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Thursday, June 29, 2017

For more than a decade, an amazing little newspaper, New York Native, warned New York and the rest of the world that HHV-6 was the key to the AIDS epidemic and was causing all kinds of other problems like Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and cancer.  The New York Times and the rest of the media mocked that newspaper and was happy when it went out of business. You can read the story of this New York Native's struggle to get the word out about HHV-6 in Truth to Power.

About HHV-6 University

HHV-6 University was founded in 2005. There are over 2,000 posts on this site. We urge you to come back and complete your degree at HHV-6 University. HHV-6, which should be taken out of the herpes virus category and put in a class by itself, is the biggest threat to public health on the planet today. Become an HHV-6 activist and help wake the world up.

A major focus of this institution is the study of the Franco-American HIV Fraud Ponzi Scheme and HHV-6 Cover-up. The fraud about HIV could not survive without the obscurantism, revisionism and lies about the so-called harmless latency and "secondary infection nature" of HHV-6. This double fraud is the biggest scientific deception in the history of science and medicine. You life and he lives of your family and friends are being jeopardized by this biomedical shenanigans.

We in France and America apologize for the criminal behavior of our NIH, CDC and Pasteur Institute. Thanks to them, the world has been victimized by nosological, epidemiological and virological fraud that these corrupt, pseudoscientific organizations have exported to every country on this planet. We urge intellectuals, writers, scientists, doctors and activists to resist the HIV Fraud Ponzi Scheme and HHV-6 Cover-up that have been imposed upon you by deceptive, arrogant, charlatans like Anthony Fauci, Robert Gallo, Luc Montagnier, Henri Agut and Dharam Ablashi who have enriched their bank accounts and reputations by pretending that they are the greatest and most trustworthy biomedical minds on earth. If the HHV-6/7/8 epidemic is truly to be controlled it's time for intellectuals and scientists outside of the United States to do their own independent research.

We live in an age of Sociopathic Science. To learn more about that, we urge you to visit Sociopathic Science University.

Here are the books we suggest you purchase to better understand HHV-6 University's mission.

Truth to Power by Charles Ortleb

The Closing Argument by Charles Ortleb (Available on Kindle and in a Print Edition. Free for Kindle owners with Amazon Prime.)

The Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Follies: Cartoons about an epidemic of lies. [Kindle Edition available on Kindle Unlimited]

America's Biggest Cover-Up: 50 More Things Everyone Should Know About the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Epidemic And Its Link to AIDS by Neenyah Ostrom (Print Edition)

What Really Killed Gilda Radner? Frontline Reports on the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Epidemic by Neenyah Ostrom (Print Edition)

50 Things You Should Know About the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Epidemic by Neenyah Ostrom (Print Edition)

The Virus Within by Nicholas Regush (Print Edition)

Introductory Lectures (Be sure to take notes.)

HHV-6 and the Immune System
HHV-6 and Endogenous Retroviruses
HHV-6 and Natural Killer Cells
HHV-6 and T Cells
HHV-6 and B Cells
HHV-6 and Monocytes/Macrophages
HHV-6 and Dendritic Cells
HHV-6 and Mitochondria
HHV-6 and Apoptosis
HHV-6 can be a Hemorrhagic Virus
HHV-6 and Cancer
HHV-6 and the Brain
HHV-6 and Autoimmunity
HHV-6 and AIDS
HHV-6 and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
HHV-6 and Autism
HHV-6 and Multiple Sclerosis
HHV-6 and the Brain
HHV-6 and the Heart
HHV-6 and the Immune System
HHV-6 and the Lymph Nodes
HHV-6 and the Lungs
HHV-6 and the Thyroid
HHV-6 and the Skin
HHV-6 and Chimerism
Epidemiology of HHV-6
Konnie Knox on HHV-6
Dharam Ablashi on HHV-6
HHV-6 and CFS Cartoons

books on kindle

Two books on amazon

Everyone needs to know what the CDC is hiding about CFS and HHV-6. NEW YORK NATIVE contains both volumes of THE CHRONIC FATIGUE SYNDROME EPIDEMIC COVER-UP. The print version is $23. Only $7.98 in Kindle.

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