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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Update from Sociopathic Science University

All the problems in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome research stem from the fact that is part of sociopathic science's corrupt AIDS bubble. Hopefully that bubble will burst sooner rather than later.

May 19, 2016 Editorial: Is Ian Lipkin some kind of idiot?

HHV-6 University Editorial

Is Ian Lipkin Some Kind of Idiot?

“ME/CFS is a global problem that we need to address – it robs people
of the most productive years of their lives, it causes immunological
dysfunction, profound fatigue, cognitive dysfunction. It really
destroys peoples’ lives. It is underappreciated, it is underfunded,
and with your support we hope to find solutions to this crippling
problem”. ~Dr. Ian Lipkin

If Ian Lipkin doesn't see Chronic Fatigue Syndrome as part of the AIDS  epidemic and if he doesn't examine the role of HHV-6 in CFS as well as the endogenous superantigen retrovirus HERV-K18 it transactivates, then he is just playing games with people's lives and money. At best he is an enabler of the socipathic science that has characterized CFS/AIDS research for over three decades. At worst he is just another CFS/AIDS charlatan and rip-off artist.

Lipkin needs the members of the CFS community to play his patsies. Don't oblige him.

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