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Thursday, May 05, 2016

Is Hillary Clinton another victim of the HHV-6 Cover-up?

 Camille Paglia in Salon:
"A side note in the Andrea Mitchell interview was the inadvertent revelation about Hillary’s health. She was wearing a conveniently high mandarin collar, but check out the moment when she mentions Vladimir Putin: one can clearly see an unmistakable lump bulging from the left side of her neck. Whether it is a goiter or some other growth should surely be of legitimate public concern in a presidential candidate. But as a friend tartly wrote to me this week, 'Of course not one reporter out of the thousand working reporters in America will dare to ask.'"

The Sociopathic Scientist Next Door

Philosophical notes on the sociopathology of the CDC and NIH's 
AIDS and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome pseudoscience.

We live in a sociopathic state of AIDS/CFS apartheid science that is kept in place by something that could be a murderous, conscienceless zombie public health system. At the helm of this decades-old sociopathological system is Anthony Fauci.

From a structural point of view, Anthony Fauci is the Chief Scientific Socipath of the sociopathic scientific world of CFS/AIDS apartheid and its supporting nosological, epidemiological and virological fraud.

These notes are inspired by some of the trenchant ideas in Martha Stout's book The Sociopath Next Door.

When science becomes infused with homophobia, racism and misogyny, as it has been in AIDS/CFS apartheid, it becomes a conscienceless sociopathological system.

Most people do not realize when they are in the presence of a sociopath. The same holds true for sociopathic science. Sociopathic science wears a mask of rationality and credibility. 

One can not truly understand what has occurred under the guise of "AIDS" and "Chronic Fatigue Syndrome" without a firm grasp of the nature of sociopathic science and medicine.

Sociopaths don't announce to the world that they are sociopaths. Neither does sociopathic science. 

A philosophy of sociopathic science needs to focus on the ways in which science can lose its "conscience." Scientific "conscience" is the referee (individual, communal and systemic) that awakens science when it is becoming unethical, unfair, elitists or downright totalitarian. The science of AIDS/CFS apartheid is all of the above. The science of AIDS/CFS apartheid is "conscienceless." 

What the AIDS critics and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome activists never realized was that dealing with Anthony Fauci and the CDC was like dating a sociopath

Giving the CDC or the NIH more money to research Chronic Fatigue Syndrome without litigating all the deceptive and dishonest pseudoresearch that has already be done is like giving a sociopath more money to be a sociopath. 

The sociopathic nosology and epidemiology of AIDS/CFS is a war crime against the gay community and the Black community. 

The gay and Black communities have been deceived and silenced by the sociopathic science of AIDS/CFS apartheid and,unfortunately, the  bamboozled Chronic Fatigue Syndrome community has been of no help in rescuing them from their predicament.

One could say that the Age of Sociopathic Science in America began in earnest when Anthony Fauci came to power, but the groundwork had been done by Curran and his associates at the CDC.

It really shouldn't surprise anyone that a white heterosexual fraternity of nosologists and epidemiologists at the CDC would create a racist and homophobic era of sociopathic science. 

Sociopathic science is the institutional and narrative throughline of AIDS and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. 

The Anthony Fauci's empire of sociopathic science could not have survived without a large army of useful scientific idiots.
To be continued . . .  

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