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Monday, May 06, 2019

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome may be coming from sick pigs.

Porcine cytomegalovirus to be re-classified as a roseolovirus 

"Porcine CMV is an immunosuppressive virus that inhibits T-lymphocyte and macrophage immune functions, and like HHV-6A, it causes infertility. Porcine CMV infection also reduces the survival of pig xenotransplants. Porcine CMV (PCMV) will be designated as a roseolovirus by the International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses in February.  The official name will be suid betaherpesvirus 2. A genomic study determined recently that PCMV is much closer to the roseoloviruses than to cytomegalovirus (Gu 2014). In fact, HHV-6 antibodies cross react with PCMV but HCMV antibodies do not."

Read about the newspaper that warned that Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is connected to sick pigs.

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