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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Anyone who knows amfAR is a crooked scientific AIDS operation is not suprised by this.

A new cartoon

Will the AIDS drug Tenofovir prove Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is part of the AIDS epidemic?

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome patients are taking the AIDS drug Tenofovir and some of them are getting better!

Does this help prove HIV is not the real cause?

Judy Mikovits calls Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
"Non-HIV AIDS." Does that mean HIV AIDS and Non-HIV AIDS are the same disease and call for a rethinking of the real cause of AIDS?

Does it point to HHV-6 and HERV-K18?

Will the CDC soon ask all Americans to take the drug to avoid CFS/AIDS?

Learn more about the CFS cover-up in these podcasts.

An interview with Hillary Johnson, one of the world's most important Chronic Fatigue Syndrome journalists.

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