men with the often serious CFIDS problems? Do they have some special immunological protection against CFIDS? Or is it that every gay person who has AIDS also has CFIDS? How does that work? How do doctors treat CFIDS in an AIDS patient? How come we never read anything about that?

The medical literature is full of suggestions that, at the very least, CFIDS is AIDS-like. Some research suggests that an even stronger statement about its relationship to AIDS could be made. Nancy Klimas, one of the pioneering CFS researchers, led a team of scientists who concluded in 1990 that Chronic Fatigue Syndrome could be considered "a form of acquired immunodeficiency." Paul Cheney, one of the first medical doctors to look closely at the epidemic of CFS, has referred to it as "AIDS minor." Others have somewhat bizarrely called it an epidemic of something that could be called the "mirror-image of AIDS." Well, what about the gay community? Where is the epidemic of the "mirror image of AIDS" in the AIDS-besieged gay community? What is the difference between a gay person with AIDS and a gay person with "the mirror-image of AIDS." I bet that virtually no members of the gay community are aware that there could be thousands of members of their community with the contagious "mirror image of AIDS."

Saying that CFIDS is not a fatal condition and doesn't deserve any serious attention is not really a fact-based statement. A number of people with CFIDS do seem to have died of complications of their conditions. A Massachusetts-based organization for CFIDS patients has a page of obituaries in every issue of their newsletter and many of the deceased people they report on seem to have died from problems related to their CFIDS. When was the last time you heard of a gay person dying of complications of CFIDS? And even though it may not always be fatal, many CFIDS patients describe their lives as living hells. Why do we not read a steady stream of stories in gay publications about gay people coping with CFIDS? Some estimates of the number of people suffering from CFIDS in the United States go as high as 14 million. If we use the 5% number which is often used to estimate the number of gay people in America, where are the 700,000 cases of CFIDS in the gay community? How about just 100,000? That should still be a noticeable blip on the medical radar screen. The gay community has been living under a medical microscope for two decades. If there is a major contagious epidemic that is AIDS-like, one would think that there would be all kinds of studies of this AIDS-like epidemic in the gay community.

Some people seem to have made careers out of studying the illnesses of gay people. And yet one never hears of public health warnings about the transmission of CFIDS in the gay community. There are no gay CFIDS commissions, no gay CFIDS ribbons, no gay CFIDS subway posters, no GAY CFIDS benefits, no CFIDS quilts. If the worst estimate of CFIDS incidence is accurate, it would seem reasonable to suggest that for every gay AIDS patient a gay doctor has in his practice, he should have one or two--or more--gay CFIDS patients. And given the similarity of their symptoms, how does the doctor keep his patients straight? It is theoretically possible that a new AIDS patient will have more T-cells than an old CFIDS patient. If a gay person has the symptoms and immune abnormalities of CFIDS which look just like the symptoms and immune abnormalities of AIDS, and tests negative for HIV, is he given a clean bill of health? And why are gay doctors not warning the gay community about the possibility of contracting CFIDS and giving it to others? Gay people are issued every other imaginable kind of medical and lifestyle warning. Why none for CFIDS? Are we supposed to believe that the gay community is somehow miraculously immune to CFIDS? That would certainly be a fascinating finding. And perhaps a bogus one too.

There is a far more parsimonious explanation for why we don't hear about a massive CFIDS epidemic in the gay community. Let's just say for now that it is very curious that most CFIDS patients tend to be neither gay nor Black while most AIDS patients tend to be gay or Black or both. Nothing political is going on here, right? Gay men are told that the key to protecting their immune system is knowing the HIV antibody status of their partners. But what if their partners have CFIDS? Why are gay men and lesbians not warned to ask about the CFIDS status of their partners, and not urged to inform their partners if they have any CFIDS symptoms? For that matter, given that CFIDS has been presented by research an an essentially heterosexual AIDS-like illness, why are heterosexuals not warned about transmitting or contracting CFIDS? Where are CFIDS warning posters in heterosexual bars? Needless to say, I think there is a Pandora's Box of a story here. It is one that could lead to a change in the way we look at AIDS and CFIDS. It might even lead to a major medical and scientific paradigm shift. But for the time being, can someone just answer this simple question: where is the major epidemic of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in the gay community?

This book explains why the CDC can never tell the gay community the truth about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

If you have Amazon Prime or Kindle Unlimited, you can immediately begin reading The Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Epidemic Cover-up and you will soon understand why the facts about the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome epidemic have been hidden from the public for almost four decades.

This is a must-read book for anyone who wants to know the disturbing history of the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome epidemic. Why have the CDC and NIH pretended that that the communicable disease fraudulently called "Chronic Fatigue Syndrome" is a mystery for over three decades? By the end of this book of inconvenient truths the answer is crystal clear. The shocking news and bold analysis in this page-turner could lead to a revolution in the science and politics of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, fibromyalgia, AIDS, autism, and many other illnesses.

As the publisher and editor-in-chief of a small newspaper in New York, Charles Ortleb was the first journalist to devote a publication to uncovering the truth about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. He assigned Neenyah Ostrom the duty of following every twist and turn of the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome story. No newspaper in the world did more to warn the world about the virus called HHV-6 which seems to be triggering Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and many other immunological disorders.

This provocative book will end the injustice of the silent treatment Neenyah Ostrom's reporting has been getting from the media and The Chronic Fatigue Syndrome community. Ostrom blew the lid off one of the biggest medical secrets of our time: the link between the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome epidemic and AIDS.

Ostrom interviewed most of the major researchers in the field, as well as countless patients and government scientists. She uncovered so many similarities between Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and AIDS that she came to the conclusion that they are part of the same epidemic, and she argued that until their connection is admitted by top government researchers, there is little hope of making real progress in the fight against Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Charles Ortleb's book captures all the challenges and excitement of running a small newspaper that was publishing a brilliant journalist who essentially was the Woodward and Bernstein of the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome epidemic. In Rolling Stone, David Black said Ortleb's newspaper deserved a Pulitzer Prize.

 Hillary Johnson, the author of Osler's Web, called it "A rollicking, fascinating and important memoir."

Saturday, January 13, 2018

What Judy Mikovits got right about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

"reactivated exogenous and endogenous viruses, chronically dysregulating the immune system"

The Wall Street Journal on Jen Brea's Chronic Fatigue Syndrome documentary.

Read Truth to Power, the book this
documentary is based on. Now at Amazon.

Truth to Power exposes the truth about HHV-6, AIDS, and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome the fearless way Woodward and Bernstein exposed the truth about Watergate.

“Charles Ortleb and the New York Native which he so brilliantly led was the absolutely indispensable source for all information—medical, political, personal—in the first five years of the AIDS epidemic when the major media in this country as well as the medical establishment tried so hard to avoid the topic.  Not since I.F.Stone have we seen how important individual investigative journalism could be in breaking through society’s silence, when silence indeed equaled death.  It is good to finally have the Native’s heroic work put on the historical record for all to see.”
       —Michael Denneny, author of Decent Passions and Lovers: The Story of Two Men

"A rollicking, fascinating and important memoir.”
—Hillary Johnson, author of Osler's Web, Inside the Labyrinth of the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Epidemic

This amazing book is about one of the biggest medical and scientific mistakes and crimes in history: the cover-up of the truth about the role of a virus called HHV-6 in AIDS, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, cancer, autism and many illnesses that you may already have that are chronic and mysterious. The odds are that you or someone in your family are now infected with HHV-6, the real AIDS virus. HHV-6 doesn't care if you are black or white, straight or gay. HHV-6 is the pandemic of our time. Everyone is at risk.

Yes, this is a very serious book, but when you read this masterpiece of journalism and history, you will feel like you are watching a suspenseful movie.

*Truth to Power explains how the CDC made the tragic mistake of blaming HIV for AIDS while the real AIDS virus, HHV-6, spread throughout the world.

*Truth to Power takes you inside the corrupt, hardball world of AIDS research.

*Truth to Power reveals how the CDC has covered up a massive epidemic of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

*Truth to Power explains why HHV-6 has become the biggest public health problem in the world.

*Truth to Power reveals how HHV-6 may threaten your health and the health of your family and friends.

*Truth to Power uncovers the terrifying possibility that the virus HHV-6 is also infecting the pets of people with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

*Truth to Power shows you how political American science has become and why so many honest whistleblowers have been silenced.

Charles Ortleb’s Truth to Power takes you inside the New York Native, one of the most unique and courageous newspapers of the twentieth century. Shortly after starting his small New York City newspaper in late 1980, one of the biggest scientific and political stories of our time fell into his lap in the form of the AIDS and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome epidemic. What he did with that story has secured his newspaper’s place in history. Under his guidance, a succession of intrepid journalists did some of their greatest work uncovering the crucial facts about the labyrinthine epidemic. The New York Times recently described Ortleb as "visionary."

Ortleb made the decision to follow the facts wherever they led. His team of uncompromising investigative reporters inevitably stepped on the toes of the most powerful people in the medical and political establishment. Perhaps not surprisingly, the latter fought back by seeking to discredit the New York Native and even, in time, close its doors. But Ortleb stood his ground for as long as possible and as a result the world now can have a clear understanding of the relationship of AIDS, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and HHV-6, the transmissible virus that now threatens everyone on this planet.

Truth to Power is not just a compelling work of journalism and history, but also a major contribution to the intellectual life of our time.

Three Big Books

Two books on amazon

Everyone needs to know what the CDC is hiding about CFS and HHV-6. NEW YORK NATIVE contains both volumes of THE CHRONIC FATIGUE SYNDROME EPIDEMIC COVER-UP. The print version is $23. Only $7.98 in Kindle.

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