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Sunday, May 28, 2017

Why We Need to Talk about the Ephron Sister Acute Myeloid Leukemia Cluster

In The New York Times, Delia Ephron has announced that she has acute myeloid leukemia. Her famous sister Nora also had it. Is it contagious? We need to talk.

According to the HHV-6 Foundation, "Studies of the role of HHV-6 in acute leukemia are mixed."

Given that the main role the HHV-6 Foundation seems to play is the obfuscation of the HHV-6 epidemic and its origins in the Gallo-Ablashi cover-up of the massive HIV-AIDS mistake (and fraud), it is no surprise that it is "mixed." Everything is cockamamie and "mixed" on the HHV-6 Foundation's site, and if that organization continues to be the only foundation devoted to HHV-6 research, the truth about the HHV-6 epidemic will be cockamamie, mixed, and hidden from the public for many years to come. If the world knows the truth about HHV-6, it will know the truth of the fraudulent AIDS science of Robert Gallo and Dharam Ablashi.

If you study the HHV-6 Foundation the organization seems to be caught up in the government's public health shenanigans of knowing HHV-6 is really serious, but not wanting to scare the public about the true nature of the HHV-6 epidemic and the fact that it obviously is linked to all kinds of serious medical problems, including the cancer in the Ephron Sisters. If you want to know all the illnesses HHV-6 has been linked to, just take a closer look everything we have published here on HHV-6 University for the last decade or so.

HHV-6 has been linked to acute myeloid leukemia in this paper:

For more than a decade my newspaper, New York Native, warned New York and the rest of the world that HHV-6 was the key to the AIDS epidemic and was causing all kinds of other problems like Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and cancer.  The New York Times and the rest of The media mocked my newspaper and was happy when it went out of business.You can read the story of my newspapers struggle to get the word out about HHV-6 in Truth to Power.

Hopefully, the fact that two women have acute myeloid leukemia and are related will inspire the scientific establishment and the media to take HHV-6 seriously. It shouldn't take a endless stream of New York celebrities with acute myeloid leukemia to do that. HHV-6 is a threat to everyone.

Refusing to sound the alarm about HHV-6 and playing obfuscating games with HHV-6 research is playing games with people's lives.

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