Saturday, February 21, 2015

The three big questions about HHV-6

1. The John Beldekas Question:

 Is HHV-6 a pig virus?

2. The Konnie Knox Question:

Is HHV-6 the real AIDS virus?

3. The New York Native Question:

Is HHV-6 the cause of a spectrum of immune system illnesses that include AIDS, Chronic fatigue Syndrome, Autism and a number of others?
Transplant Complications

Bone marrow supression


Delirium/CNS Dysfunction



Hemophagocytic syndrome
Hepatitis /Liver failure Pneumonitis Transplant Reactivation Overview Encephalitis Encephalitis / Meningitis Overview Encephalitis in the Immunocompromised Encephalitis in the Immunocompetent Rhomboencephalitis Limbic Encephalitis Encephalomyelitis Amnesia Rash & Roseola Seizures Febrile Seizures Status Epilepticus Cognitive Dysfunction Delirium Amnesia Hypersensitivity (DIHS/DRESS) Drug Induced Hypersensitivity Syndrome (DIHS) Drug Reaction with Eosinophilia & Systemic Symptoms (DRESS) Stevens-Johnson Syndrome (SJS) Immune Suppression Bone Marrow Suppression Lymphadenopathy/Fever Possible Disease Associations Multiple Sclerosis Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Epilepsy Mesial/Temporal Lobe Epilepsy Status Epilepticus Colitis/Diarrhea Endocrine Disorders Heart Disease Myocarditis Left Ventricle Disfunction Arteriopathies Hemophagocytic Conditions Hemophagocytic Syndrome/ Histiocytosis HIV/AIDS Progression Liver Disease Hepatitis HIV/AIDS Progression Lung Disease Organizing Pneumonia Pneumonitis Cancer Hodgkin's Lymphoma Gliomas Cervical Cancer Kidney Disease Autoimmune Disease Other Associations SIADH Hypogammablogulinemia Optic Neuritis Microangiopathy Mononucleosis Uveitis

Big Pharma is America's New Mafia

 "In Australia, during the Vioxx class action suit brought against Merck, company emails were released revealing that Merck employees planned to “neutralize” and “discredit” doctors who criticized the drug. “We may need to seek them out and destroy them where they live,” a Merck employee wrote, according to The Australian. Apparently, uncooperative physicians were targeted to lose academic appointments and research funding for telling the truth about the negative side effects they observed."

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