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Friday, March 04, 2016

Why President Obama should invite Mary Schweitzer to the White House:

"Since 1998 I have known that i had the defective 37kDa Rnase-L and a severe case of HHV-6A. Later testing showed natural killer cell dysfunction (in my case, a natural killer cell function of 2-3%) and abnormal cytokine patterns. In 2009, Dr. Dan Peterson found active HHV-6A and CMV in my spinal fluid. Do you think that my serious encephalitic and neurological symptoms could have had something to do with that evidence? The immune defects and viruses go away on Ampligen and come back 7-12 months off it. I am a sample of 1, but there are more like me. Many more. We have patients improving on the antiviral Vistide at Dr. Peterson's (I cannot take Vistide; my liver markers shoot up).  The late Martin Lerner had patients on both Vistide and another antiviral, Valcyte;  Dr. Jose Montoya at Stanford has had success with Valcyte as well,"

Never give up hope!

Make America great again!

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