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Sunday, July 28, 2019

Is cognitive decline another indication of the real HHV-6/CFS/AIDS epidemic in the gay community?

Increased Risk Of Subjective Cognitive Decline In The LGBT Community

Patients in the Criminal Justice System may be victims of Truvada

Patients in the Criminal Justice System may be victims of Truvada

An estimated one in seven individuals that are HIV positive go through the prison system each year, and this segment of the population suffers from high rates of HIV infection. It is estimated that the HIV population in the criminal justice system is two to five times larger than in other communities, and thus there may be many Truvada victims among them.

Truvada may be the biggest danger facing the gay community.

Truvada and other antiretroviral drugs containing the active ingredient tenofovir disproxil increase the risk of bone density loss, fracture, renal impairment, and kidney failure. Among the most popular HIV drugs in the world, Truvada has serious side effects that cause injury and permanent damage to persons already suffering from HIV. A safer version of tenofovir, known as TAF, is an effective antiretroviral that does not pose the same risk for kidney problems and bone density loss.

Despite early indications that TAF was a safer alternative with lower toxicity, the drugmaker halted clinical research for several years, resuming only when its patent on Truvada was set to expire. Truvada earned more than $11 billion annually at its height for Gilead Sciences, Inc. Critics says the company purposefully delayed TAF research in order to prolong its patent on tenofovir-containing drugs and safeguard its market dominance. Meanwhile, millions of HIV-positive Americans were exposed to a heightened risk for serious and permanent injuries including kidney failure, renal impairment, bone density loss, and bone fractures. Gilead received FDA Truvada warning letters on two occasions when drug company representatives were caught downplaying Truvada side effects and making false claims about the drug's safety.

Now Gilead Sciences, Inc. faces serious questions regarding the timeline of its development of TAF. Persons and the family members of persons who suffered from side effects such as broken and brittle bones, osteoporosis, and kidney failure after taking antiretrovirals including Truvada, Viread, Stribild, Atripla, Symfi Lo, AccessPak for HIV PEP Expanded with Kaletra, AccessPak for HIV PEP Expanded with Viracept, Complera, Cimduo, or Genvoya are filing bone and kidney failure lawsuits against Gilead. Filing a Truvada lawsuit is the only means individuals and families have to obtain the compensation they deserve for suffering, damage, medical expenses and loss related to Truvada kidney failure or osteoporosis. In addition, filing a Truvada lawsuit claim is the best method for individual consumers to hold Gilead accountable for its unethical business practices.

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