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Sunday, April 19, 2015

A free excerpt from one of the most important and provocative books about HHV-6

The book America's Centers for Disease Control doesn't want you to read!

And Excerpt from 

The Closing Argument 

by Charles Ortleb.


A Novella about Racism, HHV-6, AIDS and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Editor's Note

The State of Connecticut versus Christian King was one of the most closely watched criminal trials in the early part of the twenty-first century. The trial was carried live on Court TV and was broadcast to nearly every country in the world, including China. The web site devoted to the trial was the first to have over a billion visitors in one day.

Christian King was a young African-American man charged with attempting to murder Buffie Jaqueline Dakota, an older white woman who resided in Greenwich, Connecticut. The state contended that he had infected her with HIV during sexual intercourse after she'd met him during happy hour at the Yacht Bar in Greenwich.

King's attorney, Frederick Douglass Thompson, stunned the entire nation when he turned the tables on the government and put HIV, the officially declared cause of AIDS, on trial. In a grueling six-month trial, Mr. Thompson called some of the leading HIV researchers to the witness stand, as well as prominent scientists who argued that HIV is not the cause of AIDS. Mr. Thompson tried to establish that Christian King was actually a victim of a massive cover-up of one of the biggest scientific mistakes in history.

Because the trial presented evidence that the American government had lied to its citizens for over two decades, passions were explosive both in and out of the courtroom. The President of the United States had to go on television twice during the trial to ask the American public to keep calm. The Connecticut National Guard had to be deployed to separate hundreds of warring protestors from the AIDS activist movement and the black civil rights community.

Throughout the trial, many civil rights leaders called upon the African-American community to boycott all HIV testing and all toxic medical experimentation for the treatment of HIV infection. One of the most respected civil rights leaders called the HIV establishment "racist purveyors of fraud and genocide." A number of civil rights leaders called the AIDS activists "government lackeys and collaborators" and they exhorted the African-American community to oppose all initiatives that were supported by the AIDS activists. There were several minor incidences of violence between the two groups.

Frederick Douglass Thompson gave his closing argument to a packed but hushed Hartford courtroom. What follows is an unedited transcript of his remarks.

When Mr. Thompson finished his closing argument, the judge had great difficulty quieting the courtroom, for many of the spectators stood, cheered, and applauded wildly.

Unfortunately, Mr. Thompson never heard the jury's verdict the next day because, as he got out of his car in the parking lot behind the Hartford Court House, he was shot to death by a lone gunman who had driven to Hartford all night from Atlanta, Georgia.
The Closing Argument

Your honor, I want to thank you and your very professional support staff for attending to our needs so well throughout this disturbing and difficult trial. I think I speak for all of the lawyers in this courtroom.

Good morning, ladies and gentlemen of the jury. I would first like to thank all of you for your tremendous patience during the last six months.

Judge Murray told you at the outset this could be a very disturbing trial and some of you may be in a little shock about how true that turned out to be. You have acquitted yourselves extremely well as citizens. I'm sure this is an experience that you will never forget.

Now, even though I'm sure that you're tired and can't wait for this crazy trial to be over so that you can get back to your loved ones, now is the time when we most need the attention of your hearts, minds, and souls. Yes, we even need for your souls to be listening now. It isn't just Christian King who needs your attention. The whole country needs it. History is watching you all very, very closely. What you decide here could change the fate of millions of people all over the world.

I'm going to try to be as brief and concise as possible, but as all of you can guess, I have a lot of ground to cover here, because it turns out that we're not just trying to save a man. We're trying to save a nation.

I'm sure that you are all aware that that this is the most talked-about case in the world these days. Mr. King's face has been on the cover of every important American newsmagazine. The story about his alleged crime has led the news on every television station in the nation.

I'm sure that Mr. King's mother never dreamed that her son Christian would end up an international celebrity under these circumstances. But maybe when my mother named me after Frederick Douglass, she had a vision of what I would be called upon to do here.

Certainly Mr. King's mother never imagined that her son's face would appear on the cover of one national magazine with the words "The AIDS Menace" under it. No way did she ever think that would happen.

How would you like to be a black man looking at the face of another black man on the cover of a magazine with the words "The AIDS Menace," at the same time that the Centers for Disease Control was saying that black men are at the highest risk of carrying the so-called AIDS virus? It's not the best time to be an African-American man in America. Added to the crime of driving while black, or standing on the corner while black seems to be the new crime of making love while being black, but we'll get to that.

When we began this trial, you remember how I told you that we needed for you to listen to all the witnesses with an open mind?

If you had seen any of the publicity about Mr. King, you had to make your best effort to put it out of your mind when you listened to the evidence in this trial. I asked you to listen closely to the facts.

And for six months you listened to so many facts that some of you should be given honorary degrees in law and science. After all that you've heard, some of you could even leave this courtroom today and begin doing AIDS research. In fact, I would guess that some of you have some pretty wild questions about AIDS and HIV now and that you're going to want to go back out into the real world and ask them as soon as possible.

I also want you to remember how I asked you to open your minds on the subject of AIDS. I warned you that by the end of this trial you might no longer believe a single word that you have heard about AIDS, and that you were going to have your trust in the American government totally shaken, if it hadn't already been. That is a very scary experience for any citizen. It's easier to believe what everybody else believes than to stand up and express doubts and ask questions. Especially about something as dreadful as AIDS. No one wants anything they've heard about AIDS to be wrong.

I told you that what you've heard for the past two decades about AIDS and HIV was going to be seriously challenged from every imaginable angle throughout the course of this trial, and that just because a government scientist says something about AIDS doesn't necessarily mean that it's true. Scientists can lie just like anybody else. Especially, it would seem, government scientists.

I told you that you were going to be hearing from people who called themselves AIDS experts, but in fact they might just be paid government liars. I told you that you were going to be hearing from some of the biggest government liars since Watergate, Vietnam and Waco. We can't let experts decide matters like this for us. I told you repeatedly that the only expert you had to listen to and believe in this trial was yourself. I'm totally depending on your ability to distinguish lies from truth. That's what any case is about. It's not a perfect system, but it's the only one we have.

I told you that I knew that every day when you came from your homes in cars or on the train or bus to the courthouse, you would probably be seeing posters and billboards about AIDS that implied that HIV is the cause of AIDS, and that you would have to screen these posters out of your mind, because you are the ones who are going to have to determine if HIV is really the cause of AIDS. Again I say that in this courtroom you are now the only AIDS experts.

I also said that I knew many of you had seen television advertising with some of your favorite celebrities telling people to get tested for HIV because it is the cause of AIDS.

As you recall, in the pre-trial jury selection, we asked whether it would be possible for any of you to accept that Madonna or Whoopi Goldberg could be wrong about AIDS being caused by HIV, and most of you said yes.

I told you at the beginning of this trial that it would be very important to recall some of the darker moments in our country's history. I reminded you of Iran-Contra, the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment, and the radiation experiments done on American prisoners, and I asked you all if you could even remotely imagine that the same government could just possibly be lying through their teeth about AIDS, and to your credit, most of you in pre-trial said yes. Some more enthusiastically than others.

Now when you convene in that jury room upstairs, I hope you will think very carefully about all of the scientists we've introduced you to over the last six months. I told you that you would be learning something that the media had neglected to tell you for over twenty years. When you came here, most of you had only heard that all scientists thought that HIV was the cause of AIDS, but now you know differently. Or at least I hope you do, for Christian King's sake.

And please remember that this isn't just a case about armchair theories about AIDS. This trial is not an AIDS bull session. This is not an AIDS Tupperware party. This is a case of a man who has been accused of infecting a woman with a virus that some say will kill her. That's what the state wants you to believe. That Buffie Jacqueline Dakota of Greenwich, Connecticut, will die of HIV disease because she was infected by my client Christian King after he picked her up during happy hour in the Yacht Bar in Greenwich, Connecticut.

I told you that you had to ignore the fact that the media has already prepared Mr. King for a lynching. I told you that I would present a succession of scientists who would make you doubt the media, the government, and the honesty of American science.

I hope I have been successful, because if I am not, Mr. King is about to spend a lot of time in jail, and our jails are becoming more and more like concentration camps all the time, and I fear that a whole lot of Americans--many of them black men--will have to line up behind him. Jurors, you will be deciding the fate of many black Americans today. Please do not take this lightly.

Now, as you review the last six months, I want you not to lose sight of what I think is the most important conclusion of the testimony you have heard, namely, that my client cannot be found guilty of attempting to murder Buffie Dakota with HIV by having sexual intercourse with her, because HIV is not the cause of AIDS. It's just that simple. HIV, as we all know it, is a bogus entity. HIV is a national crime of fraud and deception.

Ladies and gentlemen, you can save this nation by sending a message to the highest levels of our government. In order to do that, I hope you will give special weight to the testimony of Dr. Thomas Parnell, our first witness.

I wanted you to hear Dr. Parnell first because he is where it all begins. He is the first AIDS whistleblower, the pioneer truth teller of the AIDS epidemic of lies. He is America's Galileo. When you meet in that jury room upstairs, there's no way you can remember what Dr. Parnell said and send anyone to jail over this disgusting fraud they call HIV.

Dr. Parnell told you about that magic moment in his life when he realized that there was no way that HIV could be the cause of AIDS.

Some of you looked very, very surprised. You had never heard that there were eminent scientists who knew that the evidence did not support the government's insistence that HIV is the cause of AIDS. You only heard the government's party line about HIV. And you heard it over and over.

Dr. Parnell was on a short list of scientists who were expected to win a Nobel Prize until he spilled the beans about HIV.

You were probably even more surprised to hear Dr. Parnell say that there are hundreds of scientists—people with M.D.s and Ph.D.s behind their names—who agree with him that HIV cannot be the cause of AIDS. And all of them would agree that it is a serious miscarriage of justice for Christian King, a young black man without a Ph.D. or M.D. behind his name, to be spending every night in jail, while having his face show up all over the universe with the words "The AIDS Menace" under it. You can imagine what prison life is like for him. I will get to that shortly, too.

You also heard Dr. Parnell tell you that some of the scientists who do not believe HIV is the cause of AIDS are Nobel Prize winners. I hope you will remember that when you adjourn to the jury room. The people who say HIV is not the cause of AIDS are not crazy radicals. They're not Kennedy assassination conspiracy theorists. Contrary to what the Prosecutor said the other day, some of the people who don't think HIV is the cause of AIDS are among the smartest people on earth.

As you can tell from the testimony you've heard, that mistake has grown larger and larger every day and it no longer is just a colossal error, but it has now turned into one of the biggest cover-ups in our nation's history. As I said throughout the trial, ladies and gentlemen, you can bring about the end of that cover-up here and now. I just hope you care enough to try.

Dr. Parnell attempted to give you a little lesson in proving causation in science. He gave you an introduction to the laws of evidence which are known as Koch's postulates.

As you recall from Dr. Parnell's testimony, Dr. Koch was a scientist who in 1884 discovered the cause of tuberculosis. He also came up with the criteria for proving that a germ is guilty of causing a disease. Dr. Parnell, or I should say Dr. Koch, held that, one, a microbe must be discovered growing abundantly in every sick patient and every diseased tissue of that patient.

Two, that same microbe must be successfully isolated and then grown in a laboratory.

And three, that germ must then cause the same disease when it is put into another host.

This all seemed pretty clear, but where AIDS is concerned nothing is clear. That is because where AIDS is concerned, everything is political, but we'll get to that later.

As Dr. Parnell told you, these rules have been used by scientists for over a hundred years to solve the mysteries of disease causation.

And Dr. Parnell told you that he got into trouble when he discovered that these rules had not been followed when HIV was declared the official, government-approved cause of AIDS.

And that's when Dr. Parnell became the scientist who knew too much.

When the government announced that a retrovirus was the cause of AIDS, Dr. Parnell was one of the nation's leading retrovirologists. Certainly he was on a par with the scientists who claimed that HIV was the cause of AIDS. Some of them had even learned from him. And some of them had thought he was one of the smartest retrovirologists in the field.

He also knew Dr. Rollo Macdougal, the man who first took credit for discovering HIV, but eventually turned out to have stolen it.

Dr. Parnell explained to you how the government declared HIV the cause of AIDS without going through the normal, required scientific procedures to prove what causes a disease.

At a press conference in 1984, Secretary of Health and Human Services, Gidget Waxman, with Dr. Rollo Macdougal at her side, announced to the frightened public that the probable cause of AIDS had been found. It was supposed to be a great victory for the Reagan administration. It was a great victory all right, but it just wasn't science. It was politics, pure and simple. Politics masquerading as science.

We American citizens should probably have realized at that moment how dirty and political AIDS was, but those of you on the jury who are old enough to remember will most likely agree with me that the nation was so frightened by the mystery of AIDS at that moment in time that if they had said that shrimp egg rolls were the cause of AIDS, we all would have just breathed a sigh of relief.

And after hearing the testimony that you've heard, it should be clear that it is more likely that shrimp egg rolls are the cause of AIDS than that HIV is.

That's just how screwed up things are.

Dr. Parnell explained to you how those rules that Koch had established back in 1884 were not in any way followed by Dr. Macdougal or any of the other HIV charlatans.

You could say that the first real AIDS crime, one against the American people, was committed back in 1984 when Ronald Reagan was President. Remember those were the days when people like William Buckley, Jr., wanted to put tattoos on the bodies of people who were infected with this so-called AIDS virus? Remember when people wanted to quarantine AIDS patients because they didn't know what the cause of AIDS was? Remember when nurses wouldn't even go into the rooms of AIDS patients?

Dr. Parnell told you that Dr. Macdougal's research hadn't even been published before the government made its big political announcement about AIDS. That was unprecedented in the history of science. And very, very fishy.

At that instant, every other idea about what might cause AIDS was completely dismissed.

The search for the cause of AIDS was declared over.

No one could get research funding for any other idea.

And no one raised their voice for a long time until Professor Parnell wrote an article that challenged the HIV hypothesis in 1987.

In that groundbreaking article, Dr. Parnell, as he told you on the stand, explained how HIV absolutely did not fulfill Koch's postulates.

As Dr. Parnell told you, HIV cannot be found in all AIDS patients. And it has never been taken from the body of an AIDS patient, purified in a lab, and then put into an animal where it then causes AIDS.

When Dr. Parnell tried to wake up the world to this terrible mistake, he received the reward that many whistleblowers receive. He was punished severely. Dr. Parnell had told the Emperor that he had no clothes. Dr. Parnell had told the world that the HIV researchers were con artists.

Dr. Parnell eventually lost his funding from the National Institutes of Health.

And some of the same people who built this empire of lies were responsible for defunding Dr. Parnell. That's just the beginning of the corruption in the AIDS game.

He had what could have been called a rotating genius grant from the National Institutes of Health which was not renewed because he challenged the government's official line on AIDS.

What happened to Dr. Parnell makes America look more like the old Soviet Union, or, I am ashamed to say, like Nazi Germany.

Dr. Parnell didn't lose his freedom of speech, but he did lose his ability to conduct scientific research. That's a lot like losing your freedom in speech in science. No laboratory, no research. No research, no freedom of speech.

Dr. Parnell was defunded and silenced just because he said that HIV is not the cause of AIDS.

And it is because Professor Parnell was unable to fight the powerful forces of the growing HIV establishment that Christian King sits before you, threatened by the state of Connecticut with life imprisonment for infecting Buffie Jacqueline Dakota with the virus that causes AIDS, but a virus which Dr. Parnell says is one of the biggest blunders ever made in science. It's the blunder from Hell.

You, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, are going to have to decide whether it is time to end this scientific fraud. All of America is watching you.

They didn't put Dr. Parnell in jail for the rest of his life because he told the truth about HIV, but they punished him in every way they could in a so-called free country.

At his university, they made sure that no graduate students signed up to be a part of his lab.

The HIV establishment made sure that he wasn't invited to any more AIDS conferences.

His department at his university put him in charge of the annual picnic. They should also have given him a clown nose to wear around the campus.

He wasn't invited to contribute papers to most scientific journals.

In other, words, Dr. Parnell was basically told to shut up.

And did Dr. Parnell get any support from the AIDS activist community? No, they were just as bad as the government and the AIDS establishment. They called him a murderer because he dared to warn them that HIV isn
t the cause of AIDS. They assaulted the messenger.

I think that it is only reasonable to come to the conclusion from what Dr. Parnell said that some kind of massive cover-up has been going on since the very beginning of this whole HIV story. The government clearly doesn't want us to know something about AIDS. And I think most of you now grasp what that is.

Dr. Parnell told you that some people in Dr. Rollo Macdougal's retroviral lab at the National Institutes of Health told him in the early Nineties that they couldn't find active HIV in the bodies of AIDS patients. No active virus in the very people who were supposed to be dying of the virus. That should have told everyone right then and there that a massive HIV fraud was underway.

Dr. Parnell told you about the scientific paper he wrote back in 1987 which totally discredited the HIV hypothesis. And to this very day no one has successfully refuted his paper.

No major AIDS researcher will talk to Dr. Parnell. He has been given the silent treatment.

Oh, they talk about him, though. They demonize him. They say that he is endangering people's lives. That people might stop using condoms because he says that HIV is not the cause of AIDS. He's called a murderer because he questions established authority.

I don't know about you ladies and gentlemen, but I guess from what I've said myself during this trial, that would make me a serial killer or worse.

That's what happens to you when you dare to contradict the AIDS establishment. That's what happens when you don't believe their fraud.

And remember how big that establishment is, ladies and gentlemen. Every year they can spend billions of dollars covering up the lies about HIV. They can buy a whole lot of silence. If you want to do AIDS research, you have to pretend that you think HIV is the cause or you don't get any funding. No disagreement is tolerated.

Dr. Parnell told you that in the medical literature there are reports on several thousand cases of AIDS that have occurred without any evidence of HIV.

How can HIV be the cause of AIDS if so many people have AIDS without HIV? It just doesn't make any sense.

If that mistake wasn't bad enough, Dr. Parnell also told you about the treatment disaster that ensued.

A toxic drug called AZT was declared, by this same HIV Mafia, to be effective against the very virus that clearly wasn't the cause of AIDS. According to Dr. Parnell, and several other scientists you heard from during this trial, AZT is capable of causing AIDS all by itself. They certainly convinced me.

AZT kills cells in the body indiscriminately. It kills the very cells that we have in our body to protect us from viruses.

So we have doctors giving AZT, which causes AIDS, to people who are infected with a virus that isn't the cause of AIDS. That's one way to prove that HIV is fatal. Give someone who tests positive for HIV a drug that will kill them.

This is crazy, ladies and gentlemen. And you can end this craziness.

If you want to give yourself AIDS, just take the very drug doctors tell you is the most effective treatment.

It all sounds a little like Nazi Germany to me. What's it sound like to you?

Dr. Parnell gave you a list of celebrities who he feels have been killed by the HIV theory and its toxic consequence, AZT.

Rudolph Nureyev might be dancing today if this situation had been set right.

Arthur Ashe might be playing tennis today if this HIV gang hadn't taken over control of AIDS research.

Think about it as you make your decision about Christian King's fate.

You can't bring Nureyev or Arthur Ashe back with your decision, but you can stop the endless death march of hapless victims that the big HIV lie has created.

Nobody in the AIDS establishment seems to have a backup plan in case they are wrong. And they can't admit they are wrong after twenty years of being wrong. Can you imagine what might happen to the scientists who have perpetrated this fraud on the American public? In addition to financial ruin some of them would even face serious criminal penalties.

Just remember one thing, ladies and gentlemen: If you convict Christian King you will keep these fraudulent foxes in the AIDS hen house. I'm asking you to send a message that America wants the HIV foxes out now. Send a message loud and clear, that the duplicitous scientists who have perpetrated this fraud are the real AIDS menace in our midst.

In his testimony, Dr. Parnell painted an interesting picture of the Centers for Disease Control. Here is a huge government bureaucracy that gets fatter and fatter every year with the billions of dollars they receive for so-called AIDS research. They rely on the trust of Congress and the trust of the American people or they could lose every penny of their funding.

If the public ever stopped trusting the CDC, what would happen in a real emergency, like a biological warfare attack on the United States? In some ways, the HIV lie has become entangled in national security and the survival of the CDC.

I told you this trial was going to take you to very strange and disturbing places. Some of you must have often felt like you were watching an episode of The X-Files.

Dr. Parnell explained to you how the CDC seized an enormous amount of power over state health departments, and therefore over the American people, under the pretext of the AIDS emergency.

You can't do anything about AIDS in the public health area of any city in this country without the CDC having some kind of say in the matter.

The CDC is the Politburo and Gestapo of AIDS.

So after all these years of lying to the public about HIV, how does the CDC make an about-face?

Apparently, it can't.

That's why it is up to you jurors to turn this situation around. You have to speak up for the American public by not letting my client be just the next victim of the CDC’s inability to tell the truth. They would rather that my client suffer the hellish indignities of life in prison than tell the truth about HIV. They don't care.

I think that this is an abomination. I pray that you do too.

Dr. Parnell had the courage to tell you about what sounds to me like a virtual police state that the CDC is planning around this diabolical AIDS fraud. He told you how the CDC planned a central registry of everybody who tested positive for this virus by the HIV test, which we also found out was a total crock. I'll get to the case against the HIV test shortly.

They were going to test the whole population for this virus which wasn't the cause of AIDS. For what reason? For public health? Because they care about people? I don't think so.

The only way to cover up a little lie is to tell a bigger lie. Everything this government has done on AIDS has been a progressively bigger and bigger lie.

Pinocchio's nose is touching the stratosphere, ladies and gentlemen.

Once you start lying about something this big, you can't stop.

Congress gave the Centers for Disease Control every darn penny they wanted. And what did they use a lot of that money for? They called it prevention. But it was really propaganda and indoctrination. In order to keep everyone believing that HIV is the cause of AIDS, they started one of the most massive and deceptive public relations campaigns in history, bigger even than Nazi Germany. They called it AIDS education, but it was just lying.

What a great way to cover-up a scientific mistake that had turned into a scientific lie. Mobilize the entire population. Usually when fascist dictators try to mobilize a population around a lie, they try and blame a minority group to get the public's attention focused away from the real facts.

And the HIV mistake turned out to be no different, even though we are supposedly a democracy.

First it was the gays.

Remember how it used to be a gay disease?

Then it became a black disease.

And now it is a criminal disease.

There is a long history of nations blaming hated minorities for epidemics. I hope you now see that AIDS is no exception. I told you I would be repeating the phrase "politics masquerading as science" throughout the trial. Well, I do it here again. This is all politics masquerading as science. AIDS is nothing but racist, homophobic politics masquerading as science.

I'm sure some of you were wondering how all of this could have been happening when it seemed like there were so many protest groups confronting the government all the time.

Well, as Dr. Parnell pointed out, most of these groups were receiving money from the government and from companies that were making a test for a virus that didn't cause the disease as well as from pharmaceutical companies that were treating people with toxic drugs aimed at the wrong culprit. Anywhere you looked, there were unholy alliances. It turns out that they were protest groups in name only.

Dr. Parnell explained to you how the CDC formed partnerships with AIDS organizations that were responsible for the welfare of patients. Almost every AIDS organization in America has ties to the Centers for Disease Control and its lies.

The CDC got its propaganda out to the public through organizations like the American Federation of Teachers, the National School Boards Association, the National Parent-Teacher Association.

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, we have been bombarded for a decade and a half with the CDC's HIV propaganda. Your tax dollars have been hard at work lying to you. Medical mendacity is out of control in this great country of ours.

Even the most radical AIDS activists got on the HIV bandwagon. Any gay person who didn't wear a red ribbon and believe HIV was the cause of AIDS was told that they were in denial and to just take a walk. And many who had doubts just shut up.

If enough gays had been brave and cried foul a decade ago, Christian King wouldn't be sitting here in this precarious situation. And now things are even worse for gays. They're as tangled up in the HIV net they helped create as black people are.

Luckily, some African-Americans have been seeing through AIDS for a long time. And that's because of the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment. Tuskegee gave us X-ray vision.

Maybe it's too bad the gay community wasn't victimized by the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment. Maybe they would have thought twice before they cooperated with the sinister forces that put this HIV mendacity together. Maybe they wouldn't have fallen for this whole scam, hook, line, and sinker.

As Christian King testified, the first thing he asked me for in jail after I agreed to take on this case was a book on the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment. He had been hearing about its connection to AIDS for years, and he wanted to read about other black men who were lied to about their health in the past. He could just smell the connection to the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment.

I gave him the best book on the subject, James Jones's Bad Blood.

I think Christian has read that book about ten times during this trial. Just about every line of his copy is now underlined.

It's clear that not much has changed in the attitude of government doctors toward black Americans since the time of the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment. They're still lying to us. They're still making decisions about us without informing us about what is really going on. And there are ugly parallels to what happened in Nazi Germany that cannot be ignored.

In the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment, they lied to black men about their infections. They never told them that they had syphilis.

In the CDC HIV experiment, they're lying again but in a different way. They're telling people that one virus is the cause of AIDS when another virus is the real cause. It's pretty simple, once you know all the facts, to see what is going on.

They use the HIV story to get black people, and gay people I might add, to take responsibility for an epidemic which isn't even caused by the virus they say that black men like Christian King are spreading, during consensual sex.

And then they give them a terminal disease by making them take drugs that destroy the immune system.

The Nazis would be real proud of this one. Real proud. It's all as brilliant as it is disgusting. It's sneaky, creepy, and disgusting.

But luckily we still have some laws in this land, and some kind of justice system, and hopefully people with a conscience like you jurors. The fate of gay people yesterday, and black people today, could be your fate tomorrow, if you don't act now to stop this atrocity.

You can end this Nazi nightmare that is taking place in the United States of America.

It's amazing how much of an expert on the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment Christian King has become.

And this is despite the warnings from the leading medical ethicists who are also on the AIDS gravy train, I might point out, to not see the connection between the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment and AIDS.

In newspaper articles the self-appointed medical ethicists say, yes, you black folks should be upset and outraged at the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment, but it's going too far to link it to AIDS. That's a definite medical ethics no-no. They say, "Don't go there, folks."

Well, it looks like black people in this country are getting ready to do their own medical ethics, thank you very much. If you want medical ethics done right, you just got to do them yourself.

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