Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Why is nobody warned about exposure to HHV-8, the Kaposi's Sarcoma virus that even patients with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome are sometimes infected with?

On World AIDS Day it is important to discuss the massive kissing-disease epidemic of a cancer-causing virus (HHV-8) that HIV fraud has created.

Do petechiae in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome connect it to Kaposi's Sarcoma, HHV-8, and AIDS?

Because of HHV-8, AIDS is still an active fraud situation
Do researchers into Castleman's Disease know that HHV-8 may have come from pigs?
Fauci and the CDC have used the fraudulent HIV paradigm to cover up the HHV-8 epidemic in the gay community.
The CDC can't call HHV-6, HHV-7 & HHV-8 the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome viruses because that will undermine the AIDS paradigm.
What if HHV-8 is a real biomarker for the intertwined Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and AIDS epidemics?
Is HHV-6 really a pig virus just like HHV-8? What is the African Swine Fever connection? Was Beldekas right?

Pigs and HHV-8, the virus found in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and AIDS patients.
Miracle drug Truvada is not stopping the exploding HHV-8 epidemic
Are the endothelial cells of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome patients infected with HHV-8?
Does the CDC's failure to warn the public about HHV-8 constitute negligent homicide?
Some studies even show HHV-8 oral shedding in HHV-8-seronegative individuals
Did Michael Hobbes Inadvertently Reveal the Real HHV-6 & HHV-8 AIDS Epidemic in the Gay Community?
Should everyone with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome being taking medication to prevent or control HHV-8?
Is the CDC covering up the HHV-8 epidemic in the gay community and the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome community?
Will microRNAs link African Swine Fever and the human viruses HHV-6, HHV-7, and HHV-8?
Are HHV-6, HHV-7, and HHV-8 environmentally stable like African Swine Fever?
Is the CDC hiding the HHV-8 epidemic in the gay community? Does it reveal that HIV is a big mistake?
The list of diseases the other CFS/AIDS virus (HHV-8) is associated with will take your breath away
What HHV-8 does to Natural Killer Cells
Get ready for an HHV-8 revolution in our understanding of AIDS and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.
HHV-8 may be the biggest challenge to the HIV theory of AIDS.
Important information for anyone concerned that HHV-8 is really African Swine Fever and the key to AIDS & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
If HHV-6 and HHV-8 are really African Swine Fever, has Robert Gallo found a cure for ASFV-infected pigs?
Can the mystery of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome be solved by the overlap of HHV-8 and African Swine Fever in Sassari, Sardinia?
If HHV-8 is African Swine Fever, it is widespread in patients will all kinds of medical issues in Russia.
Question for Chinese scientists about African Swine Fever in China: Is it called HHV-8 when it infects humans?
Do financial markets know that HHV-8, the KS virus, might be African Swine Fever?
The truth About HHV-8 in Castleman Disease may force the CDC to tell the truth about HHV-8 in AIDS.

The state of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome research.

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