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Wednesday, October 02, 2019

Rachel Maddow will have difficulty telling the world about the link between AIDS and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome because she enabled the fraudulent AIDS paradigm.

From The New York Times:

Maddow’s community was conservative and Catholic; in high school, even before she came out as gay, she was sneaking over to Oakland to volunteer at an AIDS clinic. She played three sports and acquired a collection of crutches. She enrolled at Stanford at 17 and came out almost immediately, in an open letter she posted inside every bathroom stall in her dorm. When the campus newspaper wrote about it, it characterized Maddow as suspicious of “the censoring effect of politically correct attitudes on campus.” The piece went on: “Maddow said that she would prefer if people who are against homosexuality felt comfortable enough to express their hostile feelings so that she could address the issue.” She found it instructive to interrogate the divide, face to face.

After college, Maddow won a Rhodes scholarship to Oxford, but she didn’t stay on campus long. “I wasn’t psyched about living in a student-dominated environment,” she told me. Instead, she hopped to London, where she worked at another AIDS clinic while she studied, and then on to rural Massachusetts, where she would complete her Oxford dissertation on H.I.V./AIDS health care outcomes in the prison system. She created a Listserv, PrisonPoz, and sent emails to other activists with lines like “Hello AIDSACT and pals (and lurking enemies).” She worked as an unskilled laborer to make money and met her girlfriend of 20 years, the photographer Susan Mikula, when she arrived at Mikula’s door to uproot tree stumps and clear thorny thickets from her lawn.

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