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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

What's in a name?

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African swine fever threatens Europe

"Another expert who warns about the difficulty in tackling the disease is virologist Chris Oura at the University of the West Indies in St Augustine, Trinidad and Tobago, who compares the in pigs to Ebola. It causes rapid internal damage to the cells lining pig blood vessels and causes catastrophic internal injuries to their organs. There have been some cases found in wild boar along the Polish border, and the Baltic countries. "Germany shares a border with Poland and Poland itself has a big pig industry. And it has wild pigs on its border; they don't recognize that border and pass over," he adds."

Posts on HHV-6 and Pigs

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Was John Beldekas the first scientist to discover African Swine Fever Virus in human serum? 

In August, 1986, John Beldekas was invited to go to the NCI and present his findings on the link between ASFV [African Swine Fever virus] and AIDS, which he did. Beldekas gave samples of all his lab work to Gallo. Later, the government asked Beldekas to turn over all his reagents and lab work to the government, which he did. Beldekas had found ASFV presence in nine of 21 AIDS patients using two standard procedures. At the meeting, Gallo was reported saying: “we know it is not ASFV.” How could Gallo know this as he hadn’t done any of his own tests to look for ASFV?
Two months later, Gallo published an article in Science (Oct 31, 1986) that he discovered a new possible co-factor in AIDS, a virus he called Human B Cell Lymphotropic Virus which he named HBLV. Like ASFV, HBLV infected B cells and also lived in macrophages. Did Gallo steal Beldekas’s ASF virus he found in AIDS patients and rename it HBLV? Later on, when Gallo found that HBLV could also infect other immune cells, he changed the name of HBLV to HHV-6. Eventually, Gallo identified his HBLV as the variant A strain of HHV-6 and called it a human herpesvirus.
--Mark Konlee

More on African Swine Fever Virus as a Human Infection

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