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Sunday, January 21, 2018

Why ending the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome epidemic cover-up matters

Is HHV-6 also the cause of ALS? Is ALS collateral damage of the cover-up of the real cause of AIDS?

"Shortly after James was handed an ALS diagnosis, he began experiencing twitches. He sought out the opinion of two other specialists, neither of whom contradicted the neurologist’s ALS diagnosis. James was given a time frame of about five to seven years. At the end of these years, the specialists did not overtly declare that James would pass away, but suggested that his body would have completely fallen apart. This news left James in a constant state of stress. He began barely sleeping and spent much of his time agonizing over his seemingly hopeless future. He started feeling useless at his job and worthless when it came to providing for his family. The lack of sleep, stress, and emotional turmoil exacerbated James’s symptoms and the muscle twitching, stiffness and numbness grew worse. This only fed James’s growing panic. Around this time, James’s wife, Julie, learned of me and sought out an appointment.
James and his wife did not reveal the symptoms James was experiencing or the label he’d been given when we first started the session. Nevertheless, Spirit quickly began to disclose what was wrong. I relayed to them that James had a herpes virus, HHV-6, in his brain as well as heavy metals, which included high levels of aluminum and copper."

Is HHV-6/7/8 the real AIDS epidemic and has the gay community been deceived for 37 years? Did Michael Hobbes accidentally spill the beans in Huffington Post?

Out gay comic dies of ALS: Is Bob Smith a victim of the HHV-6/7/8 cover-up by the CDC? How many people have to die before the CDC tells the gay community and the rest of the world about the HHV-6/7/8 epidemic hidden behind HIV Fraud?

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