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Friday, June 09, 2017

Is David Tuller part of the CFS solution or part of the problem?

AIDS activist David Tuller may seem to many people like he is a courageous newcomer to the struggle of CFS. But many years ago he was a member of Act Up which was an organization that worked to put New York Native out of business. New York Native was the first newspaper to give serious and sustained coverage to the CDC's cover-up of chronic fatigue syndrome. In many ways AIDS activism is what created the chronic fatigue syndrome cover-up. They worked hand-in-hand with the medical establishment in creating a totalitarian epidemiological paradigm which excluded CFS from the real AIDS epidemic. So it is now amusing to see Tuller pretending to try and clean up the mess he helped make with his friends in black shirts. And now Tuller wants people to give him $60,000 to do it.

Anyone who wants to know what is really going on in the dark universe of chronic fatigue syndrome needs to read Neenyah Ostrom's New York Native reporting. Much of it is available in book form at Amazon. And if you want to knows more about the newspaper David Tuller's friends at Act Up worked to put out of business, read Truth to Power.

But does this test distinguish CFS from AIDS?

HHV-6A human herpesvirus infects uterus lining of women with unexplained infertility

The big questions about HHV-6 in Russia and Europe.

Did it come from pigs?

Is it related to African Swine Fever Virus?

Need to know more? Read this book.

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