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Sunday, May 12, 2019

The Ron Davis story should raise more troubling questions about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

The recent CNN article by Ryan Prior about Ron Davis and his sick son is some flawed but welcome publicity for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. The case of Whitney, his son, is breathtakingly tragic. What is concerning about the Prior article is that the issue of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome being a transmissible disease is not discussed, and it should be. What makes Chronic Fatigue Syndrome a major public health problem is that clearly, under certain conditions, it can be contracted from another person. For most people that is an real eye-opener. It would certainly light a fire under members of Congress.

If Prior and Davis really want to force the government to take CFS seriously, they should be urging the CDC to declare CFS an infectious and notifiable disease. That would get the ball rolling 

Whitney has become an iconic figure in the struggle against Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Those of us who have been covering this epidemic for decades have to be honest about a couple of things. First, the cases that we have followed have generally not been as severe as Whitney's. In the last few years severe cases have been surfacing. This really begs the question of whether the disease is evolving into something more serious than the cases presented in most of the reports of the last 35 years. Is the virus triggering this (most likely from the HHV-6 family) evolving into a more lethal agent? Are we at the beginning of a new phase in the tragic Chronic Fatigue Syndrome epidemic?

The other issue that everyone seems to be afraid to bring up is that the many pictures of an emaciated Whitney resemble early AIDS patients. Surely we are not the first to say the Emperor has no clothes on. It is a shame that AIDS is never mentioned in articles like Prior's. In her groundbreaking reporting on the connection between Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and AIDS in New York Native (extensively discussed in The Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Epidemic Cover-up) Neenyah Ostrom wrote, "The publication of a June 1990 research report by Nancy Klimas and colleagues at the University of Miami which concluded that numerous studies of the illness 'suggest that CFS is a form of acquired immunodeficiency."

In the June 26, 1989 issue of New York Native, Neenyah Ostrom covered CFS research pioneer Dr. Paul Cheney’s testimony to Congress concerning the CFS epidemic. Cheney told Congress that CFS might have a relationship with the AIDS epidemic. He also said that one informal “survey of patients in CFS groups from 35 states shows an exponential rise in cases produced each year since the 1970s. This curious temporal and case production relationship with the AIDS epidemic has prompted some researchers to project CFS as an AIDS epiphenomenon. Indeed, the new human herpesvirus HHV-6 may be about the most important cofactor shared by both AIDS and CFS.”

We have noted several times on this website that Judy Mikovits, a scientist who worked for twenty years at the National Cancer Institute, has called CFS "Non-HIV AIDS." 

People who separate AIDS into HIV-positive AIDS and Non-HIV AIDS may think they are building a solid wall between CFS and AIDS, but that wall may be on the brink of coming down as the work on HHV-6 by Bhupesh Prusty may ultimately show that HHV-6 is the real epidemic and HIV-AIDS, and Non-HIV AIDS are just two of a number of manifestations of the HHV-6 spectrum of illnesses. We expect to see more developments on this front in the coming months.

For more on the questionable nature of the HIV paradigm, and how questions about it may lead to the exposure of the truth about HHV-6 and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, read Peter Duesberg and the Duesbergians and Fauci.

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C. auris is like the HHV-6 cover-up

Now that journalists recognize that the medical establishment is covering up the Superfungus, maybe they will wake up to the HHV-6 and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome cover-up.

Candida auris: A mysterious fungus that nobody wants to talk about

Please support HHV-6 University by purchasing one or our books about the cover-up of the relationship between HHV-6 and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, AIDS, and many other immunological illnesses. Click book to read a free excerpt.

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