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Friday, January 01, 2016

Things Dan Peterson and Ian Lipkin Can Do to Continue the Cover-up of the Truth about the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Pandemic

1. Never talk about the intertwined nature of the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome pandemic and the so-called AIDS pandemic.

2. Never discuss the covered-up  Chronic Fatigue Syndrome pandemic as being part of the covered-up HHV-6 pandemic.

3. Never consider that the cockamamie but utterly revealing DeFreitas and Mikovits retroviral research points to HIV as a massive unprecedented scientific fraud.

4. Ignore the shocking and groundbreaking work of Brigitte Huber and never acknowledge that the cockamamie Defreitas and Mikovits research actually points to an underlying biomarker of an endogenous retrovirus, HERV-K18 which is "induced" by HHV-6, and is a superantigen capable of causing the immune system to go haywire.

5. Never ever talk about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome as a historic, unified pandemic with a relatively uncomplicated epidemiological explanation and narrative.

6. Totally obfuscate the issue of causality and never talk about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome as an obvious pandemic with one cause.

7. Totally confuse the crisis of the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome pandemic by talking about multiple epidemics and help foster the research equivalent of a wild goose chase inside a Tower of Babel.

8. Never look closely at the work of Thomas Glass that suggests that the agent causing the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome pandemic can also be transmitted back and forth between people and their pets.

9. Excite the desperate, eternally hopeful and cruelly deceived Chronic Fatigue Syndrome patients with tantalizing bullshit talk about breakthroughs that will come from studying the microbiome and giving them all fecal transplants.

10. Never acknowledge the public health challenge presented by the fact that many of the researchers working on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome also have the contagious illness but never discuss it publicly.

11. Never talk about the overwhelming evidence that the causative agent of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome can be transmitted sexually.

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