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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Does Judy Mikovits still want anti-AIDS treatments for CFS (Non-HIV AIDS)?

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Interview With Judy Mikovits

Whilst in Holland, I had the great occasion and privilege to talk extensively with Judy Mikovits and ask her a couple of questions, which might interest all patients with ME (pwme).

Here they are:

1. You suffered a lot of losses during and after the XMRV-issue. What happened to you since?

The corruption that occurred in the XMRV investigation and what happened to me, the ME/CFS and Autism patient communities is the subject of the book Plague. Much too much happened to describe in a discussion. To detail all that happened in a book is the only way to have the world know the corruption in medical research that is destroying our families and any honest scientist who dares to expose the corruption and tell the truth.

2. What are your clinical experiences with pwme?

My clinical experiences come from working directly with patients and physicians and are published and presented on our website along with my complete CV. We will post additional research and all presentations I have ever given about ME in 2015.

3. What did you discover about the cause(s) of ME?

We published in peer reviewed literature and NOVA book chapter and presented our discoveries about immune system abnormalities, pathogens environmental and genetic susceptibilities between 2009 and 2014. That book chapter and several of those talks are published on our website and we will be posting ALL of our data to that website and the website .

4. What was your exact position at the NIH? When?

I held several positions at the NIH from June 10, 1980 until May 14, 2001 when I married and moved to EpiGenX Pharmaceuticals to direct the cancer biology program developing diagnostics for targets of epigenetic dysregulation in cancer, which is also a key to ME/CFS and autism as I have discussed in publications and presentations since learning of the diseases in 2006.

5. How can the knowledge about ME be given practical hands and feet?

That is the topic of the NOVA Chapter and talks presented in 2013 and 2014 at the Physicians Round table in Tampa FL. I can easily spend two hours discussing each of the talks which are on MAR Consulting website.
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6. Are there treatments for the possible cause(s) of ME?

YES Absolutely !!

7. Are there treatments for the different symptoms of ME? With available drugs?

YES absolutely. Those are detailed in Answer to #5

8. You are acting in close cooperation with Frank Ruscetti. Could you tell something about who plays which role?

MAR stands for Mikovits And Ruscetti. Frank and I have worked together since 1983 when I started as a technician working for Frank in the biological response modifiers program. Franks expertise is stem cell biology, HTLV1 and HIV dysregulation of the immune system and TGF-beta as a regulator of Hematopoiesis. Frank changed all of immunology at the co-discovery of Interleukin 2 and HTLV1 in 1978 and 1980 respectively.
My undergraduate work was in protein chemistry and nutritional biochemistry and I first worked at the NCI in 1980-1983 as a natural products chemist, purifying biological therapeutics for cancer therapy including purifying the first IFN alpha into humans.

9. Which current researches do you find fruitful?

Continuing to understand the dysregulation of the innate immune system and the role of retroviruses and retroviral elements in the development of chronic diseases has for more than 30 years and will always be the focus of my research and the most fruitful in my opinion, or I would not have spent 35 years doing it!

Rob Wijbenga

Will this be a turning point for Non-HIV AIDS?

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