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Friday, February 26, 2016

Memo to Brazilian visitors to this site concerned about Zika

If you're in Brazil, urge you scientists to consider the possibility that Zika is really another flavivirus, Classical Swine Fever virus.

Read this description of Classical Swine Fever Virus (which is infecting pigs in areas of Brazil with the so-called Zika problem)

Molecular Characterization of Classical swine fever virus Involved in the Outbreak in Mizoram

 Does this sound like Zika?

 "Highest mortality in young animals was observed during the outbreaks. Percent mortality in pre-weaned and weaned piglets was 50% while 10% in pigs above 1 year of age. The disease showed a variable course and clinical symptoms. The affected animals exhibited clinical signs of inappetance, high fever and constipation followed by diarrhea and haemorrhagic patches in skin, characteristic signs of classical swine fever. There were rashes in the belly, medial aspects of thigh and on the base of ears. Necrotic lesions developed on skin in later stages. Affected pigs showed staggering gait. Pregnant sows either aborted or delivered stillborn fetuses. Agalactia was most common sequele of farrowed sows. On post-mortem examination, pathological changes recorded were button ulcer, extensive haemorrhage in intestine, mesenteric lymph nodes, pharyngeal lymph node, and in palatine tonsils. Kidneys and urinary bladder showed haemorrhagic spots."

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