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Monday, March 23, 2015

HHV-6 New York Native Flashback #5

"HHV-6 is an extremely efficient killer of T-cells and Robert Gallo and co-workers at the National Cancer Institute are currently considering 'the possible cofactor role of HHV-6 in the T-4 depletion seen in AIDS.' They state that 'HHV-6 replication may increase with declining immune function,' and also that 'HHV-6 may sometimes enhance disease progression.' "
    --Neenyah Ostrom, New York Native, November 28, 1988

The New York Native 1980-1997
A 20th Century Newspaper of Firsts

1. First newspaper to break the story of AIDS.

2. First newspaper to make AIDS its signature story.

3. First newspaper the Centers for Disease Control leaked news of the discovery of what the institution thought was the "cause of AIDS.

4. First newspaper to do an in-depth interview with Robert Gallo.

5. The first newspaper to raise questions on a regular basis about Robert Gallo's so-called  "discovery," and to provide thorough coverage of the Gallo scandal.

6. The first newspaper to cover the scientists who found holes in the HIV theory of AIDS and who dared to criticize the powerful AIDS establishment.

7. The first newspaper to publish investigative reporting on AZT. 

8. The first newspaper to provide regular coverage of HHV-6, the "other AIDS virus."

9. The first newspaper to have a full time reporter covering the chronic fatigue syndrome epidemic.

10. The first newspaper to do investigative reporting on the intertwined nature of AIDS and chronic fatigue syndrome.

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More on Pigs and HHV-8, a virus found in CFS and AIDS patients

"Recently, new porcine lymphotropic gammaherpesviruses (PLHV-1, -2 and -3) have been identified, which are highly prevalent in domestic and feral pigs. The genomes of these viruses are homologous to those of the human gammaherpesviruses Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) and human herpesvirus 8 (HHV-8), which are frequently associated with important diseases in transplant recipient."

Do pigs harbor HHV-6 and HHV-8?

"In domestic pigs, the distant relationship of a putative genogroup II gammaherpesvirus to the PLHVs may preclude its detection by PCR-based assays developed for PLHVs. Moreover, the virus would share much more identity with HHV-8 than with PLHVs"

Novel herpesviruses of Suidae: indicators for a second genogroup of artiodactyl gammaherpesviruses



Are HHV-6, HHV-7 and HHV-8 really Porcine Lymphotropic Herpes Viruses? And what is the real relationship between the so-called Porcine Lymphotropic Herpes Viruses (PLHV) and African Swine Fever Virus? Are they related?

Are pigs and pork infected with variants of HHV-6, HHV-7 and HHV-8? Is the pig version of these viruses causing the PRRS epidemic of immune deficiency in pigs all over the world? Is PRRS really a disease that is connected to African Swine Fever Virus? Are Porcine Lymhoroic Herps Viruses which are found in pigs afflicted with PRRS being confused with ASFV? Would pigs make the best model for HHV-6, HHV-7 and HHV-8 treatment experiments? A lot of issues need to be sorted out.
Robert Gallo's Laboratory's Research on the relationship between HHV-6 (originally called HBLV) and African Swine Fever Virus.

The story of John Beldekas, African Swine Fever Virus and HHV-6:

Similarities Between Pig Virus and AIDS Explored in ABC News Commentary

Kaiser Health News

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