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Friday, January 15, 2016

The Ryan Prior Documentary on CFS (Live until Monday evening at 7PM)

The Documentary the CDC doesn't 
want you to see!

This documentary features interviews with Hillary Johnson, the investigative reporter who did a brilliant job of exposing the CDC's shocking mishandling of CFS in her book, Osler's Web.

Note from the producers: We're pleased to announce that the Free Preview for Forgotten Plague is now available online! Please share with everyone who you think might be interested, from doctors to legislators and everyone in between. We hope you enjoy it! And please be sure to chime in with what you think via social media and directly to us at!
The link will be live until Monday evening at 7pm EST (12am GMT). So please take advantage of the free preview while it's available for a limited time.
This version also has English subtitles.
Password: forourfans
The film will be released via iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon VOD on Thursday, January 21st. It's now currently available for worldwide DVD pre-order via

Will Truvada turn out to be another CDC human rights disaster?

"The Truvada website’s Patient Assistance Page identifies lactic acidosis as a potential side effect of taking the drug; this side effect is potentially life-threatening and serious even when it doesn’t result in death. Lactic acidosis is when your body tissue and blood becomes too acidic and has a lactate build up. In the past the FDA has withdrawn drugs (such as phenformin) for the potential development of this condition. I think this is not only misleading, but unethical to suggest that a drug that is potentially life-threatening has “virtually no side effects.” Especially when other drugs have been taken off shelves for the same side effect."

If HHV-6 really is Human African Swine Fever virus, this development could be very important

John Beldekas on HHV-6 and 
African Swine Fever Virus 

In August, 1986, John Beldekas was invited to go to the NCI and present his findings on the link between ASFV [African Swine Fever virus] and AIDS, which he did. Beldekas gave samples of all his lab work to Gallo. Later, the government asked Beldekas to turn over all his reagents and lab work to the government, which he did. Beldekas had found ASFV presence in nine of 21 AIDS patients using two standard procedures. At the meeting, Gallo was reported saying: “we know it is not ASFV.” How could Gallo know this as he hadn’t done any of his own tests to look for ASFV?
Two months later, Gallo published an article in Science (Oct 31, 1986) that he discovered a new possible co-factor in AIDS, a virus he called Human B Cell Lymphotropic Virus which he named HBLV. Like ASFV, HBLV infected B cells and also lived in macrophages. Did Gallo steal Beldekas’s ASF virus he found in AIDS patients and rename it HBLV? Later on, when Gallo found that HBLV could also infect other immune cells, he changed the name of HBLV to HHV-6. Eventually, Gallo identified his HBLV as the variant A strain of HHV-6 and called it a human herpesvirus.
--Mark Konlee

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