Sunday, August 05, 2018

Why steroids can make Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (i.e. HHV-6 disease) worse.

Robert Downing's role in the cover-up of African Swine Fever and HHV-6

Is HHV-8 really African Swine Fever in humans? Is HHV-6 also a strain of African Swine Fever. Are they part of a family of African Swine Fever viruses triggering AIDS, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, autoimmunity, cancer and innumerable other medical problems? What does Robert Downing know about this? He was very involved in African Swine Fever Virus research at one point in his career.

Some of his work: 

Herpesvirus‐like DNA sequences detected in endemic, classic, iatrogenic and epidemic Kaposi's sarcoma (KS) biopsies

Human herpesvirus type 8 variants in Kaposi's sarcoma before and after AIDS era

If HHV-8 is really African Swine Fever Virus, then Jane Teas and John Beldekas should get the Nobel prize.

Why are Chronic Fatigue Syndrome patients infected with HHV-8?

And is the high prevalence of HHV-8 in Sardinia due to the fact that HHV-8 is really African Swine Fever Virus?

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