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Sunday, May 10, 2020

As scientists sift through human waste for COVID-19, they may also find new forms of African Swine Fever

Detection of Novel Sequences Related to African Swine Fever Virus in Human Serum and Sewage
"The family Asfarviridae contains only a single virus species, African swine fever virus (ASFV). ASFV is a viral agent with significant economic impact due to its devastating effects on populations of domesticated pigs during outbreaks but has not been reported to infect humans. We report here the discovery of novel viral sequences in human serum and sewage which are clearly related to the asfarvirus family but highly divergent from ASFV. Detection of these sequences suggests that greater genetic diversity may exist among asfarviruses than previously thought and raises the possibility that human infection by asfarviruses may occur."

Malpractice lawyers may be the key to bringing the epidemic to a close

Given the politics and disarray of COVID-19 treatment, malpractice lawyers might be able to take a shot across the bow that could be a game changer. If they can establish a gold standard of care that makes it clear that nobody should die of COVID-19, they could attach the question of malpractice to every death announcement. 

Every time we hear about advances in treatment, it is a potential gold standard of care. And a potential malpractice lawsuit. When governors like Cuomo announce that 200 people have died of COVID-19, that might also be an announcement that 200 malpractice lawsuits could or should be in the works.

Malpractice lawsuits may be the key to ending the treatment chaos.

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