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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Another New Finding Shows CFS is Real

According to a report by Deborah Haile in the
Manchester Evening News today, "Dr. Raymond Perrin
believes he has proof that chronic fatigue syndrome -
once dubbed yuppie flu - has a physical cause."
Haile writes that "Manchester osteopath Dr. Perrin
believes he has proved that the debilitating syndrome
is the physical result of the way the body deals with
toxins. He believes a picture of varicose lymphatic
vessels taken during a research project at Salford
University shows for the first time the "backflow" of
lymphatic drainage that he believes is the cause of
toxin build-up. And it is this accumulation of toxins
in the central nervous system, which Dr. Perrin
believes is the cause of conditions such as chronic
fatigue syndrome and ME."
Perrin describes the vessels as being "swollen."
An article in the Journal of Nuclear Medicine outlines
the components of the lymphatic system:
"The lymphatic system is a component of both the
circulatory and the immune systems. The lymphatic
system consists of a series of conduits (the lymphatic
vasculature), lymphoid cells, and organized lymphoid
tissues. Lymphoid tissues include the lymph nodes,
spleen, thymus, Peyer's patches in the intestine, and
lymphoid tissue in the liver, lungs, and parts of the
bone marrow (20). Lymphatics are found throughout the
body, with the exception of the central nervous
system, where cerebrospinal fluid fulfills the normal
role of lymph. Lymphatic vasculature and lymphoid
tissue are prevalent in organs that come into direct
contact with the external environment, such as the
skin, gastrointestinal tract, and lungs. This
distribution is probably a reflection of the
protective role of the lymphatics against infectious
agents and alien particles. Absorption of fat from the
intestine occurs through the lymphatic system, which
transports the lipids (chyle) to the liver. The
lymphatic system also transports cellular debris,
metabolic waste products, and fluid excesses (edema
safety factor) from local sites back to the systemic
In the past, Dr. Paul Chency has suggested
hydrotherapy for the damaged lymph system in CFS
Below is a patient's guide to Lymphedema:

If HHV-6 is the real cause of AIDS, here are some of the implications:

1. HIV is a massive scientific fraud. Something akin to a Ponzi scheme. Scientists who challenged the HIV theory of AIDS (the ones who have been thuggishly censored and silenced) turn out to be on the money.

2. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Autism (and many other so-called HHV-6 related mysterious epidemics) are part of the so-called AIDS epidemic.  Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Autism both are clearly the results of the ravages of HHV-6.

3. AIDS and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome has been artificially and politically separated into two epidemics. We are living in a period of CFS/AIDS apartheid. So-called AIDS patients have to sit in the back of the HHV-6 epidemic bus while the befuddled HHV-6/CFS patients and HHV-6/Autism victims sit up front. Nobody is well-served.

4. AIDS is not a sexually transmitted disease. That paradigm has set a scapegoating and antigay agenda in place that the public thinks is solidly based on science. It is only based on homophobic and racist nosology, epidemiology and virology. The scientists behind the paradigm are charlatans and crooks.

5. The Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta and the Pasteur Institute in Paris have a great deal in common with the institutions of Nazi medicine. For Blacks, everything these institutions have done in the name of AIDS really constitutes a second Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment.

Elements of a Scientific Ponzi Scheme like the Montagnier-Agut HIV Fraud Ponzi Scheme and HHV-6 Cover-up

A scientific Ponzi scheme begins with a central seminal or foundational scientific fraud and is  sometimes built on an infrastructure of smaller scientific frauds. Like the fake dividends issued in a strictly financial Ponzi scheme, a scientific Ponzi scheme issues fake dividends in the form of ongoing fraud-based research often framed as "breakthroughs" and bogus extrapolations which make it look like everything is above board and that what, in reality, is scientific fraud, appears to the rest of the scientific community and the public as good faith progress.

A classic scientific Ponzi scheme like the Montgnier-Agut HIV Fraud Ponzi Scheme and HHV-6 Cover-up include elements like these:

1. Nosological fraud.

2. Epidemiological fraud.

3. Virological fraud.

4. Treatment fraud.

5. Public health policy fraud.

6. Concealment of negative scientific data and paradigm-challenging anomalies.

7.  Use of an elite network of "old boys" and pseudo-activist provocateurs to censor critics and whistleblowers.

8. Chronic obscurantism.

9. If necessary, vigilantism and witch-hunts against any intellectuals, scientists, or citizens who constitute any form of resistance to the Ponzi scheme.

10. A subservient scientific press that is used as a conveyor belt for the Ponzi scheme's propaganda.

Everything always looks like it is working perfectly in a Ponzi scheme, until the moment comes when someone look at the books and blows the whistle.  Hopefully, that game-changing moment for the Montagnier-Agut HIV Fraud Ponzi Scheme and HHV-6 Cover-up is coming soon.

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