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Friday, January 25, 2019

The absurdity of the Judy Mikovits idea of "Non-HIV AIDS."

Judy Mikovits called Chronic Fatigue Syndrome "Non-HIV AIDS" in this interview. 

The big questions for her is this: Is there an epidemic of "Non-HIV AIDS" in the gay community? How many people have HIV/AIDS and "Non-HIV AIDS."

Why are here no major gay organizations to deal with "Non-HIV AIDS?

Or does all of this indicate that separating AIDS into HIV/AIDS and "Non-HIV AIDS," is actually ridiculous and just is a way of avoiding the obvious conclusion: that HIV can't be the cause of AIDS?

Has Judy Mikovits made a major contribution to science by inadvertently undermining the HIV theory of AIDS?

Has she moved the world one step closer to seeing that Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is part of the real AIDS epidemic?

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