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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Coming Soon: Cartoons about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Its Discontents


 Cartoons about an epidemic of lies. Available November 30!

A collection of cartoons about the cover-up of the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome epidemic. Anyone who knows the whole sorry story about the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome epidemic will tell you that it is one of the great tragedies in world history. A syndrome with so many similarities to AIDS that it has been called "AIDS Minor," CFS has been swept under the rug for three decades while millions of people have seen every aspect of their lives ruined. Patients have trouble deciding whether the government scientists in charge of researching it are liars or just plain stupid and incompetent. In other word,s CFS is the perfect subject for the pen of a caustic satirist. Cartoonist Julian Lake has used his sharp to capture the absurdities of a vast epidemic that has been hidden in plain sight by medical authorities who have put the whole world at risk. But sufferers of CFS are no different from the victims of any other political injustice. They may have have been lied to and may have had to live with compromised immune systems, but they haven't lost their sense of humor. There are times in the darkest chapters of history when one just has to laugh. This collection of often hilarious, uncompromising cartoons will garner smiles of recognition from anyone who has any familiarity with the crazy, ugly story of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and the outrageous attempts to cover it up. The cartoons in this collection are like drones that never miss their targets.

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