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Friday, July 22, 2005

Finally, Some Dramatic Proof that CFS is an Immune Disorder

Anyone who thinks that Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is part
of the AIDS epidemic received a little support in a
new study that indicates that there is a problem with
the white blood cells in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.
According to New Scientist, a team led by Jonathan
Kerr "has compared levels of gene expression in the white
blood cells of 25 healthy individuals with those in 25
patients diagnosed as having CFS according to strict
criteria. The researchers found differences in 35 of
the 9522 genes they analysed using DNA chip
technology. The few similar studies done in the past have
produced conflicting results, so the team double-checked their
results using a more accurate method called real-time
PCR. That confirmed that 15 of the genes were up to
four times as active in people with CFS, while one
gene was less active. The results will appear in the
Journal of Clinical Pathology next month."
The London Daily Mail summed up the story this way:
"Suspicions that Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) is
'all in the mind' may finally have been laid to rest
with the discovery that sufferers have biological
abnormalities, it has been reported."
The BBC framed the story this way: "Scientists believe
they have pinpointed biological markers of chronic
fatigue syndrome which could help develop a test and
treatment for the condition."
This could be a very big political and scientific step
for CFS. After two decades of stupidity and
obfuscation on the part of establishment researchers
who always seemed to be pretending to research an
epidemic that they pretended they didn't understand,
CFS now now may have a test showing that it is a
pathological condition. The time consuming battle of
patients fighting psychiatrists and psychologists
over whether CFS is all in the mind can now end. The
test should also be able to show how contagious the
illness is. If members of the same family and
associates of patients are shown to have the condition it will
help support previous informal studies that have
suggested that CFS is contagious. It will also help to
determine the incidence of the disease. In America,
estimates range from 500,000 to over five million. One
study goes dramatically higher.
The question we would like answered along the way is
rather obvious: is this new finding in the white blood
cells of CFS patients also found in AIDS?
New Scientist mentioned a number of pathogens that might be the
cause of this immune defect but, predictably, failed
to mention HHV-6, the virus that was recently linked
to CFS. HHV-6 is the virus that nobody wants to talk
about. Why is that? It couldn't have anyting to do
with the fact that HHV-6 links CFIDS and AIDS, could

If HHV-6 is the real cause of AIDS, here are some of the implications:

1. HIV is a massive scientific fraud. Something akin to a Ponzi scheme. Scientists who challenged the HIV theory of AIDS (the ones who have been thuggishly censored and silenced) turn out to be on the money.

2. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Autism (and many other so-called HHV-6 related mysterious epidemics) are part of the so-called AIDS epidemic.  Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Autism both are clearly the results of the ravages of HHV-6.

3. AIDS and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome has been artificially and politically separated into two epidemics. We are living in a period of CFS/AIDS apartheid. So-called AIDS patients have to sit in the back of the HHV-6 epidemic bus while the befuddled HHV-6/CFS patients and HHV-6/Autism victims sit up front. Nobody is well-served.

4. AIDS is not a sexually transmitted disease. That paradigm has set a scapegoating and antigay agenda in place that the public thinks is solidly based on science. It is only based on homophobic and racist nosology, epidemiology and virology. The scientists behind the paradigm are charlatans and crooks.

5. The Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta and the Pasteur Institute in Paris have a great deal in common with the institutions of Nazi medicine. For Blacks, everything these institutions have done in the name of AIDS really constitutes a second Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment.

Elements of a Scientific Ponzi Scheme like the Montagnier-Agut HIV Fraud Ponzi Scheme and HHV-6 Cover-up

A scientific Ponzi scheme begins with a central seminal or foundational scientific fraud and is  sometimes built on an infrastructure of smaller scientific frauds. Like the fake dividends issued in a strictly financial Ponzi scheme, a scientific Ponzi scheme issues fake dividends in the form of ongoing fraud-based research often framed as "breakthroughs" and bogus extrapolations which make it look like everything is above board and that what, in reality, is scientific fraud, appears to the rest of the scientific community and the public as good faith progress.

A classic scientific Ponzi scheme like the Montgnier-Agut HIV Fraud Ponzi Scheme and HHV-6 Cover-up include elements like these:

1. Nosological fraud.

2. Epidemiological fraud.

3. Virological fraud.

4. Treatment fraud.

5. Public health policy fraud.

6. Concealment of negative scientific data and paradigm-challenging anomalies.

7.  Use of an elite network of "old boys" and pseudo-activist provocateurs to censor critics and whistleblowers.

8. Chronic obscurantism.

9. If necessary, vigilantism and witch-hunts against any intellectuals, scientists, or citizens who constitute any form of resistance to the Ponzi scheme.

10. A subservient scientific press that is used as a conveyor belt for the Ponzi scheme's propaganda.

Everything always looks like it is working perfectly in a Ponzi scheme, until the moment comes when someone look at the books and blows the whistle.  Hopefully, that game-changing moment for the Montagnier-Agut HIV Fraud Ponzi Scheme and HHV-6 Cover-up is coming soon.

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