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Sunday, May 15, 2016

May 15, 2016: An editorial on the path forward for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

HHV-6 University Editorial

If members of the so-called Chronic Fatigue Syndrome community really want to get to the bottom of their epidemic (and sometimes we doubt that is true), they should stop making sob sister documentaries and prancing around with their underwear outside of their clothes. One more boo-hoo story about how awful CFS is will just make the world yawn and say, "Get in line, buddy. We all have problems." The misguided underwear-on-the-outside campaign will only make the patients look silly, but we won't get into that here.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is first and foremost a political matter. Untrustworthy scientists in power are controlling and masking what the public knows about CFS. Anyone who has watched the CFS narrative unfold, in all of its sociopathic glory, knows that what is being hidden from public consciousness is its obvious contagiousness and the intertwined relationship between CFS, AIDS and HHV-6. For more on that we suggest you look at some of the hundreds of posts on HHV-6 University.

Stop whining. Stop being silly. Get political. Face facts. Get real.

If the contagious nature of their illness and the relationship between CFS, AIDS and HHV-6 are too much truth for CFS patients, then Houston, we have a real problem. If CFS patients, researchers and activists can't handle the truth, they're destined to live out the rest of their days in a cockamamie wild goose chase full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

Tell it like it is!

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