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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Memo to the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Community from the Centers for Disease Control.

     You people really should stop wasting your time. We are never, ever going to come clean about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Never. Ever. We can't. It would mean the total destruction of our credibility. The CDC is too important. And it is not just us. The entire public health infrastructure in on the line.
     You people don't know what you are dealing with. You don't have a clue about how big this is. You think this is just about you. It's helpful that most of you are so focused on yourselves and don't see the bigger picture. It does scare us a little that a handful of you do see what is going on. But as long as it's just a few of you, we're safe. We can easily gaslight the ones who know what is going on. What is even better, many in your community will help us gaslight the truthtellers among you. Some of you are really good at gaslighting your own community. Especially a few of the so-called CFS researchers. We are grateful for that. Keep up the good work!
     You think we are just stupid and indifferent. You think we are down here in Atlanta shucking corn and picking our teeth when we're not racing our trucks in the mud and wondering if Aunt Bea made us a blueberry pie for dessert. That's fine with us. As they say in the internet, LOL! It's safer for us if you think you have to constantly come to us with hat in hand begging for money and attention. Lots of people come to us begging for us to do more for their personal diseases. We can treat you like every other disease that has to stand in line. We don't have to treat you as a national emergency, which is what you people would be if the truth were known about your illness and what it's connected to. But that cat ain't coming out of the bag anytime soon.
     We are so glad that most of you do not understand the criminal nature of what we have done on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for four decades. We love that fact that many of you are constantly trying to figure out new ways to make nice to us so that we do the right thing out of sympathy. Keep those cupcakes and thank you notes coming! We have a good laugh every time we get something expressing gratitude from you. Without patsies we could never do what we do.
     So let's just get this straight, folks. We will never do the right thing. We just can't. If you were in our position you probably would do the same thing. 
     People all over the world trust the Centers for Disease Control. When epidemics break out in other countries, they often look to us for our expertise. They trust our judgment. You people with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome are a major threat to that. If every scientist in every countries finds out that we've been lying to you for decades, we may never be trusted again. We will be considered a sociopathic organization. And of course, you are just the tip of the iceberg. If you think the so-called Chronic Fatigue Syndrome issue only involves only one to four million of you in America, we have a bridge in Atlanta we want to sell you.
     You don't want to threaten the public health of the whole world by forcing us to tell the truth about CFS and lose our credibility worldwide, do you?
     We don't even have to spread disinformation to keep you Chronic Fatigue Syndrome folks under control. You people do it yourselves. We check the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome forums on a regular basis and the nonsense we read there reassures us that you will never figure out what is really going on. You people seem to think that everything but the kitchen sink is the cause of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Please go on like this! Make new stuff up every day.
     The more you guys make it seem like everything is the cause of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, the more we like it and the less likely it is that you will ever know what is really goin on. Mold? Perfume strips? Go for it. Lyme? Be our guests. The microbiome? We love the microbiome! We'd love to see Ian Lipkin write a script for a movie musical about the microbiome and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. On Fridays at the CDC we all have a beer and tell jokes about the microbiome theory of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. We're hoping you guys will still be talking about the microbiome three decades from now. Oh, and the fecal transplants! When we heard you guys were into that we knew we had nothing to worry about. What's next? Sewer gas? Microwaves? MTV?
     We especially love your weepy documentaries. Especially the new one by Jennifer Brea. We need more documentaries that treat Chronic Fatigue Syndrome like a neglected mystery. Oh it's sooooo mysterious! We look at each other at the CDC and say, "Oh I wonder what is causing the mysterious Chronic Fatigue Syndrome epidemic. What are you doing for lunch?" We love it when you guys with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome call your illness a mystery. We sleep better at night. The day you stop calling it a mystery and start calling it a crime and a cover-up is the day we all start looking for new jobs. But that's not going to happen.

To be continued.

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